Friday, October 28, 2011

Step Right Up! Carnival Block Party {Ridic + Real Party Feature}


Happy Friday:)
Today, featuring a beautiful and bubbly vintage carnival block party. Nothing sweeter than to gather up your fam and neighbors and to head to the local Carnival-right outside your front door:) Each neighbor set up a game or activity station in front of their own home-everyone was in on the carni fun!

This charming carnival concept was styled by the fab Doranglea {Two Prince Bakery Theater}.
I adore the vintage vibe and the red + blue color palette. Details are amazing and gorgeous to gaze upon.

My fave deets: The prize table is beyond adorable and I know the kids must have flipped. I am also in love, the serious kind of love, with those little clown face marshmallows. Too sweet to eat. Almost;)

Fabulous job Dorangela. Beautiful + inspiring carnival and what an amazing neighborhood you are a part of.
Full deets right here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bugging out on Thursday {Ridic + Real Party Feature}

sweetness defined

Happy Thursday. Time to get buggy with this adorable + clever bug bash.
Mindy {Creative Juice} styled this bright + brilliant bash for a sweet little bug loving boy turning 2.

Colorful, beautiful and so many brilliant DIY details and activities. Love the grassy backdrop on the dessert table.

My fave deets: The gummy worms in the ice cubes, and the digging for bugs activity. Super cuteness.

Happy Birthday to the Bug Loving Brandon:)

Full party pics and deets right here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom! Phineas + Ferb are Having a Party! {Ridic + Real Party Feature}


lucky boy:)


Happy Wordy Wednesday:)

Today, featuring a ridiculously adorable little rave that Jeannette {J. at Your Service} styled for her sweet, Phineas + Ferb loving nephew.
Bright colors, just enough of the characters and so many whimsical DIY details. Adore that minky fabric on the dessert table.
My fave real deets: The paper lanterns in the tree make such a beautiful and impressive impact. Of course, I also adore the glittery mini cake bunting. The Pez dispenser presentation is brilliant and adorable.
Thank you for sharing this serious fabulosity, J. You can read the full party deets right here.
Happy 5th Birthday to the charming and super cute Daniel:)