Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rockin' & Royal Frog Prince Paper Princess. Shut the door, it's 104 {Paula, Frog Prince Paperie}

Welcome to the Banging Back from Vacation Crush Week. This week is going to be filled with some serious shine. I will also be crushing in a more short & sweet fashion.

Kicking it off with 104: Paula, Frog Prince Paperie

Paula is the brilliant and seriously talented super star behind Frog Prince Paperie. She designs fresh and unique printable partyware. She has original signature style and I can spot her work from a mile away. Paula also has ridiculous party styling skills. Incredibly talented in the party presentation department. Paula is sweet, funny & sunny. Totally crushing on this magical super star.


Fascinating Paula trivia:)

• favorite color? Tiffany blue - paired with froggy green!

• favorite team? I root for Virginia Tech on game days until my college starts playing with the big boys. ;)

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Chocolate.

• party trend you are crushing on? I so love the handmade parties I am seeing around, and how those parties are getting away from being all about cartoon characters. It really lets people get creative with the details when they don't have a box to think inside of!

• party trend you are so over? I don't think I'm "over" any trend...but I'd love to see more healthy ideas that are still fun for birthdays on party tables

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Martha's aisle/papers

• do you wear Uggs? Nope. I'm in central Florida - I wear flip flops 10 months out of the year. I don't think there are even a pair of boots in my closet anymore...

• do you really exercise? I do some mean curls with my paper cutter. That counts, right?

• minivan or non minivan driving? I'm still holding out as a non-minivan driver

• favorite holiday? Halloween!

• favorite smell? Fresh baked goods mingled with fresh brewed coffee.

• do you color your hair? After 15 years of coloring my hair, I recently discovered I am actually a brunette. :)

• do you think you’re cool? My kids think I am, and that's good enough for me!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Cleaning out a closet today and stumbled upon a memory box from my younger son's First Birthday. I cannot believe this little chimp is going to be SIX!
His First Birthday was a baby cowboy & horse theme-held at a Harness Racing Museum. Such a special memory for so many reasons.

I usually give out a small party favor for the adults in addition to the kids. I know, I know, but it is just something I do for a very special reason..

For this party, we gave a Lucky Horseshoe to each family that attended-to bring good luck and love from our sweet Baby Cowboy. These special horseshoes still hang in the homes of our friends and family. Beyond special.

 sweet sentiment in vellum

kind of politically correct way
to dish out bubblegum cigs:)

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Dazzling, Fabulous & Fancy Nancy. I dig thee~103 {Nancy, A to Zebra Celebrations}

Welcome to Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

Winding down the week with a colorful and dazzling rock star.

Vibrant & glittery 103: Nancy, A to Zebra Celebrations

Nancy has amazing style. She is the designer behind the whimsical A to Zebra Celebrations. Her partyware designs are bright, bold and beautiful. She is a lova of glitter:) Her work sparkles. Nancy is a way beyond fabulous party stylist. She is a detail girl. She loves zebra patterns. Nancy is also THE table runner chick. Her extraordinary designs have been featured all over the web and world. Cutest. table. runners. ever. Nancy blogs about parties, crafts, finds and inspiration for entertaining. Nancy is sweet, sunny and funny. Totally crushing on the ridiculously Fabulous Fancy Nancy-Glitter Loving Super Star.


Fascinating Nancy trivia:)

Favorite color- Pink, but red is up there as well :)

Favorite team- Oregon Ducks if you are talking about sports...ha! My hubby is from Oregon :)

I would eat Mexican food...I'm Mexican AND we have the BEST food eva-h!!!....HAHA!

Party trend I am crashing on is my glittery paper banners.....Awww LOVE LOVE glitter!!!! I don't care for the printed banners.

Party trend I am over is.....cupcake toppers....I am thinking of coming up with some other cool thing for toppers...stay tuned :)

Favorite isle- scrapbook paper and fabric!!!! LOVE them both and I'd love to sew everyday, but no time :(

Don't wear UGGS :(

Yes I exercise. I take zumba classes 3-4 days a week...LOVE my zumba music!!! It's my Latina blood I think :):)

HATE minivans.....sorry if you drive one....can't stand them....they are for old folks or people with more than 3 kids..... LOL :) That's why I am not having more children...ha!! Just kidding....

