Friday, April 26, 2013

The Great Gavini's Magic Show

The Great Gavini is my sweet little Chimp that loves magic, extra pickles and ketchup on everything.
For his 8th Birthday-he wanted a magic show mixed with tie dye, rainbows and sequins. Okay, okay, I am kinda lying about the sequins-those were my idea;) You know Glitta Mama needs to see shiny things.

The weather is NY is chilly-so we partied indoors for the most part. Clearly, I am neither a stylist nor photographer~just a Mama that loves to see her son smile with joy and celebrate with his besties. We had such a beautiful day. Abracadabra awesomeness.

snappy tie dyed duds

Foil curtains made for a dramatic entrance on a windy day

chalk art is such a cute, easy and cheap way to welcome guests in style
made husband do this. yellow rabbit. really? LOL

sequins dancing in the sunlight

cape cuteness

mini magic hats stuffed with mini magician scarf napkins

I am going through a lit up tinsel phase

porcelain rabbit accents

note:curling ribbon;)

my Chimp was the opening act

magic 8 balls here and there

ridic rabbit via ten23

bunny butt bling~rainbow tinsel

had to reconfigure couches to fit everyone inside
had custom sequin pillows made from fabric

sequins. rabbits. magical.

amazed by the signage by the Porkchop

rainbow sequins covered the dining entire table
dramatic. dazzling.

magician flowers
clever, no?

sequin mono monogram

ten23 magic

magician scarf garland mixed up with glitta rabbit
and tinsel garland

colorful tinsel jazzes up my PB stands

this gorgeousness was sent to my boy by The Party Wagon's boy
I gave it a mini makeover
This was so special to me

this magic carpet was special to me beyond words

note: curling ribbon again:)

rainbow tinsel

rabbit carrrot holders

another ten23 dazzler on the guest bathroom mirror

custom knocker by dirty, gloppy vintage

perfect, sequinned hello

sparkle sticks for my cake pops
stolen idea from Sweet Cheeks Chick


origami insanity via the dazzling Origami Delights

tie dye jumbo playing cards hung from the ceiling
via the Sweet Swine @Piggy Bank Parties

concession set up before the magic show

piggy bank perfection

you know I adore a good abacus

confetti on a windowsill. dreamy.

origami rabbits, eight balls, wands, sequins, glitter, zing plates
magician top hats with magician scarf napkins

I sequinned up Do's amazing banner

decorate your own magician hat

more tinsel. cuckoo, I know...

a mil balloons in the basement ready for showtime
dramatic and so fun for the kids to see when they entered the basement

sequins down the island. loved this look. simple. sparkling.

catered by Panera

I made a tie dye rainbow sherbet punch
this punch bowl was used at my first birthday. my mom has kept it all these years.
beyond special.

chimps raising their hands for some grub

bunny money designed by the ridic paper glitter

The Great Gavini's Bunny Money was the only currency accepted at this rave
each kid got three bills to spend on concessions before the magic show

another decal by lush Lauren on the drink dispenser
festooned cups. not sure why I did that. LOL

gavin was 8.
I wanted everything to be $8 bucks...
just like the real movie concession stand. lol

waiting in line-just like at the movies...

that is my MIL. She was the cashier.
Kids had to pay "Grandma." 
Love her.

The Great Gavini starts his performance. 
He amazed the crowd.
He sat on his special magic carpet when he was done

kid is talented

the realio dealio-Matt

note to self: if you let kids drink fruit punch, eat popcorn and inhale candy in your basement,
it will look like an after circus scene when they leave....dirty.

bunch of wand action

happy birthday buddy


OMG! How is he floating in the air? ! Too cool for school.

balloon animal art

totally want one of these bags

dessert time
my sparkle sticks in the cake balls I made.
Okay, okay. They are really donut holes-whateva

baby bunny peg perfection via the ridic Craft That Party

magic confetti wands via the glam + gorg Oh Goodie Designs

come on, you know Trix are for kids...

make your own sundaes
trix was a topping option. one person chose

magic 8 balls

toppings in baby top hats

the great gavini + magic matt

worlds tallest cake

handmade horn happiness from the Goodie Girl

 Jenny's toppers are just the cutest. Ever. 

make a wish

all the kids were able to make a wish and toss the the confetti
on Gavin..It was magical...and there was confetti everywhere. Everywhere.

I made this sequin cake band. I love it. Want to wear it as a headband.

two years behind on the rainbow cake trend, but the Chimp wanted tie dye:)

saw a cake in half trick

take your kid and get out time;)

glitter rabbit favor jars 

rainbow tinsel served as the base

magic marker (get it?), cards, 8 ball, disappearing ink, and some other junk inside favors

a good magician always sends a thank you note

Chicks + Dudes that  I need to smooch and seriously thank:

Piggy Bank Parties~The Great Gavini Banner, Jumbo Playing Cards
Ten23 Designs~Dazzling rabbit + 8 ball decals 
The Party Wagon~Magic Carpet, mini top hats, tricks 
The Knock Knock Factory~Handmade Showtime Knocker
Oh Goodie Designs~Custom confetti magic wands, handmade party horns
Origami Delights~Origami rabbits
Craft That Party~Ridic Rabbit peg cake topper
Paper Glitter~Great Gavini's Bunny Money
Ribbon Revelry~Bling ribbon
Glamtastic~Sequinned G 
Magical Cake~ Laura's Sweets
Matt Stevens Magic~The Magician 

and a special shout out and moonlight skate to the Gorg G, over at Three Little Monkeys Studio~
she was my Magic Party Twinsie and kept me laughing and motivated this past month. Check out her little lady's Magic Party too! xo