Monday, November 9, 2009

ALL ABOARD! The Elmo Train Express Extravaganza

Party Hats for the Guests of Honor

Party Hats for the lucky little guests

Revised design of my current hanging decorations

Glitter embellished favor bag toppers on completed cello favor bags

Tablescape trials. Bandana print paper will sit under mason jars

Mason jars will be filled with either crayons (Elmo's World idea in mind)
or Coal Lumps of Bubblegum (to go along with the trains)

Tables will feature a "runner" of banner paper for guests to doodle on as does Elmo on everything! Containers of crayons will be set all around.

Unfinished wooden trains and Elmo figurines will also accent the tablescapes

The ELMO TRAIN EXPRESS party is a custom design for my BEST customer. She will be having a combined birthday party for her son, Joshua, turning 3 and daughter, Jacqueline, turning 2. Joshua loves all things train and Jacqueline adores Elmo. It took some creativity to combine the two, but I think the results are vibrant, whimsical and beautiful. Elmo the Train Engineer was created and I used a bandana print throughout the partyscape to tie it all together. This was one fun party design to be a part of!

I will be adding more photographs and descriptions as I move along getting these many, many packages ready for shipping!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Return of the Felt & Vellum Invitations

This invitation was one of my best sellers
and I cannot wait to start making them again.
I seriously have missed them

I love the process of creating new designs. I have so many ideas floating around my head that I need to try out. So many new items and themes that I want to add to my shop. NOW! Just need more hours in the day..I know you hear me on that.

Every so often, I switch out designs and techniques. I revamp & redesign. I love working with vellum. It is such a fantastic medium and it really just "feels important." I am a handmade business. I design and handcraft all of my items. I started out exclusively creating
embellished vellum invitations. I also adore felt. I initially began my business sewing and embellishing felt favor bags, party banners, and decor. I became so busy, I could not keep up with all the sewing. I then moved to embellishing the party favors and containers with felt. I still use felt for many things, but I have been testing out new ideas and materials for the past two years.

I have received many requests to bring back the felt and vellum invitations-- I am delighted to oblige..I will be tweaking the designs a little, but they will all be back very soon. Very excited. I missed them. They are unique, beautiful and I can't wait to get them back in the rotation!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rebecca's "A Few of my Favorite Things" Bat Mitzvah

A cheerleading megaphone with the young lady's initials

Comedy and Tragedy Masks represent her love of Acting and Performing

13 Year Old Girl + Shopping = LOVE

This special girl also adores music

Sample of Numbered Flags to be used as Table Numbers and Centerpieces

I just finished up these centerpiece flags for a wonderful Mom and her daughter, Rebecca, who is about to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. Rebecca's theme for her Bat Mitzvah is "A Few of my Favorite Things." She and her Mom also wanted to mix in a Pink, Lime and Chocolate Brown color palette. Oh, and polka dots too! These handmade flags will be used in pink painted tin buckets for a unique centerpiece idea. Some of the flags feature table numbers, and some of them feature a few of Rebecca's favorite things, which include: Cheerleading, Drama, Music and Shopping. A girl after my own heart:) Thank you so much Judy and Rebecca. What a beautiful celebration and I am honored to have had a small part.

Logan's Little Firefighter 1st Birthday

These were photos from a 1st Birthday Little Firefighter Party. Logan was the Birthday Boy and his Mom was sweet enough to share these. I think she did an awesome job!

Emma's First Eucharist

These pictures were sent from a very special Canadian client who was celebrating her daughter's First Eucharist. They wanted the banner and centerpiece flag to incorporate vibrant colors, along with accents of gold. They also wanted polka dots. I glitter accented the gold polka dots only. I think they were beautiful and I loved working on this order. Thanks for the pictures Renae & Emma. I know it was a perfect celebration.

Trying to get into a routine with this blog...Easier said than done. I will be posting a whole bunch of fabulous customer photos in the next few days!