Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week one is done...

Kind of seriously astounded at how much work these cats got done in one week:) Floors are in, sliding door in, lighting almost done, cabinets and island are getting into position. Cannot wait to see what week two brings. Totally giddy. With sweaty pits;)

this morning

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morning 4 of the Kitch Reno...

So. Four days into the kitchen renovation and I am already behind blogging it:) I really shouldn't call it a kitchen reno because it is more like destruction and devasation of every inch of the first floor. Def a busy beaver week and some additional work will be done this morning. Highlights: kitchen #1 window swapped out for a diff version, second window added in dining area, entry to kitchen roughed out, wall to be closed has been framed, fireplace taken down and some of the floors have been ripped up. Couches + TV removed-no more late night Bravo for Glitter Mama. And the most exciting part of  my week-the cabinets are here. WOHOO! Can a person have love feelings for a cabinet? Mama does.
In shopping news, I firmed up the new tile surround and base for the fireplace, the lighting for above the dining table and the kitchen faucet. I also received my fabric to ship off to custom upholster the new dining chairs. And a bought one little piece of Cassis Le Creuset to see how it would look in the new digs~I know, I know~nuttier than a squirrel getting ready for winter...but...you know how I roll...
Floors coming on Monday. Cabs should start going in early next week. Quartz template peeps coming Tuesday aternoon. Stay tuned to this channel:) Have a fab weekend.

 entering from front door
this will be a living room area

 new entry to kitch on left
wall being closed up on right

 new, shorter window

 second window added to breakfast area

 these will be replaced

fireplace to get a makeover

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day one in the record books...

Capatin's Log: Wednesday, June 13th~ Day one of the Kitch Reno is now complete. Old kitchen dismantled and removed. Wall between the kitchen and Glitta Factory knocked down.
Seven seriously talented + Classic Rock loving guys were in and out of my house today. Good times. Good times. Giddy.

This entire space will be the kitchen and eating area

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kitch Reno Eve...

So. The Project Kitchen Reno commences tomorrow morning at 8:00am. Eastern Standard Time:)

The entire first floor of our home will be changing in some way. I love gray, grey, more gray, white and purple. I dig silver stuff too. That is the way it has always been and that is the way it will always be...I'm consistent. LOL.

We are not remodeling DIYers for many reasons. I wish we were. It ain't never gonna happen. Enough said.

Our house layout now has a fam room when you first enter the house. A dining room which has not been used as a dining room for five years. This was my Glitta Cave. We have kitchen/family room open space. The major part of the remodel will be removing the wall between the current kitchen and dining room and creating one, very large kitchen/eating space which will also be the same continuous space as the family room/fireplace. The wall between the new kitch and front living room will be changing-closing up wall, making a large new entrance into the kitchen. The entire first floor will now have hardwood flooring. Fireplace is getting a face lift. New doors out to deck. New doors to the laundry room. Windows being removed + relocated. It is going to be a hot mess. And I can't wait. I hope you will ride the crazy reno train with me. It's going to be sparkly, dramatic. And dirty:)

Entry through the front door. Formal living room on right hand side. 
Large opening goes into dining room.

Front living room. Vacuum prop placed in the photo to
make pretend I actually clean stuff.

Standing in dining room facing from living room.
Couch looks very Blair Witchy kid facing the corner, I know. 

Entry to the dining room. This is getting closed up.

Dining room.

The Glitta Factory no more.

 the space between the dining room and current kitchen

Current kitch on left. Dining room on right.
The two will become one:) 

 Entry to the kitchen from the front living room

 This is taken from right in front of the fireplace.

 Almost everything has been cleared out now.

French doors to upper deck being replaced with slider.

 View from current dining room through kitchen/family room.

Fireplace will get a makeover.