Monday, June 23, 2014

The Great Grand Glittery Giveaway

Chello + a warm welcome to The Great Grand Glittery Giveaway. I have teamed up with the most amazing women owned businesses and we are giddy to bring you the chance to win BIG.

I am celebrating 14,444 Facebook fans with a confetti throwing Conga line across the Continents. I am giddy + honored to have passengers 72 passengers on this Party Bus to help me celebrate the sparkle across the world. And I kinda thought it would be adorable to show some love to the number 4...and to end the giveaway on the 4th of July:)

This Party Bus is offering up happiness, kindness, jelly donuts, and some serious cash prizes. And a twist of Glittery Goodness. Make sure you read below... 

The dazzling deets:
To achieve a giveaway this CRAY, I had to pull together an even bigger list of some of the most spectacular human beings on the planet. These businesses span four countries and all are simply amazing on so many levels. Some are established businesses, some are brand new-all offer up something extraordinary. Honored to have them at my party. 

The Sparkling Sponsors of this Party Bus~
My Sentiments by LiamaSparkling Events & Designs, Faith's Cookies and Crafts, Vintage Confections, D's Stitches, Two Turtles Paperie, My Fancy Princess, Sweet Georgia SweetBird's PartyYour Blissful Day, KK's Favors, Something Blu EventsPaper + Pop,  Painted and SprinkledMade by Cristina MarieParty Pinching, Expressions PaperieParty Style Magazine, McClure CoutureA Touch of Whimsy Designs, The Party WagonSew PookieDouble the Fun Parties, Creative Designs by ToniKatie D's Pampered ChefFlaired AffairsThree Little Monkeys StudioBeautiful Paper CraftsPeckled, Lauren McKinsey, Stampin' Fanatic!Candy Crush Shop, Monkey See Monkey Do Art StudioGarnish Inc.Miss Party MomPrint The PartyCrumbles, Autumn Lynn's Chocolate Sins, Just a Little Sparkle, Meghily's, Chelsea Rose Baby, Gemini Celebrations, Origami Delights, The Krafty Korean, Recipes2Go, Cupcakes by K, Little Handmade Party Company, Dulce Press, I DO invitations by Michelle, Dime Party Divas, Olive it Boutique, Cakes and Kids,, Luc & Lilah Events, Piece of Cake, Pattycakes, Haute Tuture, Cookie Queen Kitsch'n, Tini Posh, One Busy Mommy, Dreamlike Magic Designs,  Creating Awesomenessity, Tea Party Designs, Shake Down with Ashley, Giggles & Grace Designs, Sweet Scoops Celebrations, Claymaktion, The Grown Ups Table, Miss Sew an Sew, SisterE Origami Owl, Sweet Soiree Designs, Create, by Carrie.

Drum roll, please...

THREE randomly chosen winners will each receive $444 USD in funds via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to enter.
TWO randomly chosen winners will each receive $44 USD in funds via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to enter. 
Contest is open from June 23, 2014 at 12:00am EST to July 4, 2014 at 12:00am EST. The winners will be chosen randomly through the Rafflecopter form. The odds of winning depend on the number of people who enter. Giveaway is open worldwide to all participants 18 years of age and older. Void where prohibited by law. Winners are solely responsible for any taxes, duties or reporting as required by law. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Should they not claim their prize within this time, another winner will be selected. Please ensure that the email thepurplepug [at] thepurplepug [dot] com is on your "safe list" as we would hate for you not to get your prize!
Disclosure: This is an independent blogger giveaway. It is in no way associated with PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media network. I did not receive money to be part of or promote this giveaway. Should you have any questions, please contact Kristy at The Purple Pug  via email at thepurplepug[at] thepurplepug [dot] com.


And now...the twist..

There is so much to celebrate in life-the arrival of a sweet baby is a dream come true for so many of us. Nothing is more spectacular than the stork dropping a baby on your doorstep;) Magical.

For some Mamas-to-Be though, the anticipation of baby day can be bittersweet if Daddy happens to be deployed. Our military families sacrifice so much for all of us and that sometimes that means having that precious baby without your spouse by your side. This is reality for so many military families.
Enter the beautiful and noble Operation Shower~This extraordinary non-profit strives to honor and show love to military families by hosting one of a kind + absolutely amazing baby showers for these awe inspiring families.
Their mission is to provide a joyful celebration for expecting Moms to ease the stress of deployment. Their main goal is to bring happiness to families for the sake of kindness and goodness. Nothing expected in return-just spreading the sparkle for the sake of goodness and appreciation. Noble indeed.

