Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wild Wednesday Eye Candy.The seriously fabu 125 {Laura, Eye Candy Event Details}

Ridiculously Fabulous # 125: Laura, Eye Candy Event Details

Laura is amazing. She is the seriously talented chick behind Eye Candy Event Details. She offers a unique line of printable and completed partyware. Her designs are original, fresh and whimsical. Laura is also an exceptional event stylist. She is a detail freak. Laura is clever, creative and crafty. She is also sweet and ridiculously funny. And wicked cool. Totally adore and crush on the Eye Candy Chick and you will too.


Fascinating Laura trivia:)

Favorite color? Definitely Pink! Oh . . .and RED! I love pink because there are so many shades to work with & it reminds me of my little sweet pea (my daughter) & red because it just exudes PASSION - gotta have passion for everything - to do what we do . . .hmmm but I wear black ALL the time so maybe black too?

favorite team? Well here in Ohio we have a slight pride for our college team that rocks it every year - none other than the our beloved BUCKEYES! We take it very seriously here - we bleed scarlet & grey . . .hubby even has the man cave decked out in all Buckeye decor! Can I get an O-H . . . . I-O! =)

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Ice Cream! No matter how full you are you can always eat ice cream - it just fills in the cracks! lol And of course the daily intake of dark chocolate - the doctor SAID it was good for me ya know!

party trend you are crushing on? Details! I am a firm believer in IF the details are AWESOME - the little details will MAKE the party! Ohhh and I am loving the ORIGINALITY I am seeing lately. ORIGINAL designs I think will make a party stand out! Also party peeps coming together to create/ work together - need MORE of that!

party trend you are so over? I hate to say it but huge stylized parties that are not real. Have I done a couple myself? Yes - but I think doing them in moderation is ok & if it serves a purpose but I believe the trend is people are wanting duplicatable parties - something that can actually DO! If they feel they can't do it - then will they buy from you? Something to ponder. . . .

favorite aisle in the craft store? Do I have to pick one? Wow - fabric - so much inspiration there & also seasonal goodies . . . the little things you can use that just gives your party that WOW factor! Oh . . .and tissue paper & napkins - I have an issue - I always have to buy some - you can create so much out of those inexpensive things!

do you wear Uggs? Ummmm . . .that would be a huge NO! I really hate those things & it's probably because I only see those girls wearing them that do it in 90 degree weather w/ their butts hangin out of their shorts & they have no idea what they look like! Really? WHO on earth told them they could pull off that look! yuck

do you really exercise? hmmmm . . .my right index finger really gets a fantastic daily work out but other than that - yeah I am gonna have to say no on this one. My name is Laura & I am here to say that YES - I HATE exercise. Period.

minivan or non minivan driving? Gonna have to go with the big hell NO on this as well. Told myself if I ever had kids - I would NEVER drive one . . . more of a Mustang or drive the Explorer kind of girl! - just depends on if the little one is with me! lol

favorite holiday? Christmas because of the meaning - the TRUE meaning! What a better day! And I love all the preparing for it - it takes me one month at least to decorate the house for it - I even have 6 different themed trees I put up! I LOVE it! Plus knowing that I am creating all those memories for my daughter is worth it!

favorite smell? Coconut anything - reminds me of the beach - LOVE that smell! Oh & the smell of walking into a Starbucks - hmmmmm . . .good stuff! Oh & Sweet Pea from bath & body works - my daughter rocks that - it's her signature scent! =)

do you color your hair? Helloooooo - doesn't everyone? I have a standing appt. w/ the color gods like every 3 weeks since my hair grows that fast. (and I HAVE to - read between the lines on THAT one! lol) But I recently went a little blonder - love changin it up - so gettin back to my original color. I think it's blonde . . .well yeah maybe?

do you think you’re cool? Of course I am - I am friends with the Purple Pug aren't I? And only the cool people hang with her!


Laura - Eye Candy Creative Studio said...

thanks so much Kristy! xoxo

Unknown said...

GREAT interview!!! Love ya, Laura! xoxo

Terri said...

LOVE Laura and this interview is so her! to know her is to love her!!
Great crush choice pug!

Unknown said...

ohhh I LOVE coconut stuff too!!!

3 Little Birds Boutique said...

Love, love, LOVE Laura, great interview & perfect crush!!!