Tuesday, August 31, 2010

donut power....

an ode to those rings of perfection

donuts do grow on trees

stacked up beautifully
the ultimate source of everything in the world

powdered donuts, the superchick way
fabulous source

beautifully styled donuts
on a plate & in a glass cake stand
brilliant source

preppy, pink & powdered donuts
in pink polka dotted cupcake liners
genius source

I am a lover of children, glitter and donuts. Donuts just rule...Cupcakes need to move over and share table space with these circles of joy. I skip around the studio when I see donuts in party photos. Donuts finally taken serioulsy and being represented in parties. Equality for donuts is all I ask;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

candy & caramel apples. with ribbon. and glitter.

shown on kraft favor bags 

I love any and all things apple. Love to eat them and adore the smell of them. I have six apple orchards in my town and apple picking season will start any second now. So excited! Every home fragrance I buy is somehow apple scented..Okay, I lie..I also love pear scent, but this post is about apples..And glitter;)

Candy & Caramel Apples are a fact of life in this house. This is a new little design with the added cuteness of glitter and some colorful ribbon embellishment. Now available in the shop. Super sweet without the cavities or cracked teeth:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

number one...

Invitation Number One. This was the very first birthday invitation I ever designed-for my own beautiful son's First Birthday. I saw this Love Is... cartoon in the comics shortly after Griffin was born. I saved this perfect idea in the back of my mind. I knew it was going to be on his First Birthday invitation immediately. It was an extraordinary feeling to be able to design an invitation for a little person that I loved so much.  I wanted everyone to know how important this day was to us...
Birthday Invitation Number One. Way before the glitter days, but I would have not changed a thing about this invitation. It was designed with polka dots, ribbon, vellum, brads, a perfect little picture, and love beyond measure-for our perfect, shiny little GEM.

Friday, August 27, 2010

my love crush on glitter stickers

each little donut sprinkle is hand glittered

As I get older, I wax nostalgic about my kidhood. I vividly remember a sticker collecting album phase. I had a big, bulky pleather photo album with a million stickers in it seperated by category-scratch and sniff stickers, liquid stickers, sparkly prism stickers, puffy stickers and Lisa Frank stickers...Oh, Lisa Frank, how I loved your stickers so. Anyhoo...sticker love is nothing new to me..Stickers just rule. I recently made an extraordinary improvement to my standard sticker design..Can you guess what it is? You are correct...

Hand glittered stickers are my latest and greatest addition to the glitter revolution. Off to call my mother now to see if she still has my sticker book in her attic. Sparkle on;)

rocket pop rave partyware...

One very fabulous client is throwing a summer send off party next week-featuring my rockin' rocket pop design. A sweet glittery rave to say goodbye to summer-that's my kind of party;)

breakfast bars and that frost me chick...

Toiling away last night in the glitter factory and an email dinged on my PurpleBerry. To my surprise & sheer delight, the amazing Kim, founder of the Frost Me Blog, sent me an email to state she posted a exclusive, special edition feature about Breakfast Bars ideas starring my little raves! Seriously? Serioulsy? Kim is a ridiculously talented  and inspirational blogger. She has entertaining ideas organized, alphabetized, and probably stored neatly in a gazillion folders on her pc. She is an extraordinary resource for anything party and entertaining. And she is wicked cool. 
Flattered and honored to be featured, Kim. You frost my world.

Breakfast bars are the new dessert bars-trust me...I adore them because they are unexpected & different, kids love them, early parties don't consume the entire day and, most importantly,  usually no cooking required:) Good times, good times...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

mad for plaid, waffles and koalas...

 yarn pom pom garland
decor party circle

I am totally mad for plaid...and waffles....and koala bears.

When I was a young girl, I used to be a serious Koala Bear collector. Seriously. I would speak to my bears in an Australian accents;) They are just so cuddly & adorable. I used to wear Koala shirts and have Koala posters all over my purple room. My younger son chose a Koala pal for his last Build A Bear adventure and I was skipping around the joint with glee:) Koala love is totally genetic. I designed a little Koala boy & girl for the shop. Will be available very soon.

My little people love waffles, so what better treat than a snazzy waffle buffet?! Add some ice cream, fruit toppings and whipped cream and it is a rave.

I am a mad lover of plaid & patchwork...I beleive plaid paterns will be popping up all over the place. They rule! I loved this fabric..Purple & inky blue are one of my all time favorite combinations.

This party was an intimate affair. A waffle & ice cream buffet for my favorite guys about to start school. Celebrating a new chapter, over a plate full of waffles and ice cream..Perfect way to spend time with my funny little dudes and  to create an excuse to whip out the Koalas. G'day Mates:)