Monday, January 28, 2013

Ribbon Scrap Candles~Super quick, easy and cute tute!

Simple + cute tute I whipped up that was just featured on I'm With Cupcake.

Got a hot mess of ribbon scraps? Here is a super cute, quick and easy idea to use the scraps for packaging presentation. This is perfect if you are short on time to wrap a gift and would also make for an adorable favor presentation.

The quantity of candles you create can be used to reflect the recipient's age, or you can just fill the entire area with colorful candles. Another cute variation would be to glue the ribbon on in the shape of a letter or number.

Junk you need:
Ribbon scraps of any shape, size color
Double stick tape (or purple glue gun if you prefer)
Gold or yellow glitter (you could yellow felt or tissue paper if you prefer not to glitz)
Any bag, box or wrapped gift you have ready to dazzle (I used a small kraft favor box and a straight up brown paper lunch bag)

Exhibit A:
 hot mess of scrap craft ribbon we all seem to have 

gather up ribbon, bags, boxes, tape, glue and glitta

choose your ribbon scraps for project
lay them out before you adhere to make sure they will fit
I prefer to use all the same widths of ribbon for each project, I  just vary the candle heights

cut candles straight across bottom and then angle cut up top 
for this sample, I chose a plain old brown paper lunch bag

adhere candles to bag or box
free style glue "flames," then glitter
if you do not have glitter or hate it, you can glue a felt or tissue paper flame instead

 if you have fancy scalloped scissors-put them to use and create a jazzy top

the brown paper lunch bag-elevated 

thinner ribbon on a cute little box 

and..there you go:)

make a wish

Hope you can find a little "flame" of inspiration in this tute. Come on, funny:)

Monday, January 21, 2013

On my radar: Behold the Power of Party Gold


Welcome to the Renaissance of the wicked cool series on my blog called "On my Radar." I ditched the series for awhile, but 2013 is the year of The Blog and I am ecstatic to bring it back:)

In a glittery nutshell~as I cruise around the party playground I look for awesomeness and trends before they are trends and feature said awesomeness. I love to discover the devastatingly hip + happening and I adore to share the dazzle with you, my very fine readers...

Up today, is the golden ticket..The shiny power of gold...Silver has ruled the scene for quite some time and I believe glitzy gold bars are going to be knocking the galvanized off the dessert table;)

via shawna brockmeier styled events, via maddycakes muse, via awesomeness

If you have any golden dazzle that you have dished out, just link in the comments:) 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Dirty Dazzle Design Challenge

Happy 2013 Lovas:)

In the interest of awesomeness and avoiding housework for the entire year, I am running a little challenge/experiment/contest for 2013. You, the fine reader, will use one very ordinary party item (that I will choose because I am controlling and it is my idea;) and work it into your party/playdate/holiday/craft/DIY sometime this year. Will collect links/posts throughout the year and at the end of 2013, we can see who used the items in the most dazzling + interesting fashion. The winners will be world famous, heralded in all social media circles and will cause jelly rages everywhere. All are welcome to enter~party lovas, bloggers, business chicks, dudes, crafters, painters, candy makers, designers, event planners, fondant chicks, tutu makers, graphics girls and party lovas all over the world. You down?

I dig the challenge of taking ordinary + under appreciated junk and turning it into something unexpected and beautiful. I am choosing an item that is cheap, readily available, old school, often ignored and snubbed by most of us. The staple of my party packaging youth, the ancient way to make things cute that has been kicked to the party supply curb by baker's twine, washi tape, tulle, jute, and every ribbon in the aisle of every craft store.  A lonely little item that does not get asked to the dance much. And she certainly does not get much dessert table action.

I'm talking curling ribbon. I shudder. I wince. I need a Diet Dr. Pepper. And a jelly donut. It took me years to perfect the "curl with scissors" technique, only to be tossed aside like last month's InStyle mag.

Can you make curling ribbon cute, cool and clever? Totes. Glam? Without a doubt.
Take the dirty discards and turn it into dazzle.

Your Iron Craft challenge is to use curling ribbon-any kind or color-in a beautiful, exciting, glam, dazzling way for any event, craft, party, play date, business venture, classroom, DIY, food stuff or anything else you do this year. Then send me a picture.

I'm bringing curly back. In?

UPDATED: There will be QUARTERLY results posted and quarterly winners. At the end of the year there will be the GRAND DIRTY DAZZLE crowning:)

Submit your entries whenever you are you ready. You can enter as many times as you like:)