Favorite holiday- Halloween & Christmas!! But them all because it's an excuse to have another party....ha!

Favorite smell- Love Spell lotion by Victorias Secret

I've colored my hair red before, but haven't for almost a year now...It's hard to keep it up. I'm ready for my brunette natural hair back :)

Of course I think I'm cool!!!....Don't you???...ha!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Seriously Styling Shindig Crush. Adore you~102 {Amanda, Shindig Parties}

Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush in full effect. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

#102~ I adore you: Amanda, Shindig Parties

Amanda has serious skills. Devastatingly fabulous. She is the creative force behind Shingdig Parties To Go. She offers up gorgeous and unique printable partyware packages. She is also one of the party chicks that can design parties that will make you weak in the knees. She is a dazzling detail girl. She is creative and crafty. She was a player for Team East. She amazed me with her talent. Amanda is sweet, funny and clever. Go take a peek at her parties and you will see some serious styling skills. Totally crushing on the Shindig chick. She shines.


Fascinating Amanda facts:)

favorite color -- anything bright.... I'm an Auburn girl, so maybe War Eagle orange!

favorite team -- uhhh, I think I just answered that -- early bird gets the worm....

one food forever??? Hmmmm...... maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal right out of the oven..... I'm smiling right now just thinking about it.

party trend you are crushing on -- Weird, maybe, but the first thing that comes to mind is the trend for so many women to be "into" parties. I don't really know anyone personally who loves a beautiful detailed party like I do, so the internet and all my bloggy party girls are a my crush, I guess. I love clicking around and seeing all the creativity out there. It's so inspiring!

So "Over" party trend -- anything commercialized to death. I have no need for Party City in my life.

Favorite aisle in the craft store -- Well, you might be asking the wrong girl. I am a do-it-your-selfer in every since of the word (I think it stems from my penchant for not spending money)..... so I do just about everything myself. I guess it would depend on the day and the project.... Hobby Lobby still revs up my engine every time I walk in!

Do I wear Uggs? No, not Uggs.... but I do have maybe 4 pair that look like Uggs.... and they pretty much are on my feet from the time I feel the first chill in the air til Spring Break. I love them!

Do I really exercise? -- Uhhh, you caught me! Does thinking about it count?? I'd love to but starting a new business means new priorities. Maybe one of these days real soon I'll put myself on that priority list, but for now it's ALL PARTIES ALL THE TIME!

Minivan??? Been there, done that. Nope, I love my Expedition.... a party girl's dream! The back seats are electronic and fold down with a press of a button!

Favorite holiday? At Halloween, I say Halloween. Then Christmas comes, and I'm swept up in the whole holiday hoop-la! I love it, and I love how excited my kids get about it.

Favorite smell? Gardenias -- reminds me of growing up in Mississippi and our huge wooded yard that I played in every day with my friends. Amazing how smells bring back memories!

Color my Hair? On occasion, although again, starting your own business usually means sweats and ponytails.... there haven't been too many trips to the beauty salon lately!

Do I think I'm cool? You know, I don't think it really matters what I think.... my kids actually say I am (or at least they do when they want a piece of candy!) So that's a pretty good statement of cool, I guess.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Savvy 101. Wild Wednesday Crush with serious style {Amy, The Savvy Mom's Guide}

Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush in full effect. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

Today, the other half of the dazzling Savvy Mom duo.

Crash course in fabulous with Savvy 101: Amy, The Savvy Mom's Guide

Amy is half of the dynamite duo that make up The Savvy Mom's Guide. They describe themselves as two average moms who create perfection for pennies. And the do big time. Their blog provides extraordinary inspiration for play dates, parties, design and everyday savvyness. Amy is brilliant, charming and crafty. She offers up beautiful parties and ideas that real Moms can relate to.  She is a detail chick. Her party concepts are always within reasonable budgets and always with the kids in mind. Seriously crushing on this sunny, sparkling and savvy super star:) 


Fascinating Amy trivia:)

• favorite color? Yellow

• favorite team? Anaheim Angels!!!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Most definately an In N' Out Cheeseburger with all the fixings! (A local burger place here in CA)

• party trend you are crushing on? Well, it seems I can get caught up in so many new trends lately, but I do like creative back drops to party tables. I think a back drop can make or break a dessert table, it tends to be the focal point of parties.

