Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Batty Pastel Hipster Halloween Rave 2013

The hip + happening Halloween Rave is over. I'm pretty sure all the players had a spooky and sugary time.
The past two Halloweens around here were rough. Last year we had the skanky Sandy Storm and the year before that~a freaky snowstorm. This is a year to really appreciate + celebrate. Hardcore.

I really did not have all that much time to throw this one together, but I think it was adorable and an overall success. If you follow my drama, you know I adore the unexpected and I decided to put a PASTEL spin on this rave-mixed up with black/white and adorable bats. It was unexpected, different and one of a kind. And, of course,  I always always bring the glitz. Life is just better with sparkle. The twinkling lights, mixed up with the sequins and glitter made for a charming + sparkling evening scene and it took my breath away. And let me tell you something-nothing excites Chimps more than a "night party." Big time..LOL.

Of course there are a mil things I would have done differently, but that is always the way it goes with parties. I snapped some sweet set-up pics earlier in the day. The pics I took throughout the party are not the greatest, but I will not apologize for them. This is me, just a Mom, trying to host a party for her Chimps and their Bros while snapping a few pictures along the way to share.

Being party present is always more important than perfection.

I hope you enjoy my sparkling spin on the traditional spooktacular. This was designed with serious batty love and a whole lotta pastel junk. And toilet paper. xo

The Players:
Concept, styling, blurry photos: The Purple Pug
Glitter Bat Cookie Cuteness: Sweet Moments in Time
Chalkboard Spectac Signage: TiniPosh
Bat Mixed Media Art Amazingness: Monkey See Monkey Do Art Studio
Crisis Management: Grey Grey Designs

Epic thanks and moonlight skate dedication to L Menz over at The Party Wagon for fabulously featuring the rave and for being so. very. awesome. xo

handmade bat invitations set the tone for the rave

ginormous spider greets the guests

I have had this for at least ten years and all the poms poms
popped off-so I gave it a colorful makeover and received the worst
glue gun burn ever in the process:)

nothing says rave like a foggy entry

pastel pumpkins are the new orange. trust. 

the kids' dining table set up included pastel, glitter accented pumpkins
mini black cauldrons filled with handmade pastel paper flowers
silver seaweed sequin table cover
lighting down the length of the table

 glittered bats flying high above the dining table added drama. and glitta.
and you already know I am tinsel garland crazy.

pastel ghost garland made out of tissue paper

the stand I have used at every party for the last ten years..LOL
embellished with pastels and black festooning

tinsel garland accented with spider rings and fake monster teeth

top shelf juice boxes at the drink bar
coffee filter poms accented the riser

the most fab + friendly glitter ghost

chalkboard signage with glitter accents just adds an element of awesomeness

silver and black glitter pumpkins line the window sills

pastel paper flowers with glitter spiders

my sons wanted to do a little something special at the party
we collected money for our Furry Friends at the 
local Humane Society. Very special. 

what hip ghosts say


pastel cotton candy tubs with hot glued googly eyes

count BLINGula

baby bat adoption area

of course they are hanging upside down:)

cutest. ever. 
used these cuties as utensil holders

glittered plastic cutlery simply rules.

glittered bat cookies. enough said.

pastel glittered perfection

tinsel with curling ribbon accents adorned the doorways

sparkling signage with swagger

in love with the whole set up


once evening hit and the little lights were on-dazzling drama


the little goblins getting their grub on

and...that's how it looked after the feast:)
empty red bulls and cig butts everywhere. kidding. kinda. 

20 rolls of toilet paper later...
The mummy game was super fun. And messy. LOL

not even sure whose kid this

Ghost story time...

dessert drama

bat brilliance in cookie form

ice cream with ghost peep garnish. lol 

the pastel pom pom toppers I made on some c-cakes

the ghosts were swaying all over the joint
pinterest totally lies


Indiana Jones and his sundae. On a Saturday. xo


we have a ghost down. ghost down!

he found the perfect spot. love him.

investigation has been opened to find out who was the culprit:)

baby bat adoption time. have to make sure you choose the right one:)

aftermath of the mummy game and a whole lotta wild boy play.

The kids were so proud and excited .
We collected $42 for the Humane Society!

when it was time to go, the kids went trick or treating...
they got a bag and chose a cotton candy, adopted a baby bat and then went to the candy table.


perfect night. magical. be present. xo