Honored and thrilled to announce that our glittery, global Party Bus will be making a very special stop, at a very special station. We will be making a $444 donation to Operation Shower on behalf of all the passengers on this Party Bus. We are amazed by your work. Beyond supportive of your noble cause. The very least we can do is gift some dazzle and diaper money your way:)


And to all the military families out there-we thank your for your service, bravery and sacrifice.

Good luck. Do good things whenever you can. And remember that glitter makes everything cuter;)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

my kitch

The Glittery One gets quite a bit of email and questions regarding specifics of her kitchen renovation.
I love the questions, but I thought I would make this adorable little post to guide you to the pics and dazzling deets.
And you can always email me with any questions, or to tell me your secrets;)

Shine on.

Kitchen Reno Eve

Kitchen Reno Reveal

Kitchen Photo Shoot Feature

Masterbrand Renovation Success Feature

Decora Marketing Campaign:


Friday, May 9, 2014

On the Beauty of Blue Butterfly Wreaths...

A couple of weeks ago, my beautiful son's Special Education teacher asked me if I would come into the classroom to create a project with the kids for Mother's Day. I jump at any chance to spend any time with my boy at school. As they get older, the opportunity to visit them at school slips away. It breaks my heart because I feel parents are such an important partner in education-especially for the children in special classrooms. So Glitta Mama was giddy to be going to school-io and to be crafting with these kids was icing on the Cinnabon.

His teacher gave me full purple power to design any project I wanted. This was to be a gift for each child's mother and I wanted it to be extraordinary and so special. I decided on having them design a drawing and I would put them onto a Twinkle Tote and whatever craft I decided would go inside the tote. I thought about it a bit and decided that I wanted the kids to make a wreath for their Mamas-a yarn wrapped one. I questioned a few Wreathistas to see what they thought and they all came back with "Girl, you so crazy. A yarn wreath takes a minute and you don't have three weeks to keep going back and forth into the classroom to wrap those wreaths."  So the traditional yarn wreath was out. I wandered the aisles of the craft stores and Wally with desperation for inspiration to strike..and then, EUREKA! I found some very chunky yarn, yarn used for making chunky scarves, on clearance at Wally. It was about twice as thick as a shoelace. I thought it could work. I entertained the thought of having all the kids use different colors of yarn, but decided one color would be better so that they would not fight over colors and then the stuff I got to decorate with would be much easier if I had a set color palette. I called + harassed my sister a hundred times to decide which color I should get. She humored me with my wicked indecisiveness.

I finally decided on a green/turq/blue combo with silver threads in it. This was also an excellent choice because if the kids were not perfect with them and the green wreath form poked through underneath, it would not be obvious.
The chunkier yarn was awesome because it made wrapping so much quicker and easier. Many of these kids have OT issues and differing abilities, so the chunky, multi-colored yarn was excellent for many reasons.
I then asked around my posse if they thought a butterfly theme or turtle theme was cuter for Mother's Day and all of them said "butterfly." So...I took that sage advice and went butterfly hunting. I kept it all within the greens and blues to coord with the yarn. I also purchased some small glittered flowers with gems in them and glittered letters. I worked up a samp and was happy with it and simply could  not wait for today! Packed all my craft junk up in my purple suitcase and was ready to roll.

I arrived at the classroom bright and early and set it all out and we got busy. I will not go into a ton of detail about those hours, but I will tell you that they were beautiful. Listening to the kids chat about their Moms while making their wreaths will remain in my heart forever.

I found the easiest way to wrap the yarn was to put the wreath in between your legs and just pass it from hand to hand. The kids did really well with this. I hot glued the ends and if there were any loose yarn spots, I just hot glued them down. Then the kids got busy decorating with the butterflies, initials and flowers. They were so cute-some of them wanted their Mom's first initial, a few wanted first and last and one sweet boy did first, middle, last initial:)

And when they were done, I looked around the room and saw beauty + butterflies everywhere. The wreaths were unbelievably gorgeous. Made with so much love and happiness. I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

I dragged the kids out in the hallway and snapped a few pics. I later came back and put each wreath into the custom bag they had designed for their Mom. I stuffed them with tissue paper and tied them with a bow and gave them strict instructions to carry them sweetly + softly on the bus home.

My sister joked that all the time, money and effort I put in, I should have just ditched the project and just went out and bought each Mom a Pandora bracelet. LOL

But...this was something different...this was something more than a craft project. These kids are simply extraordinary and it take s special kind of woman to be the Mom of a kid with different needs. They deserve to have some sparkle and something so meaningful on Mother's Day. I will think of all of them on Sunday morning and I hope they are moved by the masterpieces their sweet children have made with so much love for them.