• party trend you are so over? Cannot say I am over one yet....there is always room for improvement on something!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Sesonal item isles or if they have one, a Dollar Isle!!!

• do you wear Uggs? Of course! Although not really needed here in Sunny Southern California, but they are Oh so CUTE!!

• do you really exercise? Right now my exercise is lifting my 3 year old and 3 month old in and out of their carseats!

• minivan or non minivan driving? NON-Minivan driving.

• favorite holiday? 4th of July

• favorite smell? Bonfires at the Beach

• do you color your hair? Yes when I get it done, I call it my "me" time!

• do you think you’re cool? No, but I think my 3 year old thinks I am and thats enough for me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Serious Stylin' Skills Week. Entering the triple digits-100 {Brianna, The Savvy Mom's Guide}

Welcome to Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

Today, the first triple digit crush.
Seriously Savvy Stylist, 100: Brianna, The Savvy Mom's Guide

Brianna is half of the dynamite duo that make up The Savvy Mom's Guide. They describe themselves as two average moms who create perfection for pennies.  Their blog provides extraordinary inspiration for play dates, parties, design and everyday savvyness. Bri is creative, clever and crafty-no stranger to the glue gun. She offers up beautiful parties and ideas that real Moms can relate to. Her party play dates are always within reasonable budgets and always with the kids in mind. Totally crushing on the sweet, stylin', and seriously savvy super star:)


Fascinating Brianna facts:)

• favorite color? Red for most things. But Black for my clothing(trust me on that one)

• favorite team? Does the Clean House Crew or The Amanda's count as a team? I really enjoy watching organization over the winning in an organized sport

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cookies, Any kind really as long as they are soft and gooey

• party trend you are crushing on? Pennants...As Banners and Buntings

• party trend you are so over? Goodie Bags. The only goodie about them is that the loot breaks in 2 seconds and then gets thrown away. Come on people, put some thought into your favor.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? The Dollar Bins. You can Seriously create Magic with the items from those aisles.

• do you wear Uggs? Sadly I have to say yes. They are so darn warm (but not so cute)for the 2 times a year it is cold in CA.

• do you really exercise? Not so much. When I get in the groove I am good though. But I broke both my feet last winter and have had trouble getting back into it ever since. Clearly I need to. Maybe I will start tomorrow (but probably not)

• minivan or non minivan driving? Non Minivan. That makes me smile (a smirkey smile)picturing my husband and I driving a minivan

• favorite holiday? Christmas. I have 15 large Storage totes full of Decorations. I seriously start listening to Christmas music the 1st week of November (Crazy, but true).

• favorite smell? Pumpkin Spice. And Pine Sol (I am a clean freak)

• do you color your hair? Highlight it. I am naturally a red head. I need the blonde highlights. Trust me.

• do you think you’re cool? Not so much. I wish I was. I do however think my 3 year old twins think I am cool, but I am sure that will not last much longer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Serious Stylist Week. Super fine 99 {Natalie, Southern Belle's Charm}

Kicking off Serious Stylist Week of the Pug Crush. These are the chicks that style the parties that define inspiration. Ridiculous styling skills are a gift and these ladies shine.

Closing out the double digit crushes today with a rock star.

Super Fine 99: Natalie, Southern Belle's Charm

Natalie has ridic skills. She is a partyware designer and a way beyond extraordinary party stylist. She is clever, creative and crafty. Her designs are whimsical, colorful and one of a kind. I can spot her unique style from across the internet. Def one of my fave stylists. Natalie is sweet, supportive and sunny. Totally crushing on the Southern Belle living in Las Vegas. Shiny, super star:)


Fascinating Natalie trivia:)

• favorite color? Such a hard question for a planner: my personal favorite is purple -- I love parties with pink.

