Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sparkling & Savvy Thursday. The Devastatingly Charming 126 {Nicole, The Two Savvy Sisters}

Sparkling & Savvy # 126: Nicole, The Two Savvy Sisters

Nicole is one talented chick. She is the brilliant and creative force behind The Two Savvy Sisters. She offers a beautiful line of handmade partyware, as well as, printable versions. Nicole blogs about parties and dazzling event inspiration. She also shares unique, crafty tutorials to make you look like a creative, crafting super star. Nicole is sweet, friendly and seriously talented. Oh, and party girlfriend is training for an Ironman competition. Um...Rock Star. Totally crushing on this Sweet, Savvy and Seriously Fabulous chick.


Fascinating Nicole trivia:)

• favorite color? I love yellow its so bright and fun!! :)

• favorite team? GO RED SOX!!!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Home-made chocolate chip cookies and CANDY!!!

• party trend you are crushing on? I LOVE black and white damask print right now!!

• party trend you are so over? Confetti, hate cleaning it up, my boys like to make a mess with it ugh!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? The CANDY aisle of course, oh and the paper aisle :)

• do you wear Uggs? HHHMMMM well I live in Arizona so not so much...Im more of a flip flop kinda girl!

• do you really exercise? I LOVE to exercise!! I am training for a half Ironman thats in October and my next goal is a full Ironman November 2012

• minivan or non minivan driving? NO minivan, I LOVE BIG TRUCKS!!

• favorite holiday? I love Christmas and Halloween

• favorite smell? The Sugar Cookie candle sent from Gold Canyon...SO YUMMY!!

• do you color your hair? BAD subject lol!! I colored my hair black and hated it so I have spent way too much time and money trying to get it back blonde...almost blonde again! :)

• do you think you’re cool? HHHMMMM well my kiddos think I am pretty darn cool because I eat lots of candy and desserts with them...does that count??? We even have a bunch of secret candy stashes around the house...ssshhh don't tell my hubby!! :) Don't worry I feed them lots of fruits and veggies too lol!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On My Radar: Dazzling High Chair Decorations

Welcome to a shiny new series on my blog called "On my Radar." Basically, I will be featuring stuff and ideas that I think are devastatingly hip and happening:)

It's all in the presentation. I adore original and well thought out parties-down to the very last tiniest detail.

Charming and clever details never go unnoticed by true party lovas:)

Nothing is more adorable and polished than a beautifully decorated high chair for a little one's birthday. Perfect finishing touch that is often overlooked, but makes a world of difference.
Now...some serious cuteness...

 Way beyond charming. Made with love.

Ridiculously adorable. Times two.
{via Toni~ CPN}

So fabulous & French. Dreamy.
{via Chickabug}

Clever, simple, and seriously cute!

Fun & Festive

Sweet & seriously swoon worthy.
Poms and ribbon add so much charm.

High chair disguised as an
airplane. Nothing cuter.

Wild Wednesday Eye Candy.The seriously fabu 125 {Laura, Eye Candy Event Details}

Ridiculously Fabulous # 125: Laura, Eye Candy Event Details

Laura is amazing. She is the seriously talented chick behind Eye Candy Event Details. She offers a unique line of printable and completed partyware. Her designs are original, fresh and whimsical. Laura is also an exceptional event stylist. She is a detail freak. Laura is clever, creative and crafty. She is also sweet and ridiculously funny. And wicked cool. Totally adore and crush on the Eye Candy Chick and you will too.


Fascinating Laura trivia:)

Favorite color? Definitely Pink! Oh . . .and RED! I love pink because there are so many shades to work with & it reminds me of my little sweet pea (my daughter) & red because it just exudes PASSION - gotta have passion for everything - to do what we do . . .hmmm but I wear black ALL the time so maybe black too?

favorite team? Well here in Ohio we have a slight pride for our college team that rocks it every year - none other than the our beloved BUCKEYES! We take it very seriously here - we bleed scarlet & grey . . .hubby even has the man cave decked out in all Buckeye decor! Can I get an O-H . . . . I-O! =)

