Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Two Favorite Food Groups Wednesday Crush. Fab & Delish 121 {Laura, Cupcakes and Lemonade}

Sparkling & Sunny 121: Laura, Cupcakes and Lemonade

Laura is the sweet and talented chick behind the Cupcakes and Lemonade Shoppe and Blog. She designs adorable completed partyware as well as printables. Her style is whimsical and FUN! Laura blogs about all things party. Real party inspiration, fabulous ideas and cute finds for amazing parties. Laura is sweet, smart and charming. Perfect Wild Wednesday Crush:)


Fascinating Laura trivia:

• Favorite color? My favorite color has always been pink! Yes, I am a girly girl! I guess it’s a good thing I have three girls.

• Favorite team? I am a born and bred FL Gator!

• If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? As long as I could have my cupcakes, I think I could survive anything. I have the worst sweet tooth!

• Party trend you are crushing on? I LOVE the ruffled crepe paper streamers. I just made my first set for my daughters’ Birthday party in January and they are gorgeous. Such an easy thing to do and what a statement. Whoever thought of those, GENIOUS!

• Party trend you are so over? I guess I have always been over the store bought “themed” party. You know, the character ones? I love to see someone take a theme and put an amazingly original twist on it.

• Favorite aisle in the craft store? Can I have two? The first has to be the paper aisle. I literally sometimes feel like a kid at Christmas when I see all the new patterns and imagine what I can create. Second, I have been working on my Christmas tags and just got the hang of using eyelets. I love that whole aisle!

• Do you wear Uggs? I have a pair and love how comfortable they are, but they really aren’t sexy!

• Do you really exercise? I think the key word here is “really.” I do go to Zumba on the weekends, but not as often as I know I should.

• Minivan or non-minivan driving? I do have a “Swagger Wagon.” But I also have 3 ½ year old twins and a 21 month old, so it’s the only thing that holds 3 carseats.

• Favorite holiday? Christmas, no questions asked. I LOVE everything about it.

• Favorite smell? Johnson’s Baby Lotion. My twins finally asked me to stop putting it on them because it makes them smell like babies.

• Do you color your hair? Oh yes. I am a brunette and YIKES, already have a few grays peaking through.

• Do you think you’re cool? Hmm…I like to think so. My kids tell me I am, does that count?


Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

what a cute interview! =)

Tini Posh said...

She is too sweet.. I agree I LOVE my Uggs but they probably are not my sexiest shoes... Lol!

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

Thank you so much Kristy for the "crush" today. It was such an honor and so much fun. Thanks again!

And BTW, since answering these questions, I have found the genius behind the ruffled crepe paper streamers! It's Superchick! So cool!

Kathy said...

Laura is my daughter and I am so proud of her. She is very creative. Her energy level is amazing. I don't know how she has the time to care for a home, 3 adorable daughters, cook amazing meals, and still have time to such an amazing job with "Cupcakes & Lemonade." She really is a Super Mom.

Genevieve Le Bel said...

LOVE Laura! über creative chick! Great post!