Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The end of an extraordinary experiment in nice. Crush 131 and done. Kristy crushes Kristy.

The Pug Crush feature began as a little experiment in kindness and it changed my life. I had the distinct honor of shining the spotlight on so many extraordinary women, businesses and blogs without asking anything in return. Just to be nice to another human being. Radical, huh?

Through this journey, I was able to get to know so many of you in a way I would never have otherwise. My experiment was designed to showcase everyone as a relatable individual and let the world know a little bit more about all of these amazing women behind their computer screens. Crushing knows no fan or liker count-it is about the person..not the fan club.

Pug Crushing has seriously changed my life. I cannot describe how it actually feels to make someone else feel valued, special and happy with no strings attached. The feedback I have gotten is astounding. The same, simple questions answered by the super star bloggers and the newbies makes everyone more relatable and connected.

That all being said, crushing is quite time consuming. I spend up to an hour each day on the feature and I can no longer keep the pace. My business will be moving in a new direction and I have a bunch of shiny, new excitng projects I have been working on that I will share in the upcoming months.

I have crushed on every sweet chick from around the world to return their q&a. I thank them from the bottom of my glittery heart for answering the questions and for allowing me to shine the spotlight on them. I hope my readers have gotten to know some of their favorites in a different light and I hope I have introduced you to many new and extraordinary women.

As my last crush...I will crush on myself. Could I be any more conceited? LOL. I will answer those very same questions we have all grown to love and adore.

Thank you again for all the support. This was an amazing journey. An experiment that changed my life and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

the purple pug crush of the day

{365 days of creative coolness}
13 questions because that’s way more interesting than 10

• favorite color? grayish purple

• favorite team? J-E-T-S

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Black raspberry jelly donuts or a Cinnabon with a side of pizza.

• party trend you are crushing on? Real parties~on a smaller scale~designed with love. Handmade everything. Yarn. Fabric. Old school charm. Creativity. Glitter.

• party trend you are so over? Precision balanced dessert tables-snooze. Labeling every single item on every single table..LOL.. Silhouette drawings of kids creep me out. Curling ribbon.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Glitter. Paper. Ribbon. Yarn. Wait-every single aisle-except the picture frame ones and the stencil aisles..I pass those up..LOL.

• do you wear Uggs? Negative.

• do you really exercise? See answer above.

• minivan or non minivan driving? Pugs need more swagger than a Minivan provides.

• favorite holiday? Valentine's Day. I love love.

• favorite smell? Applejack and Peel. And, in my heart forever, the smell of my baby boys, fresh out of the bath-clean little curly hair and a little bit of Baby Magic. Heaven.

• do you color your hair? Totally.

• do you think you’re cool? HOLLA!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Pink Tuesday. The dazzling and amazing 130 {Carmen, Little Pink Box}

Little Pink Tuesday Crush #130 Carmen, Little Pink Box

Carmen is one of the first people I ever met on Twitter. She is simply amazing. She is sweet, charming and has an eye for the details that go unnoticed by most. She is a graphic designer by trade and one of the most clever and extraordinary party stylists I have ever encountered. She has a love for all things beautiful. And pink:) She is incredibly supportive, sweet, sunny and funny. Proud to call her a friend. Totally, seriously and ridiculously crushing on the charming Carmen. xo


Fascinating Carmen facts:)

favorite color ? PINK

favorite team ? New England Patriots maybe because my son is a huge fan of them

if you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be ? I know this is not a food, but defintely CHOCOLATE, I can’t live without it

party trend you are crushing ? Cakepops, they look so cute on Dessert Tables, but I’ve never done

party trend you are so over ? Cupcake Toppers (printed ones, not fondant)

favorite aisle in the craft store ? a few years ago, all about cross stitch but now, everything about candy and chocolate molds

do you wear Uggs ? no, maybe they are comfy but I prefer things more exquisite

do you really excercise ? I don’t like so much but I try 5 times a week, at least the treadmill

minivar or non minivan driving ? I'm a Mom but I've always preferred car

favorite holiday ? of course Christmas, I love decorating my house this season

favorite smell ? apple with cinnamon

do you color your hair ? yes, I have to, just retouch my roots every 3 weeks in my color

do you think you’re cool ? I don’t know, you tell me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Supa Fly Gavin Rave...

