Thursday, March 24, 2011

On my radar: Ordered Chaos.

I am starting a shiny new series on my blog called "On my Radar." Basically, I will be featuring stuff and ideas that I think are devastatingly hip and happening:)

I adore all things deliberately messy and chaotic. I love mismatched. I get weak in the knees over mixed mediums, textures and materials. I love the challenge of making all that chaos a cohesive work of extraordinary and original beauty.

Featured today: Chaotic and Charming backdrop inspiration.

Black and white with vibrant color accents.
Paper chains, Sunday Comics paper chains, paper flowers,
tulle poms create a crazy, but gorgeous backdrop.

Stunningly beautiful tissue pom and
paper chain presentation.

Tissue poms, rosettes and inspirational words
make for a unique, astounding and whimsical display.

Tissue poms, paper lanterns and
crepe paper streamers make for
some serious charm.


Everglow Celebrations said...

LOVE them all! :)

A Blissful Nest said...

great idea and I love them all!!

Jess said...
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Party Box Design said...

love it!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Thank you darling for the shout out and including me; I love the round up, they are some of my favorite parties!

PartyMom said...

Great inspiration! I must say I am partial to that first one, though!

::Belo Papel:: Festas Personalizadas said...