I'm including pics of the supplies. If any one wants more details on how to make-just holla.

Happy Mother's Day. I wish you all the love + happiness in the world.

this may or may not be my Chimp




Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On Third Grade Chorus Concerts...

My Baby Chimp had his third grade chorus concert tonight. The kids have been preparing all year for this big night. He was so excited and could not stop talking about it all week. We arrived at the school this evening and waited in the gym for the big show to start. It was extremely hot in there. Beyond hot. There was no air conditioning nor any fans. Hundreds of parents, grandparents and kids. Towards the end of the concert my husband said he thought our son was gagging and swaying. I looked over at our beautiful boy just as he threw up all over himself and other kids on stage. Yes, he really did. In front of hundreds of people and his friends and classmates. I ran up to get him like a maniac. We took him to the bathroom to clean him up and calm him down. He was hysterical. Not because he was sick, but because he felt he ruined the concert for his friends, the music teacher and all the parents. He is golden.

If you follow along with me, you might know that my child has been going through some serious medical issues these past few months. Tonight was a night that he is like every other kid. Putting on a polo shirt and singing his heart out.

It is shameful that this is the school my son has to attend. Disgusting that there is no ac or ventilation in this gym. Deplorable that this was the school they chose to keep open. It is not even summer yet and it was pushing high 80-90 in that gym. I cannot say if that was the sole reason he got sick, but it was a major contributing factor.

I am so upset with myself for not just pulling him off the stage the second my husband saw him gagging.  Upset with myself for not making sure he was positioned on the end of his row.
I apologize to all of the kids, parents, grandparents and teachers if we ruined this once a year event. I am so deeply upset for any of the kids he got sick on. If anyone knows who they were, please text or message me so we can apologize.

My boy is crying himself to sleep tonight because he feels he ruined the evening for everyone. He is the most beautiful child, with the most beautiful soul. I am heartbroken for him tonight.
Being a mother in not always glam. Not always pretty. Tonight was ugly. But...I am happy. I am honored to be his Mama. He is my hero. He is the definition of kindness.

Be present. Even if it means being covered in puke.


Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sparkling Spectac Seven {week of ridic in review}

In an effort to address my blogging New Year's Resolutions, {in late April} I am starting a shiny newly weekly feature~ The Sparkling Seven.

I am excited to showcase seven parties, ladies or ideas that went down during the social media week that made my heart happy. I thought I would do a little ridic recap of the fab I found-and hopefully spread a little kindness. This is all stuff or people that I deemed amazing, adorable and inspiring~ideas + chicks that I really think everyone needs to gaze upon. Celebrating the success and brilliance of others:) These are amazing women and you should be following them if you are not already!

Hoping this is a fun bus and I keep it up more than 3 weeks:)

No particular order:)

1. Melissa Newell's insanely amazing Annual Easter Egg Hunt for 75 people! Peep themed perfection. I am in love with the adorableness and the sense of family fun this brought. Very special. And cute!


2. J. at Your Service's Super Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Party for her beautiful boy.
This one had style and sparkle. So many astounding little details. You can feel the amount of love and talent that went into this little gamer's dream. I am cray over the huge toy capsules. I went weak over the kid's dining table set up. Simplicity is the new overworked.


3. Party Pinching's Cosmic Cupcake Tutorial for Little Debbie
Norene astounds with her tiny food talents. We are all totally used to her dishing out the fab on a daily basis. Not sure how she keeps coming up with these ideas!. When I saw this insanely simple, yet devastatingly adorable space alien cupcake masterpiece, I went weak. I needed to rest. When I came to, I had the feeling I was abducted by aliens. Of the cupcake variety. Take me to your leader. BEE BOOP BEE BOOP


4. I Do Invitations by Michelle~ Cami's Rainbow Dash Pony Palooza
Everything about Cami's 5th Birthday Party makes me smile. The bright, vibrant styling and every last detail is rainbow coordinated. I fell hard for the gold doily banner. I love the banners that Piggy made. And Cami's dress was simply the cutest. Ever. I cannot believe how many years have gone by and now I am seeing this little sweetie turn 5! Shine on, sweet Pony Loving Princess:)


5. Theresa~the glam gem behind Lauren McKinsey Designs-no, her name is not Lauren..LOL!
For graciously sharing all of her newsletter secrets with me.  I am trying to get into the swing of a new system and she was beyond generous with her input, ideas and magic tricks.