• favorite team? Dallas Cowboys

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Peach Cobbler with Blue Bell Ice Cream

• party trend you are crushing on? I adore kid tables & chairs decorated as a dinner party. I have been secretly planning a party of my own to use them. I think it is so important for children to experience southern charm and manners - what a perfect way than a kiddie dinner party!

• party trend you are so over? Good question! Dare I say it -- {I hope I don't offend} - but every time I see a pinata it makes me groan. Get creative with your activities!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Easy -- paper aisle! But I swoon over ribbon & tulle!

• do you wear Uggs? Of course -- I get a lot of looks living in Vegas where it is 90 in November!

• do you really exercise? My mouth!

• minivan or non minivan driving? Sorry...not this girl...I need a sleek black car!

• favorite holiday? Oh, I love Christmas and what it stands for {Natalie means 'Christmas Child"} but I love decorating for Halloween

• favorite smell? Fall - pumpkins, leaves, pine cones, & apples

• do you color your hair? Absolutely!

• do you think you're cool? Since I was little...


Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday crushing on a Serious Paper Princess. Fab and great 98 {Charlotte, The Paper Cupcake}

Welcome to the Fantastic Friday Edition of the Pug Crush. Today, crushing on a chick so fabulous-she needs two business divisions.

Ridiculously talented & great 98: Charlotte, The Paper Cupcake & Delovely Designs

Charlotte is amazing. She is brilliant, creative and I adore her style. Her designs are unique and polished. The Paper Cupcake business focuses on original, custom and on trend printable partyware design. The Delovely division focuses on upscale, couture correspondence. Charlotte has a dazzling personality and she is hilarious. She also has ridic skills in the party styling arena. Crafty & clever. Seriously crushing on the Devastatingly Delovely and Charming Charlotte. Rock Star.

{shop 2}

Fascinating facts about Charlotte:)

• favorite color? Hmmm....I have trouble making decisions, and so favorites are kind of elusive to me, but I will say green. Being especially partial to Kelly green and chartreuse, but I love them all!

• favorite team? Ack! Well you see, I don't really have one, but if I had to pick I'd say the Dallas Mavericks. Although, I haven't watched in quite a while. I've been a bit upset ever since they got rid of Avery.

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mexican food, but if we are being specific here, then I would say fajitas and the mandatory chips, salsa and guac on the side!

• party trend you are crushing on? Anything with a totally vintage, shabby-chic or whimsy feel. Love all of the elements being not-quite- perfect or matchy-matchy. Even kind of an Anthropologie-esque kind of feel, definitely one of my faves right now.

• party trend you are so over? Um, I'm drawing a blank on this right now, but something I see a little more than I care for is just when parties are over-worked and not-realistic or too matchy-matchy. OR when too many of the elements seem contrived.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Ha! Scrapbook paper and punches. But I also love me ribbon and fabrics too!

• do you wear Uggs? I wear fUggs as in faux-Uggs. =) In all honesty, I want some Uggs, but they're not in my budget right now and I'm a totally frugal girl, so I have to find a steal on them before they'll end up in my closet.

• do you really exercise? I try, but have been on sabbatical. I need to get back to it cause this mama is outta shape and has yet to shed this post-pregnancy poundage!

• minivan or non minivan driving? Non-minivan driving, but I must confess...the Swaggerwagon did catch my attention.

• favorite holiday? LOVE them all, but Christmas is my fave.

• favorite smell? Don't think I'm ill, but I love the way my boys smell after their baths. All nice and so fresh and so clean. Clean. They just smell so good, makes me want to just snuggle and sniff their little heads all day long....if only they'd let me.

• do you color your hair? That would be a HUGE YES! Apparently it's hereditary in my family to start getting your grays early on, so I started *having* to disguise them starting in my early twenties. Although, I will say that I love to color my hair and to mix things up here and there when it comes to my look and styling and am also a former hairstylist, specifically a color-specialist, so it's in my nature anyways which makes it a tad more tolerable.

