Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Rainbow. DIY Dazzle. {Ridic + Real Party}

Everything is coming up Rainbows, Art and Glitta:) In serious love with this "Goodbye to School-Hello Summer" party that Catherine {Serendipity Soiree} dished out for her little sweethearts that have just finished 1st + 2nd grade.
Beautiful + brilliant color usage. Ridiculously detailed. I love the tiny canvas painting activity. The mini cake boxes from {paperglitter} are beyond adorbs. The dessert table is astounding-the cakes amaze me. Crushing on the watercolor look of the cookies. Adore the burlap and antique crates mixed in with the dazzling glitter and vibrant color. The handmade ruffled table skirt made me weak in the knees. Tons of DIY inspiration. Honored to have been a tiny part.
If you do not know Catherine or her work, you need to. Now.

The Dazzling Deets in Catherine's words:)

We put off a Rainbow art party this past weekend for my Son and Daughter's Grade 1 & Grade 2 classes. We wanted to have a goodbye school and HELLO summer party with lots of fun & Mess making. :) Whenever my kids and I find a beautiful rainbow after a rainfall....we always exclaim "Hello Rainbow"! Our inspiration for the party + we love art at our house.

Desserts on the table included a rainbow two tier cake dotted with buttercream icing and a rainbow ruffle cake I made to match the DIY rainbow skirt I crafted. I also made sweet shortbread cookies with hand painted rainbows and Pantone inspired paint chip cookies. :) A painters palette filled with mini vanilla buttercream cupcakes in rainbow paint colors and mini mason jar favors filled with rainbow gumballs and tags from our rainbow art paperie line. Creative juice (gourmet jelly belly soda) washed down the sweets. Two DIY gumball machines and a DIY Hot air balloon were filled with gumballs for sampling. I created a large hand painted sky for the backdrop. Another smaller dessert table featured "Paint chips" for our "starving artists", Creative Juice Mason jars with rainbow stripe straws (kids were able to create their own creative juice with sugar free kool aid in a rainbow of colors), another DIY gumball machine held mini gumball containers.

A large art table featured a canvas for each child set on an easels (kids were encourage to create a rainbow - signs not pictured), kids also got to paint a tote with puffy paint or a ball hat with spray paint. The backdrop for the table included a large poster to color! The children loved coloring the walls. They were each given a slice of rainbow cake from the table center that was filled with crayons to color the wall!  To cool down and wash off...children had fun with rainbow colored water balloons and a Hot Air Balloon Photo booth awaited them outside. It was so much fun!

Styling, Desserts, Backdrop, Paperie and Table skirt - Serendipity Soiree www.serendipitysoiree.blogspot.com
Hello Rainbow Cake Topper - The Purple Pug www.thepurplepug.com
Large Rainbow Coloring Backdrop & Rainbow cake slice containers - Paperglitter www.paperglitter.com
Stripe straws and bags, sprinkles, mini gumball containers - Hey YoYo http://www.etsy.com/people/HeyYoYo
Rainbow Cake stands - Homegoods http://www.homegoods.com/ / Homesense www.homesense.ca
Rainbow Paper fans & Rainbow Poms - Party City www.partycity.com
Serendipity Soiree

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three weeks. The Ridic Reno continues...

So. Yesterday marked week three into the renovation process. We had to spend 4 days in a hotel and 2 days at my Mom's while the floors were being done. It was harsh living. Trust.
Flooring is finished. Recessed lighting, under the cab lighting and dining lights are done. The major painting + trim has all been done as well. Micro installed and fridge delivered. A few minor bumps in the road...flooring fiasco and the Fourth of July Chandy Scandal...Hopefully everything will be resolved and back to sparkling soon:) Construction + destruction is diiiiirty. Everything is totally dirty and covered in a fine layer of sawdust + sheetrock sanding residue. And I love it:) xo

getting there...hardwood floors all stained gray,
 or "grey" if your name is Brittany...

everything is still very dusty, but you get the idea 

 fireplace waiting for a makeover

 island completed with inner panels + corbel

recessed lighting with dimmer switch
totally excited about the dimmer switch! lol

front living room 

lower trim and kickplates were installed today 

under the cabinet lighting installed-romantic-meow:)