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Ice Cream! No matter how full you are you can always eat ice cream - it just fills in the cracks! lol And of course the daily intake of dark chocolate - the doctor SAID it was good for me ya know!

party trend you are crushing on? Details! I am a firm believer in IF the details are AWESOME - the little details will MAKE the party! Ohhh and I am loving the ORIGINALITY I am seeing lately. ORIGINAL designs I think will make a party stand out! Also party peeps coming together to create/ work together - need MORE of that!

party trend you are so over? I hate to say it but huge stylized parties that are not real. Have I done a couple myself? Yes - but I think doing them in moderation is ok & if it serves a purpose but I believe the trend is people are wanting duplicatable parties - something that can actually DO! If they feel they can't do it - then will they buy from you? Something to ponder. . . .

favorite aisle in the craft store? Do I have to pick one? Wow - fabric - so much inspiration there & also seasonal goodies . . . the little things you can use that just gives your party that WOW factor! Oh . . .and tissue paper & napkins - I have an issue - I always have to buy some - you can create so much out of those inexpensive things!

do you wear Uggs? Ummmm . . .that would be a huge NO! I really hate those things & it's probably because I only see those girls wearing them that do it in 90 degree weather w/ their butts hangin out of their shorts & they have no idea what they look like! Really? WHO on earth told them they could pull off that look! yuck

do you really exercise? hmmmm . . .my right index finger really gets a fantastic daily work out but other than that - yeah I am gonna have to say no on this one. My name is Laura & I am here to say that YES - I HATE exercise. Period.

minivan or non minivan driving? Gonna have to go with the big hell NO on this as well. Told myself if I ever had kids - I would NEVER drive one . . . more of a Mustang or drive the Explorer kind of girl! - just depends on if the little one is with me! lol

favorite holiday? Christmas because of the meaning - the TRUE meaning! What a better day! And I love all the preparing for it - it takes me one month at least to decorate the house for it - I even have 6 different themed trees I put up! I LOVE it! Plus knowing that I am creating all those memories for my daughter is worth it!

favorite smell? Coconut anything - reminds me of the beach - LOVE that smell! Oh & the smell of walking into a Starbucks - hmmmmm . . .good stuff! Oh & Sweet Pea from bath & body works - my daughter rocks that - it's her signature scent! =)

do you color your hair? Helloooooo - doesn't everyone? I have a standing appt. w/ the color gods like every 3 weeks since my hair grows that fast. (and I HAVE to - read between the lines on THAT one! lol) But I recently went a little blonder - love changin it up - so gettin back to my original color. I think it's blonde . . .well yeah maybe?

do you think you’re cool? Of course I am - I am friends with the Purple Pug aren't I? And only the cool people hang with her!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sugary Sweet & Hand Stamped Tuesday Crush. The fabulous number 124 {Tina, Sugar Tops}


Hand Stamped & Sugary Sweet 124: Tina, Sugar Tops, LLC

Tina designs and creates beautiful, hand stamped jewelry. She is a truly gifted artist and I am amazed by her talent. Her business, Sugar Tops LLC, specializes in one of a kind designs so you can "wear your story." Beyond charming, meaningful and gorgeous. Tina is sweet and sunny. Total Tuesday crush:)


Fascinating Tina trivia:)

·        favorite color?  Black because it's slimming and mysterious... and maybe red too because it's passionate!

·        favorite team?  The Dallas Cowboys!  Just because I crushed on a boy down the street who like them... when I was in second grade!!  Still root for them today!

·        if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Pasta with home made meat sauce!  Yummo!

·        party trend you are crushing on?  For kiddo's I like the personalized plates, napkins and cups that have your kids photo printed on them.  The kids think that is so super cool - and that makes mom so super cool!

·        party trend you are so over?

·        favorite aisle in the craft store?  Undoubtedly, the stationary aisle.  I like to enclose hand written notes as thank you's with my orders - and I like to find fun paper to do it on.

·        do you wear Uggs?  yep!  I treat myself to a new pair every few years.  This year I bought the Dakota slippers and I love them.  

·        do you really exercise?  My jaw when I am eating cake!

·        minivan or non minivan driving?  Non minivan... I like the SUV's.  Right now I have a Ford Edge, but I want to go a little bigger.  Any suggestions!?!

