Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super Grover Decor Labels you will be seeing everywhere at Super Gavin's Party:)

I have been in the decor label fan club for about a year now. Obsessed. I use these labels for cake decoration, containers, pails, candy jars, dessert displays, party favors, bags, centerpieces, napkins, soda bottles, party hats and basically anything I can tie or tape to. LOL! They are fabulous. I adore them and you will see lots of these babies at my baby's Super Grover Bash. You can take a peek in my shop for my current designs and offerings. Practical, beautiful, handmade and glittered. Life is good:)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Super Cute Super Grover Mini Envelopes

Super Grover stuff is beyond difficult to come by. For my son's upcoming party, I will be making most of the partyware myself. You just can't find much in Super Grover these days-and I like it like that. I love the challenge. I have scoured the ends of the internet and have found a few awesome items...The rest of the partyware I will be designing and making myself. Handmade partyware rocks.
Scored these adorable mini Grover envelopes on Etsy. Very talented chick upcycles old books and makes them into adorable, tiny cuteness. Not sure what I am going to use these for. If you have any ideas-send them my way:)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bodacious Booster Seats

Sorting through tons of my photos and came across these cutie pics...I recently bought a new vehicle. My old car had booster seats built in. New car did not. I searched high and low to find something safe, hip and happening for my little men. Found these sweet Paul Frank Multiple Julius boosters. Loved them. Bought them. My boys crack up at crazy Julius in his various, zany costumes. I crack up at them. The boys and the boosters look perfect in the new ride. They are safe and we are all happy:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I adore all things party. I design, create and dream about partyware every day of my glittery life. I have the most fabulous clients in the world. Most of the occasions I work on are for children. There is nothing more charming to me than a party for a child. A shiny, important milestone in a child's life. I am indeed an honored and lucky girl when someone chooses me to design partyware for their child.

Twice a year I get to work on parties that are the most special to me~for two very special little guys. My beautiful sons. My little one will be turning 5 and I have started to design his partyware and am getting everything ready for his birthday party. He is a funny, sweet little boy. He loves Super Grover. Nothing more adorable than Super Grover, except my son, Super Gavin! I will be writing posts about this party as I move along~giving you a little peek into the process. It is going to be unique, fun, charming~just like my sweet Gavin.

This first post features his handmade invitation. Super Grover is hand glittered as well as the super hero stars along the bottom. A piece of yarn will be attached to each invitation to echo the yarn that ties Super Grover's cape on. There will be lots and lots of yarn at this party...and a ton of old school yarn pom poms. Of course lots of kid friendly activities and decor.
Very excited to work on this one for my super cool boy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The University of Florida Gator Graduation Party

I have been working on this very special UF Gator Pharmacy School Graduation Party for a couple of months. Challenging to design, but I think it worked out perfectly. Everything has been completed and shipped out! YAY!
This is a party for a sweet couple that will be Graduating from the University of Florida Pharmacy School. Theme of my partyware was Orange and Blue and of course GATORS! Client wanted to incorporate the Gator popping a pill..Too funny...Favors include an RX Bottle with a prescription label custom made for the graduates. RX bottles were filled with orange and blue MMs. Also included in the favor bags are green Gator shaped glycerin soaps-Orange scented:) Favors placed into cello favor bags, finished off with a handmade favor tag and coordinating ribbons.
Hanging decor showcases the Gator as well as the Graduation year 2010.
Ridiculously fun to work on this one. Can't wait to see the pics! GO GATORS!

Monday, February 22, 2010

sneak peek: the rainbow ladybug art party

handmade jar/container labels
available in my shop

Very excited about this party. Vibrant colored ladybugs, mixed with rainbows. Party will feature a fabulous artist guiding the children to create a painted masterpiece! Paint Can Party Favors include rainbow, ladybug and art inspired items. I am also going through a crazy ribbon phase, and luckily, my client is too-so these are finished off with bright, funky tied ribbons. Love this whole look. This is going to be such an amazing party for one sweet little lady.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Crazy Little Troll Party

I love trolls. Always have, always will. I have been collecting them for 30 plus years. Something about the funny faces and crazy hair that makes me hysterically laugh. I have tiny ones, big ones, and ones in sweet holiday attire. Some are naked, some in costume. Imagine my surprise, when my little boy started asking and then begging me to play with my troll collection! He adores them and I adore him. Totally scientific proof that Troll Love is genetic. The lad's 4th Birthday at his preschool was appropriately a Crazy Troll Love theme...

