Friday, December 6, 2013

BEHOLD the Bumble Bash! {Yeti Love Playdate Inspiration}

I am a serious lova of all things overlooked + under-appreciated. Take, for example, the Abominable Bumble from the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special. He was the furry, hairy beast that Rudolph + Co. feared and ran from the entire Christmas Special. The Bumble was simply a misunderstood Yeti, that simply needed all of his teeth pulled to become a decent player. At the end of the day, they all became friends and used the Bumble to put stars on all the Christmas trees..Awwww. You can't judge a book by its cover, or a Bumble by its ferocious growls and menacing chompers. Can't we all just get along...

There is plenty of inspiration out there for Santa, Reindeer, Snowman and cookie decorating parties. Red, green and traditional are covered. Why not think outside the litter box and host a fun, fab and furry little playdate-celebrating the misunderstood and knocked out with a chunk of ice sweetheart~The Bumble. Mix it up with a fun craft, a hot cocoa bar and unexpected bright colors. I think this would be awesome as a movie screening event for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-gather the littles and make an icy cool afternoon of it. We all watched this classic as kids and there is something so special and charming about watching it with your own children. Full circle of fab.

Kidhood is short. Make fun and furry memories when you can. Celebrate the Bumble. Celebrate the seemingly uncelebratable. The Bumble is a seriously cute misfit. Especially after Cornelius knocks him unconscious with an avalanche of ice and Hermie then pulls all his teeth out to make him a gummy, humble Bumble. Oops, I may have just given away the plot. Spoiler alert...after the fact:)

I hope you can find some inspiration for an ordinary day. Make memories. Laugh your heads off. Bumbles need love too.

Special thanks and a moonlight ice skate go out to my posse of fab:

Concept, styling, blurry pictures, handmade paperie: The Purple Pug (me) (Bumble Advocate)
Hot Cocoa Printables and Patterned Papers: Bird’s Party
Ice Crystal Rock Candy Lollipops: Vintage Confections   
Navy Sequin Tablecloth + Paper Straws: Candy Crush Shop    
Bumble Ball Cake Pops: Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats  
Mini Milk Jugs: Garnish

dreary day made dreamy. and hairy.

simple, unexpected drama for a playdate

dressed up some paper cocoa cups 
with furry yeti cozies because they are cute. and warm.

hot chocolate and hot vanilla printable perfection

Bird makes cute stuff. I assaulted it all with the Glitta. 

I made some boy Bumbles and some girls. Gotta be PC these days.

junk to throw inside the hot cocoa or hot vanilla

Bumble teeth after Hermie ripped them out. Funny, no?

Chanel No 5, meet Deer No 2
come on, hilarious

rainbow rock candy couture by that Vintage Confections girl

Not sure I can fully relay the beautiful of this sequin tablecloth by

Bumble Belly Lint
Crushed Rainbow Candy Canes

everything looks cuter in tiny milk containers
by the one and only Garnish Girl

BEHOLD the Bumble!
I was going to make a small, blue naked cake, but botched and bumbled the baking
came up with the idea (although Grey Grey thinks she did) for this Bumble Crumble.
Ripped off the ruined parts of the cakes, threw in some Cool Whip, blueberries
and sprinks. Added some little star picks. 
Looked adorable and so cute I cannot stand to look at it for too long. 

Ice cool rock candy lollipops with visions of rainbows running through.
No wonder that Vintage Confections Chick gets her ideas ripped all the time. 

Build a Bumble Bro. Beyond cute, no?
Fashioned this craft with wooden spools, fur and faces.

Cute craft to keep the kids busy for about 7 minutes

Can a person have love feelings for a sequin table cloth?
The Candy Crush girl completes me.

BEHOLD the BUMBLE BALLS on a tuft of snow:)
Sweet Cheeks dishes out the drama in cake ball form.

tee-hee. Giggling like I am 8 years old...Can't help it...

I'm ready for my close-up

my new favor gift tag design choking a Bumble to Go

I crush Candy Crush

humble bumbles
Cheeks is the ultimate Baller.

Hairy Holiday
Love, Your Bro

Picked up these garlands in Targie.
Love the fun of the unexpected colors for the holidays

i die.
sugar spectac