·        favorite holiday?  Christmas with out a doubt.  You cant get any better than seeing your kid's faces when they get up on Christmas morning and see all of those presents. Warms my heart.

·        favorite smell?  Either pasta sauce on the stove, or chocolate something in the oven.

·        do you color your hair?  <>, yes.  Until this year I did it to have fun with color.  Now, I do it to over the grey hair.  Just an other reminder that I am as old as I am.

o do you think you’re cool?  I like to think so... let me ask my 6 year old.  Me: Alyssa, am I cool?  Alyssa:  no.  Me:  Well I guess I better work on that this year.  It can be my new years resolution!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Fabulous. The Dazzling & Sparkling 123 {Ebony, Sparkling Events & Designs}

Dazzling & Sparkling 123: Ebony, Sparkling Events & Designs

Ebony is extraordinary. She is the brilliant chick behind the dazzling Sparkling Events & Design, LLC. She designs and styles amazing weddings, parties and events. She is a serious detail girl. She has original style and is so ridiculously inspiring. Her astounding work has been featured all. over. the. world. She blogs about unique ideas and on trend inspiration. She loves purple:) Ebony is smart, hilarious, and one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  Totally, deeply,  and madly crushing on the chick with some serious sparkle.


Fascinating Ebony trivia:)

• favorite color? Black! It goes with everything and makes me look skinny!

• favorite team? Team Jacob… He is such a sweetheart and I’m a sucker for a sweetheart!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Right now… Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing…. Ahhhhh I just discovered red velvet cake for the first time last year and I’m still in love.

• party trend you are crushing on? Doilies! I love them. They are totally making a comeback! They are super cute, inexpensive and you can do so much with them.

• party trend you are so over? Dessert Bars…that hurts to say but there is so much more to a party than a dessert table but they are pretty and here to stay.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Ouch, this is a hard one! Would have to be the paper aisle or the clearance aisle. I’m a frugalista!

• do you wear Uggs? Yes, ones with heels. ;)

• do you really exercise? Ummm, pleading the 5th! I need to have a date with my treadmill, let’s just put it that way.

• minivan or non minivan driving? Never! Crossover SUV for me…but that Toyota Swagger Wagon has been looking mighty enticing lately....

• favorite holiday? Christmas! My mom would decorate every inch of space in our home growing up. I love that and do that today in my home. Makes me feel all warm inside. I love love love the giving spirit that Christmas brings out in people.

• favorite smell? My girls neck! I love just snuggling in their little necks for a big squeeze me hug. Can’t get enough of it!

• do you color your hair? Of course but these nasty gray hairs are hard to get rid of.

• do you think you’re cool? All Day EVERYDAY!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

On my radar: Ordered Chaos.

I am starting a shiny new series on my blog called "On my Radar." Basically, I will be featuring stuff and ideas that I think are devastatingly hip and happening:)

I adore all things deliberately messy and chaotic. I love mismatched. I get weak in the knees over mixed mediums, textures and materials. I love the challenge of making all that chaos a cohesive work of extraordinary and original beauty.

Featured today: Chaotic and Charming backdrop inspiration.

Black and white with vibrant color accents.
Paper chains, Sunday Comics paper chains, paper flowers,
tulle poms create a crazy, but gorgeous backdrop.

Stunningly beautiful tissue pom and
paper chain presentation.

Tissue poms, rosettes and inspirational words
make for a unique, astounding and whimsical display.

Tissue poms, paper lanterns and
crepe paper streamers make for
some serious charm.

Thursday Seriously Inspired Crush. Amazing Aussie Awesomeness 122 {Renee, The Inspired Occasion}

The Sparkling & Dazzling 122: Renee, The Inspired Occasion

Renee is one of the devastatingly talented chicks behind The Inspired Occasion. An extraordinary "boutique event management" business. I adore the term "boutique event management." Very clever and original. The whimsical parties and events created and designed by The Inspired Occasion are beautiful, unique and seriously detail oriented. Renee is way beyond talented, sweet and charming. Total Thursday crushing on this Party Wizard from Oz. Come on, you know that is funny:)


Fascinating Renee trivia:

• favorite color? grey, turquoise, teal, peacock, navy...they are all great!

