Monday, March 29, 2010

pink elephant in the room....

hand glittered polka dot
pink elephant centerpiece flag

pink elephant cupcake toppers

pink elephant jar/container labels

I adore elephants. Seriously can work on elephant designs all day long and be quite happy. This pink elephant design was done for a little lady named, Charlotte, who is having her Very First Birthday. Her mom was the lucky winner of a Purple Pug Giveaway on Birthday Girl's fabulous blog. Charlotte's Mom chose a color palette of pink and green and wanted to mix in coordinating polka dots. Nothing cuter than a pink elephant-TONS of fun and ridiculously adorable:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

fluffy cottontail bunny cupcake toppers/swords & wraps

Friday was the Spring Celebration Party for my son's class. I whipped up these little bunny cupcake toppers-complete with cotton tails! I also made coordinating cupcake wraps to complete the cuteness. They were a big hit with the 1st grade crowd. After eating the cupcakes, the boys took their beautiful & lovingly handcrafted cupcake toppers and started having "bunny sword fights" with them. Ah, the joys of boys... I could not have been happier:)

Friday, March 26, 2010

caps for sale...sneak peek...

I have a bucket list of dream party ideas. 20 or so parties which are always in the back of my mind, waiting, waiting for the perfect opportunity. I usually am secretive about them, but I have decided to share a few here and there. I hold these parties close to my heart and they usually have sentimental meaning to me....I few I have posted about- The Pinocchio/ When You Wish Upon a Star idea inspiration, seen here. Another is the Patchwork Elephant, which I and my boys love beyond words, seen here.
Well, the golden opportunity is here to make one of my party dreams come true...One of my & my sister's favorite books of all time, "Caps for Sale," is providing the ridiculously adorable inspiration for my sweet little nephew's Very First Birthday Party. Caps, a peddler, some monkeys and mischief. I have been dreaming about this one for years and I am finally going to live the dream....LOL! Enjoy the sneak peek of my design, many more pictures and posts to come. Do you have a party bucket list?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hopping down the bunny trail...

fluffy bunny cottontail
cupcake toppers

Take a peeky at the fluffy little toppers I designed for my son's first grade Spring Party tomorrow. I had a few tough moments where I thought I might faint-due to lack of glitter on this design-but I think persevered and I they turned out insanely cute. Let's hope I don't ruin all this cuteness with dry or burnt cupcakes...Please send good cupcake vibes:) Mama can't cook....

clever customer photo: welcome little sailor

nautical little sailor
centerpiece flag
in blue and brown

Nothing makes me happier than to get actual photos from customers. I just love to see how my clients actually utilize my glittery, handmade creations. Jessica, a fabulous and insanely talented diaper cake making client, sent me a gorgeous picture of her latest creation. She used my Welcome Little Sailor Centerpiece Flag in blue and chocolate brown as the "cake topper" for a diaper cake she designed for an upcoming baby shower. Just adorable and I am sure everyone will flip over this insanely cute, clever and creative gift. Thanks for sharing Jessica:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the ladybug rainbow arty partyware is complete

ladybug rainbow thank you notes

I recently completed the rest of the vibrant and glittery partyware for the Rainbowlicious Ladybug Arty Affair. I posted pics a little while ago of the Paint Can Party Favors and the Colorful Name Invitations. Everything turned out amazing and beyond cute. I was sad to ship it all off to it's party destination...I miss all the happy colors and rainbowliciousness:) Rainbows, ladybugs and little artists creating masterpieces may be the cutest-ever. Simply cannot wait to see this one...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

e-i-e-i-o, e-i-e-i-o, twin girls 2nd birthday down on the farm

double piggies adorn the
handmade centerpiece flag

Nothing I adore more than a repeat customer. I had the honor of creating partyware last year for two sweet little monkey sisters turning one. Mom chose the Tutu Monkey Ballerina theme times two and it was fitting, adorable and beautiful. This year I had the privilege of designing their partyware again:) The twins' 2nd Birthday will be held down on an actual farm. Complete with tractor rides and lots of hay~HEE HAW! Double piggies, lots of farm animals and a dose of bright color-perfect for these two sunny little sisters. Thanks Johanna. Happy 2nd Birthday C & G.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

super party attire for the super kid

I love my clients. They rock and many of them are party freaks like myself. One of my extremely fabulous clients stumbled upon the coolest custom shirts on etsy. She was shopping for her little pirate and passed the lucky find over to Glitter Mama. I fell quickly and deeply in love and had to have a custom Super Grover tee designed for my boy. This very talented lady , of Sweet3 Leaf Prints, makes these custom shirts with leaf prints, yes, LEAVES! There are also super detailed felt accents. She is amazingly talented, but very busy, so order way ahead of time. Totally worth the wait.

super grover signature drink-exhibit A

I have been quite lucky in the beverage quest for the Super Grover Rave. I found several different drinks I will be using at the party and featuring in upcoming posts. Thus, the "drink exhibit A." verbage:) These badboys are beyond perfect. Gatorade with the big "G" for Grover, Gavin & Gatorade. Added lightning bolt-can't even express how ecstatic I am now! Available in all sorts of rave cool colors. Thanks R & Tar~hey, that rhymes....

rainbow ladybug glitter invitations

handmade & hand glittered invitations

These invitations were created for the upcoming Rainbowlicious Ladybug Art Party. I just love lots and lots of color. And glitter:) These are for the same party I recently posted about the Paint Can party favors. You can take a peek at them here. This is going to be one, bright RAINBOWLICIOUS event.

Friday, March 12, 2010

recycled kraft envelopes and wraparound labels

I adore recycled kraft envelopes. Unexpected, eco-conscious and understated chic. Perfectly charming envelopes to mail out the Super Grover Invitations. I designed and created these wraparound labels because I had to have them and I have zero patience and I waited until the last minute to figure out what I actually wanted to do! I stumbled upon them on etsy. Alas, the fabulous seller could not do a custom coordinating design for several days. I winged it, worked a little magic and came up with a design which, I think, is absolutely adorable and the perfect finishing touch for my boy's invitations. I already got an order for them too;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

super boy's very special cupcake topper

There was only one of these little gems in the whole wide world. A painstakingly, hand painted and embellished old school Fisher Price Little People Grover. One very lucky day, I stumbled upon this jewel. One very talented chick transformed a vintage, plastic figurine into a little masterpiece that will be adorning Super Gavin's Birthday Cupcake. Lucky, indeed.