Friday, February 19, 2010

The ELMO TRAIN EXPRESS featured on The Creative Party Place

Today is my birthday! I woke up to an email from Shannon, of The Creative Party Place, letting me know that the Elmo Train Express Party Extravaganza was being featured on her fabulous blog today. That makes me so happy on many levels. First, the client this was for, JMama, worked so hard on all the details to make this such a beautiful and fun party for her kids. She seriously is a Super Mama! Second, I adore The Creative Party Place site. There are tons of ideas and inspiration there and I could literally spend hours pouring over the amazing parties on that site. Quite an honor. And, thirdly, since today it my birthday, it was such a sweet surprise to find in my inbox...Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rah Rah Rah! Shish Boom Bah! Cheerleading Partyware

Custom designed for a sweet little
cheerleader who loves pink & purple
Smash Cake Toppers
Centerpiece Flags
Handmade Invitations

Megaphone Centerpiece Flag
featuring hand glittered
young lady's initial

Cheerleading Pom Pom handmade
Centerpiece Flag

Monogram Megaphone Cheerleading
Centerpiece Flag
This one was used for some of
the table centerpieces for a special
Bat Mitzvah

Give me a "C-H-E-E-R!" I have been busy creating a whole squad of cheerleading partyware. Megaphones and Pom Poms sprinkled with lots of glitter and cheer. I can do these in any team colors for any occasion. Go girls!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Sweethearts

My two sweet cherubs made my heart so happy today. They struck me with their Cupid Arrows of Love..How I adore these fellas...My heart and soul...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

What a Fabulous Friday this is starting off to be...A Beautiful Blogger award from an amazing party girl with an inspiring & creative blog. You can check out Wendy's blog, Whimsy & Wise Events, here. I did already have the honor of a beautiful blogger award, so I am not going to pass it again, but THANK YOU so much. Very sweet and much appreciated. xo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Super Easy Treat Bags

I am a super fan of the brown paper bag. I use them whenever and wherever I can. Under-appreciated and cost effective make them an excellent & unexpected choice for packaging. These Valentine Treat Sacks were also effortless to create. I cut the tops with my scalloped shears, and secured with printed & glittered labels. My son wrote out all of his Valentines and we put them inside these simple bags with some sweet candy goodness. Ah, I love the easy stuff. Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sneak Peek* UF Gator Pharmacy College Graduation

Pill Popping Gator will be the
mascot of the day...Container label shown
will adorn the centerpieces. Prescription bottles will
be filled with orange & blue m&ms and
will have an RX for success...
Stay tuned...

Working on a UF Gator Graduation! Two brilliant people about to graduate from UF Pharmacy College. Top secret Gator Graduation being planned...Sneaky and oh so much fun:)

real party: The day the Elmo Train Extravaganza rode into town...

handmade invitations set the stage
for the Elmo Train Express Extravaganza
balloon entryway greeted
the guests with whimsy & fun

custom centerpiece flags Elmo ones were placed into
mason jars filled with crayons
tables were lined with white
butcher paper so guests
could color- a la Elmo's World

napkins were rolled in bandana
print paper and secured with
Elmo Engineer sticker

handmade centerpiece flagsTrain flags were placed in
mason jars filled with
Coal Bubblegum. Choo Choo!

the sweet birthday girl in her
rainbow tutu
handmade train cake topper sits
on a smash cake
jar/container labels and ribbon
adorn the front of hat box

handmade Elmo cake topper sits
on a smash cake
jar/container labels and ribbon
adorn the front of hat box

Client hired a candy buffet
specialist to set-up
a table
for the event

custom favor bags, favor photo cards

handmade favor tags jazz up the
party favor books
for the little ones

the dessert table was such a
and also provided
an amazing
spot for photos

custom cupcake toppersspelled out
"Happy Birthday Joshua & Jacqueline"
finger foods were served

party hats for the guests of honor
photo favor cards

all of the happy party-goers

the Train has arrived

birthday kids on the engine

gift table

party favor table

popcorn snack conesmade from bandana paper
jar/container labels
nice guy working the machine:)

dressed up drinks

Elmo & Train guest
party hats

The day finally came for the Elmo Train Party Palooza Extravaganza. This was one dazzling and spectacular event. I have been planning this party with one quite extraordinary Mom, Jessy, for about 6 months. Jessy is a rock star on so many levels. She is a Super Mom to 6 young children, helps run a successful business, is ridiculously gorgeous and the cherry on top is she LOVES to throw parties:) I am always working on something for one of her events and I am always honored. Jessy is also extremely organized and an unbelievable planner. Truly amazing and the cat's meow to work with:)
This party was a combined birthday party for a son turning 3 and a daughter turning 2. Son loves trains more than anything and daughter is wild for Elmo. A bit of a challenge to combine the two, but I was able to come up with many ways to make it all cohesive and adorable.
My favorite artist, Joie, (like the boy's name, but a girl..LOL) was able to create an Elmo in an Engineer Hat which became the starting point for my partyware designing. I used lots of bandana prints to coordinate it all. We also used a vibrant color scheme to make everything pop and to keep it all kid oriented and FUN!
Enjoy the pictures. There are tons of them. Jessy outdid herself on this one. Balloon artist, candy buffet, bouncy house and yes, she had an actual train come to this shindig to offer rides on the Elmo Train Express.
To see all that planning fall into place is, well, amazing.