Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No Roses for Harry. Pups + Pancakes

So. It's National Pancake Day. My Chimps roll hard for pancakes. I roll to make them even cuter.

One of my favorite book series were about a Dirty Dog named Harry~penned by the amazing Gene Zion. The Harry adoration is genetic and my sons simply love the charming tales of this adorable little pup.

Here is a sweet little inspirational shoot I styled for Bird's Spring/Summer 2012 Issue. My inspiration was "No Roses for Harry," by Gene Zion. I created a simple, yet charming, pancake bar breakfast with children in mind. come on, who doesn't like to eat Cocoa Puffs out of a dog bowl? LOL. Pancake topping + syrup bar, pancakes turned into puppycakes, dog bone shaped Pop Tarts, Scooby Snacks, cereal, milk and fun all served up in a cheerful and kid friendly way.

Some of the featured junk: The Knock Knock Factory

Happy National Pancake Day~With syrup on top. And a handmade ribbon flag. And a pancake tassel for drama;)

Mama Mia Mini Pizza Box Tute

I love me some clever favor packaging. I created these and had them in my shop about 5 years ago and thought I would create a little tutorial for these snazzy mini pizza boxes.
Perfect for a pizza, bowling, Chuck E Cheese or TMNT party and anywhere else where a tiny pizza box would add some adorable cheesy charm.They also a sweet idea for invitation presentation.

Super easy to make and they provide a unique + cheesy presentation.
Another cutie design here.

Junk needed:

Mini pizza boxes~I use 7x7x2, similar to the ones found here, but you can really use any size.
Full sheet label paper~I used Staples brand.
Any kind of simple text design program. I used Word.
Parchment or waxed paper for official pizza box authenticity + adorableness.

Supply list is easy. You can use any size boxes,
any brand of label/sticker paper. 

Create a little design and insert a picture or graphic.
This is a very basic set-up in Word that
I did almost 6 years ago. Just text boxes and WordArt. LOL 

Chimp mugs on a mini pizza box-nothing cuter.

What kid does not like to receive a bottle of
glitter as a party favor?! Mine. LOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Baby Blog Crawl Conga Line...

So. I know a secret someone that is digging pickles + ice cream these days...One of my fave party lovas has a teeny, tiny little party lova starting a Conga line in her uterus. I swear I saw vintage chevron ombre confetti flying on the sonogram.

We decided it would be fun to tell the word her big news in exciting + dramatic fashion-you know Glitta Mama likes the drama:) Most of you have heard of a Blog Hop-this is a similar idea, but with more sparkle and adorableness:)

The Baby Crawl Conga line will take you to a few very special + dazzling blogs along the way~blogs that were hand chosen by the Mama-to-be to take part in this extraordinary + exciting event in her life. Enjoy this sweet adventure until you reach the lady with some seriously joyful news + mood swings.

Being able to share such beautiful + important news is truly an honor.

Next stop on the Conga Line:

Carolyn  {CHS Creative Productions}

Peace, Love and Pampers...

Monday, September 10, 2012

3 Minute Makeover Monday. Blinging out the entertainment stand...

So. I have been searching for months for an entertainment stand that would work in our new family room space. I could not find anything gray with glitter on it, so I had to compromise. A simple black design was my second choice, but I wanted more of a piece of furniture rather than one I had to assemble myself. I found one that kind of met my wants, but it had a slightly distressed finish to it. My junk leans more towards eclectic modern, but I thought I could work with this one so I bought it. The piece features small, black, wooden knobs~utilitarian +  dull looking, and I thought that could be my opportunity to make some magic.  I found some rainbow prism crystal knobs online and turned this mutha out. Adore the sparkle + the unexpected rainbow dazzle when viewed from certain angles. The knobs pick up all the colors in the room. Amazing how four knobs can change the feel of a piece and the vibe of a room.

The moral of this makeover: Don't be afraid to change something about a piece to have it reflect your style. A simple makeover can have a major impact. Three minute makeovers RULE!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brothers. Superheroes.

Two extraordinary brothers. One very kind + beautiful soul, Alexis Campbell, wanted to style a 1st Birthday Celebration for these very special little boys and their family. Camden is the definition of courage. His brother, Nolan is by his side with twin love. Superheroes. Times two.

Honored to have been a tiny part in such a special moment for this family. 

Printables- Anders Ruff 
Favor Bags/Paper Straws- The Tomkat Studio 
Fondant Cupcake Toppers- Two Sugar Babies 
Cake Bunting- The Purple Pug 
Sugar Cookies- Sugar On Top 
Cake Pops- Kimmy’s Cake Pops 
Cupcakes- DD’s Cupcakes

As told by Alexis:

Camden and Nolan were born August 28, 2011. Camden was born with several major heart defects, his most complex being a double inlet left ventricle. Amazingly, his heart defects went unnoticed at birth and he survived the first two days of life on his own. He has since had numerous surgeries and procedures and has fought his way through each and every one of them. Whether it is in the hospital or at home, Nolan has been right by his brother’s side offering up smiles, giggles, and plenty of play-time together. Laughter is the best medicine, right? Camden’s Mom, Elyse, made a Facebook page in order to provide family and friends regular updates on Camden’s health and progress. The page has also provided a place for people to pray for and send well wishes to Camden. I’ve been following the page for some time now and noticed they had a first birthday coming up, and I wanted to help in any way I could. Since Elyse calls him their little superhero, it was obvious what type of party she wanted for her boys.

With the superhero theme in-place, I reached out to a few of my favorite vendors for donations to the party. Suffice to say, the response was overwhelming! The generosity of these women brought tears to my eyes. With only a week’s notice I was able to get everything just in time for the party. Maureen from Anders Ruff provided the superhero printable collection from her shop and had it customized for Camden and Nolan. The Tomkat Studio supplied adorable red, blue, and yellow chevron favor bags along with matching striped straws. The favor bags were filled with yummy taffy and gumballs and tied with a hanging favor tag from the superhero printable collection. Charynn from Two Sugar Babies, made fondant cupcake toppers that perfectly topped the delicious cupcakes donated by DD’s Cupcakes. The sugar cookies from Sugar On Top were a true work of art and matched everything perfectly while providing yet another delectable desert! Kim from Kimmy’s Cake Pops donated two dozen super hero cakes pops in the shapes of Batman and Superman that almost looked too fantastic to eat! A glitterized name bunting from The Purple Pug adorned each smash cake super style. Melinda of Enduring Impressions Photography donated her time to capture the party pictures and provide the lasting impressions of Camden and Nolan’s memorable superhero party!

On the day of the party Tropical Storm Isaac decided to blow on by, and the wind and rain made for less than favorable weather for a birthday party at the park. With the help of some amazing people, we were able to set everything up for the party in the pouring rain and still managed to keep most everything dry. After tons of prayer, the clouds parted just fifteen minutes before the party started and amazingly the rain stopped. It was truly a blessing! The joy I felt for this family to be able to celebrate such a special occasion was truly overwhelming. Camden and Nolan arrived in their superhero t-shirts with matching capes ready to party. Elyse made all the kids superhero capes to wear while they played. I found a tutorial for superhero masks online and made them for the boys and girls to wear with their capes. They were a huge hit! Even with the wind and rain, it was a beautiful day to celebrate these two beautiful little boys. Life is a special occasion and I feel privileged and honored that I was able to help them celebrate their boys first birthday. Happy Birthday to superheroes Camden and Nolan! Follow Camden here!/pages/Courage-for-Camden/316210258423384