• do you think you’re cool? I do, but then I would question it since I'm overly-analytical like that. ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Heaven Crushing on 97. Interior & Party Designing Rock Star {Rebekah, A Blissful Nest}

Welcome to the Thursday Edition of the Pug Crush-Experiment in Nice. Today, I am in heaven, crushing on number 97:)

Interior/Graphic Designer & Party Styling Rock Star, 97: Rebekah, A Blissful Nest

Rebekah is the brilliant bird behind A Blissful Nest. She is an interior designer by trade and naturally evolved into an extraordinary partyware designer and event styling super star. Her partyware designs are clean, modern and gorgeous. Her interior designing skills are ridic. She blogs about inspiration and ideas for the home, as well as, all things party and her own dazzling work. Rebekah is sweet, charming and extremely talented. She is passionate about her work and is always creating something new. She is crafty & clever-no stranger to the glue gun. Totally and madly crushing on Rebekah {with a "kah"}. She rocks my world.


Fascinating facts about Rebekah:)

• favorite color? So hard to ask an interior designer that as I love them all. But the only color I can live with in my house is blue- so serene and peaceful.

• favorite team? Team Edward.

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? chocolate- mad obsession!

• party trend you are crushing on?Ribbon back drops. Swear my next party will have that so stay tuned.

• party trend you are so over? tissue paper poms. . .I say that hesitantly as I would still recommend these to clients but really want to start seeing a different way to pop color but with the same affect without it being balloons. The search is on!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Ribbon aisle. Major obsession on this!

• do you wear Uggs? Yes but really want a pair of the knit ones. Just bought my daughter some knit knee high ones. We seem to always dress our kids the way we want to look!

• do you really exercise?Sad to say no. It would probably really help me with relieving stress but I seem to not be able to pull myself away from my "have to get dones" to have to get this done.

• minivan or non minivan driving? no mini. I am a volvo girl.

• favorite holiday? Valentines Day. So love decorating my house in pink and red much to my husband's horror!

• favorite smell? Grapefruit. I make sure all my perfumes have this smell.

• do you color your hair? Highlight.

• do you think you’re cool? Only in my daughter's eyes but incredibly awkward otherwise and stumbling through life most days. What will she think when she grows up??!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodie Goodie Groundhog's Day Edition. Crush number 96 {Joanne, Oh Goodie Designs}

Welcome to the Goodie Goodie Groundhog's Day of the Pug Crush.

Crushing on the devastatingly fabulous Goodie Girl, 96: Joanne, Oh Goodie Designs

Joanne is an all around amazing party chick. She is an event planner and stylist. She is ridiculously talented and creative. She blogs about her parties, your parties, their parties, party inspiration, tips, recipes and party trends. Joanne also has a fabulous etsy shop with creative designs and favor ideas. Joanne is clever, funny and crafty. I adore her style. Seriously crushing on the Oh Goodie Girl.  


Fascinating Joanne trivia:)

1. My favorite color is navy. I always want to say pink, but navy is so good year round, every season. I always go for the darker hues.

2. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. They make me want to scream and kick in my TV, but I just can't stop watching. It's like a trainwreck.

3. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be chocolate. Oh yeah, kinda like it is right now.

4. A party trend I am crushing on now is the new doughnut trend. I feel sorry for cupcakes, but they had a good run. I am trying to come up with a new doughnut party concept.

5. The party trend I am so over is about to be poms. I love them, my clients want them, I fold and poof every one, maybe that's why. They sure are pretty though.

6. Ooh, my favorite craft aisle is the ribbon. I love ribbon. I have a closet full of it.

7. Uggs? I am undecided on that. Part of me feels I am too old for those, but the other part says, ooh, comfy warm goodness. So I will answer this again this winter. Of course, I live in South Texas so I only get like 2 weeks to wear them.

8. Exercise. What's this you say? I used to go to the gym daily, but now thanks to blogging, I just can't find the time. Hmm, I wonder. My new motto is "blogging makes you fat".

