Thursday, March 10, 2011

Partyware Designing Thunder from Down Under. Lucky 113 {Jordan, Polka Dot Prints}

Sparkling Super Star Crush Week in full effect. Today, crushing on some partyware designer thunder from Down Under.

Lucky 113: Jordan, Polka Dot Prints

Jordan is a ridiculously talented partyware designer. She is another of the Awe Inspiring & Amazing Aussie party chicks. Her creations are sweet, dreamy and polished. She designs completed goods, printables and sells some adorable packaging and party accessories in her shop. She  is also a clever and creative party stylist. She is def one of my faves:) Jordan is sunny and funny. Totally crushing on this charming wonder from Down Under. Shiny Super Star.


Fascinating facts about Jordan:)

• favorite color? Blue - so many shades, and goes with so much!

• favorite team? hmmm.....not really a sports watching fan, except the olympics, so I'm going to go with Australia as a team

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? hands down, Lasagne - I think I should have been born Italian!

• party trend you are crushing on? I'm really loving all the parties and weddings that use indoor furniture out doors, and things that are a little bit hand made. I'm really wanting to do something outdoors soon - Fairy lights, beach setting with a table (stay tuned on this idea!)

• party trend you are so over? I think as long as a party reflects the birthday person, it will always be unique and original, so, I don't know if I'm over anything really...(is that diplomatic enough?! :)

• favorite aisle in the craft store? paper isle for sure - punches, paper, decorative's an ideas pool & also the chocolate making aisle....yum!

• do you wear Uggs? No, even though they are Australian. Where I live in tropical Queensland, it's not really Ugg-worthy country, it's only really cold for a couple of months a year

• do you really exercise? I do, although with a toddler the gym is no longer an option *sniff*, I have found a few other options to get in some daily calorie burning time!!

• minivan or non minivan driving? non

• favorite holiday? Definately Christmas - the carols, the baking, food, family, gift giving and the overall Christmas build-up vibe!

• favorite smell? summer (weird, but I think it does have a smell)

• do you color your hair? Ha, yes! :)

• do you think you’re cool? I think I'm cool until I hang out with people younger than me!! I'm happy to let go of 'cool', but I hope I'm always relevant.


Laura - Eye Candy Creative Studio said...

love her comment" . . .but I hope I'm always relevant" - very profound . .makes me hope the same thing! Great to know her! =)

birthday party said...

very cool information and ideas. i love this stuff very creative for party's and wedding.