My sweet baboo, Gavin, turned 6 this week.  Gavin adores the Fly Guy series of books by the amazing Tedd Arnold. Every week Gavin brings home a new Fly Guy book from his library day at Kindergarten. So sweet. Nothing I could think of more perfect than a Fly Gavin Rave for my little chimp. Of course, I had to make most of the items because there aren't many dirty fly decor items readily available for purchase . LOL. I added regular old dirty houseflies, fly swatters and garbage cans into the mix as well...It was such a fun & filthy day for our boy and his besties.

Handmade is my game. Some interesting deets..I used gray throughout this party as my neutral. I dig gray.
I also tried to echo the iridescence of a fly's wings throughout. I bought lots of iridescent cellophane and fabric to craft and cover with. It was interesting, sparkling and beautiful. I also used a bit of my beautiful carnival glass collection.

I used lots of crazy, mismatched ribbons and trim... I adore the fresh and fun feel of wild and chaotic decor.

I also became besties with the underappreciated coffee filter..LOL!

Totally different and shocking-I did not have a dessert table...I displayed my desserts on both of the dining tables. I displayed them as mirror images of each other. The kids were beyond excited about it. It was intimate and charming and just so old school. I loved it and so did the guests.

I featured a Treats and Trinkets Favor Table. The little chimps filled their own favor buckets and they were so stoked and excited when it they found out they were able to fill their own buckets! It was so cute..And I learned that most kids choose red for anything and everything...LOL!

Enjoy the pics. It was an amazing day. I love my Supa Fly Little Guy to the moon and back:)

handmade invitation for hip + tiny raves

I dig gray.
Fly Guy trapped in a colorful garland
of ric rac, pom trim, ribbon and felt.

Buzzzzzzing around handmade paper flowers.

 handmade paper flowers with layers
of iridescent cello mixed in to
echo a fly's wings.

custom knock knock birthday sign
by the dazzling Knock Knock Factory

hand dyed coffee filter flowers in galvanized garbage cans
served as the centerpieces. With buzzing
flies above of course.


custom Knock Knock Factory Sign

hand painted and glittered fly swatters;)

I glittered the edges of the coffee filter flowers

two dining tables for the kids

prizes for the games

spoons with fly swatter covers

I affixed crazy trims and flies
to each napkin setting

dining tables

special guest from Cali

 Wow. Could I possibly have taken any more
pics of the dining tables? LOL.

I like this pic...LOL

real kids eating lunch:)

whole lotta boys...

activity, game and playstation room

pool table, ping pong tables, games

wii and xbox area


Keep the fly on the fly swatter, one arm behind your back

and race..Everyone wins:)

Fly Vision craft.

Really a kaleidescope;)

party favor for the Mamas.

Treats and Trinkets Favor Table.
Idea I saw and ripped off from the
charming & talented Jennifer-Posh Tot Events

lollipops I wrapped in tissue then
the iridescent cellophane.

Fly Gavin in his
Birthday Finest:)

The kid is Supa Fly

Supa Fly & Cute

Dessert time:)

Carvel ice cream cups, cake pops,
cookies, jellybeans and cake push ups
were on each table-family style.LOL

cake balls by Terri's Party Treasures.
Oh My Cake Balls

 Glittered fly swatter cookies?
The Dazzling Sara~Dandy Delights

Mini Kandy Kones with
Jelly Belly beans.
Do I need to tell you who made these
ridiculously adorable and covered
in flies and glitter kones?

Superchick is Supa Fly

I tie dyed coffee filters and fashioned them
into couture covers for my Carvel cups..
Come on, you know that's funny:)

Special Fly Guy cookie by Dandy Delights.
Cake by Mama:)

I made my sweet baboo
his own special cake~
covered with flies:) 

Def one of my fave projects.

No comment.

birthday wishes for the boy.

true love.

the original fly guy

Glittery junk by me:)

Special thanks to my party posse. I know I am a demanding, picky and insane client. You ladies all did such an extraordinary job and made my chimp's birthday so special. xo

Custom Door Sign {The Knock Knock Factory}
Mini Kandy Kones {Posh Party Pretties}
Cookies {Dandy Delights}
Custom Fly Guy Shirt {Peanut & Pumpkin}