9. Minivan or No minivan...Uh, do you even have to ask? Seriously. Hell no. Not even an option. My family cars have been, 2 Suburbans and now a Navigator.

10. My favorite holiday is of course, Christmas. I love gearing up for the holidays and having time off from school. I host a huge Christmas party once hosted my my grandmother. I am keeping the tradition alive with tamales and chili on Christmas Eve.

11. My favorite smell is vanilla. I love vanilla extract. Victoria Secret used to make a vanilla perfume. I think I drank it all.

12. Do I color my hair? OMG, if you only knew that under this fabulous color of mine, I am completely gray. Yeppers, thanks, Mom! Standing appointment every 4 weeks.

13. Do I think I am cool? Heck no, but other people do. I've never been cool, not even sure if my kids think I'm cool. I want to be cool. I think it's crazy how others think I am like soo funny, creative and smart. My clients think I am, so I guess that's a good thing! ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Her Royal Twineness, Twinery Tuesday Crush 95 {Nicole, The Twinery}

Welcome to Twinery Tuesday.

Crushing on the Queen of Colored Twine: Nicole, The Twinery

Colored baker's twine rocks my world. Colored baker's twine has taken the party and crafting world by storm. The Twinery is the go to place for gorgeous, quality cotton baker's twine. I am a member of the Twine Design Team, but was a Twinery lova way before then. Nicole is the rock star and brilliant mastermind behind the business. She is clever, creative and seriously crafty. She is a packaging freak-which I love and adore. She blogs about ideas and inspiration for using twine. Nicole is funny, sunny and amazing. Total crushing on Her Royal Twineness.

Fascinating facts about Nicole:)

1. Fave Color: Red. Any shade. Crimson, cranberry, cherry...even orange-y shades. Yeah...kinda makes me think I'm crushin' on Orange a little bit too. I'm a recovering Pink lover as well...I'm in the 12 step program.

2. Fave Team: I will make my husband proud...the Kansas City Chiefs. be honest, I like the team with the handsome men and the nice looking uniforms/jerseys (no matter the sport) - ha!

3. One food for the rest of my life: Cheesecake. Period.

4. Party Trend I'm Crushing on: Donuts. Yes, there I said it. I'm in love with donuts...still love the cupcakes...but I love the donuts. Cupcakes + donuts = insane bliss. Oh about tying up EVERYTHING in twine too! :) If there's a way to add some glitter to that mix, I'd be all over it.

5. Party Trend I'm So Over: Cheapy party favors. I would be so boring for the kids not to get party favors...but what about making them at the party?! A fun craft, DIY cupcakes or cookies...there's just something fun about 'creating' what you can take home! Avoid the urge to fill up bags with dollar store's hard, I know...especially when they 'go with the theme'! :)

6. Favorite Aisle in the Craft Store: The Martha Stewart Crafts aisle. I's probably so cliche. But that woman (and her craft creating army) creates some amazing things. I get my fix by shopping in HER aisle.

7. Do you wear Uggs: Nope. Am I the only one? Maybe I should invest in a pair :)

8. Do I really exercise: Umm...I'm starting tomorrow. Promise.

9. Minivan or Non-Minivan: Currently...I'm a non-minivan driver. And I even have little ones! GASP. And I kinda love it! Not really planning on taking the leap any time soon. :)

10. Favorite Holiday: Today: Halloween...Tomorrow: Christmas. It really depends on which store's holiday decorations gets my attention. My daughter's birthday is the day before Halloween, so we tend to go overboard in that department...but once love for the color RED has me swooning over all things Christmas!

11. Favorite Smell: The Yankee Candle Store (yes, the entire store...I mean, seriously...have you walked in there?!!?)....or the waft of deliciousness when walking in to Starbucks. It's another toss up.

12. Do I color my hair: Are there women out there that don't? This time of the year, I'm sportin' a more Autumn-ish 'do' with warm shades of brown, auburn and the answer would be YES. Why, yes I do.

13. Do I think I'm cool: For sure! And so does everyone else...right? RIGHT?!! Just don't ask my kids...or any member of my family or close friends...they might lie.