6. Three Little Monkeys Studio Practical Joke Party for Reese
Everything about this party is hilarious + beautiful. Gretchen is beyond creative and a psycho with the deets. Such a gorgeous and whimsical party for her sweet little comedienne.


7. Sweet Georgia Sweet's Purple Perfection Fab Fabric Wreath
I am in lala love with this vision of plummy perfection. This is seriously how every door should greet its guests. Amazed by B's talent. Shabby chic spectac.



Friday, April 18, 2014

Penguins, Puffles + Pickles {Club Penguin for Gavin}

I usually write boring, yet hilarious,  long winded, over share-y novellas when I post, but not today.
I cannot find the right combination of letters and words to type to relay how much I love this little boy. There are no words to adequately describe my love for this child and there is no written way for me to convey it.
My Sweet Chimp has endured so much these past few months. He is our Hero. Stronger than I could ever be. I could never live without him. Ever.

He wanted a Club Penguin + Puffles Birthday Party. His favorite Puffle in the universe is the Orange One. I never liked the color Orange. I love Orange in a different way now and I always will. Orange is the color of heroism, love and strength to me now.

Orange Puffles have wacky personalities~ They love to play with cardboard boxes and green hula hoops. Their fave foods are cookies and white socks with a cherry on top.

The weather was unbelievably beautiful for a NY April day. I decided last minute to rent a bouncy house and snow cone machine. And he loved the snow cone idea so much that I changed half of the party ideas at the last minute to add in snow cone cuteness. I decorated with a lot of white and iridescence to give that chilly, snowy vibe. Basic, but beautiful.

And the boy loves pickles. Really loves them.

It was a perfect day, maybe not picture perfect, but it was Penguin/Puffle/Pickle Perfect. He was surrounded by those that love him. He was beaming. He was so happy.

Our beautiful, brave boy is 9.  He is sunny, funny and our pickle loving Hero.

I hope you enjoy the pics. I hope you can find some icy inspiration.

Glittery Gratitude + love to my Penguin/Puffle/Pickle Party Posse of Fab:

Vintage Confections~icy number 9 cake lolli + ice cube lolli pop love
Bird's Party~penguin printable perfection
Monkey See Monkey Do Art Studio~custom penguin masterpiece canvas art
Two Prince Bakery Theater~sweet ceramic penguin
Sparkling Events + Designs~the beautiful big boy orange puffle
Ink Chick Designs~coolio invitation printable design
Cuteness Reigns~rainbow of puffle die cuts
Lil Happy Thangs~ridic passel of felt puffles

Peace. Love. Pugs. Penguins. Puffles. Pickles.

Orange is the new purple.

That's him in the distance, by the road, looking down the hill to see if any guests are coming. Today will be emotional and beautiful. Happy Birthday Sweet Chimp.

 icy entry

glittered snowball centerpieces
drink table



One of the most charming and beautiful features of Club Penguin is that you can be anything you want to be~if you dream of being a pizza maker, a disco dancer, a Sensei or an astronaut~anything is possible. 
My boy loves these little penguins, their kooky costumes and decked out igloos. He loves the dance parties and secret events.
His imagination is fueled. He can live in that tiny world whenever he wants.
If you can dream it, you can be it. What a lesson for all of us.

Make a Wish  Believe in Magic.


the orange puffle loves to play with cardboard boxes
and green hula hoops

catered panera + pizza was on the menu

he loves pickles

 captain rockhopper pirate swords

indoor snowball fight

snow cone station

 snow cone society



wii club penguin tournie

clearly ran out of time and d├ęcor ideas for tv. lol

april madness

puffles and peoples love to play with cardboard boxes

after lunch. keeping it real, yo

epic indoor snowball fight

gavin put that festooning around the table. too sweet.
make a wish
dessert time
he wanted the "world's tiniest snow cone garland"
on his cake

glittered igloos held the cookie buffet

sock sundaes
orange puffles love to eat socks with a cherry on top

ice cube lolli perfection


dirty sock sundaes

cool as ice



peachy penguin gummies

penguins love fish
especially when they are really chocolate in sardine costumes
puffle party favor style
puffle super size sparkle sacks

pet penguins

 puffles also love to chew gum

 make your own snow to go

still playing with the cardboard boxes. lol

tiny bags of nice ice

little bags of rock candy ice

 party favor for the tinies
who did that?
when the end looks like this, you know it was a raver

the table when the party was OVA!

polar bear down