• favorite team? In Australia, we follow the AFL (Australian Football League) - and my team is Essendon.. go bombers!!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? icecream, no question

• party trend you are crushing on? There are so many...We are fairly new to all this, having come from the sterile environment of corporate events, so it's all sparkly for us. Printables, domed glassware, pom poms, lanterns and cake pops - love them all!

• party trend you are so over? Anything that involves an indoor play centre.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Fabric or scrapbooking - it's a really tough call!

• do you wear Uggs? Not outside the house.

• do you really exercise? Not regularly... although I really should...

• minivan or non minivan driving? Non - I squeeze us into a Golf!

• favorite holiday? I love anything that involves a public holiday! I love a long weekend and the opportunity to spend extra time with my family.

• favorite smell? Freshly ground coffee beans

• do you color your hair? Nope... but as soon as that first grey creeps in I will be on the phone to my hairdresser!

• do you think you’re cool? My first response was to say no, but then I check with my husband and he replied "you're cool, in a mumsy kind of way..." I'll take that!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Two Favorite Food Groups Wednesday Crush. Fab & Delish 121 {Laura, Cupcakes and Lemonade}

Sparkling & Sunny 121: Laura, Cupcakes and Lemonade

Laura is the sweet and talented chick behind the Cupcakes and Lemonade Shoppe and Blog. She designs adorable completed partyware as well as printables. Her style is whimsical and FUN! Laura blogs about all things party. Real party inspiration, fabulous ideas and cute finds for amazing parties. Laura is sweet, smart and charming. Perfect Wild Wednesday Crush:)


Fascinating Laura trivia:

• Favorite color? My favorite color has always been pink! Yes, I am a girly girl! I guess it’s a good thing I have three girls.

• Favorite team? I am a born and bred FL Gator!

• If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? As long as I could have my cupcakes, I think I could survive anything. I have the worst sweet tooth!

• Party trend you are crushing on? I LOVE the ruffled crepe paper streamers. I just made my first set for my daughters’ Birthday party in January and they are gorgeous. Such an easy thing to do and what a statement. Whoever thought of those, GENIOUS!

• Party trend you are so over? I guess I have always been over the store bought “themed” party. You know, the character ones? I love to see someone take a theme and put an amazingly original twist on it.

• Favorite aisle in the craft store? Can I have two? The first has to be the paper aisle. I literally sometimes feel like a kid at Christmas when I see all the new patterns and imagine what I can create. Second, I have been working on my Christmas tags and just got the hang of using eyelets. I love that whole aisle!

• Do you wear Uggs? I have a pair and love how comfortable they are, but they really aren’t sexy!

• Do you really exercise? I think the key word here is “really.” I do go to Zumba on the weekends, but not as often as I know I should.

• Minivan or non-minivan driving? I do have a “Swagger Wagon.” But I also have 3 ½ year old twins and a 21 month old, so it’s the only thing that holds 3 carseats.

• Favorite holiday? Christmas, no questions asked. I LOVE everything about it.

• Favorite smell? Johnson’s Baby Lotion. My twins finally asked me to stop putting it on them because it makes them smell like babies.

• Do you color your hair? Oh yes. I am a brunette and YIKES, already have a few grays peaking through.

• Do you think you’re cool? Hmm…I like to think so. My kids tell me I am, does that count?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sparkling Super Star. The Ridiculously Fabulous 120 {Amy, Amy Nichols Special Events}

The Sparkling & Dazzling 120: Amy, Amy Nichols Events

Amy is an extraordinary wedding and event planner. Her style is always beautiful and seriously swoon worthy. Her work & events have been featured around the world and about a zillion times on Style Me Pretty-she's that fab. Dazzling details and breathtaking beauty are what makes her work shine. Amy is sweet, funny and charming. Total Tuesday crush.


*Amy is also a Martha Stewart Doer of the Week:)

Fascinating Amy trivia:)

favorite team?∙ sf giants of course!

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?∙ strawberries

party trend you are crushing on?∙ dessert bars - love 'em!

party trend you are so over?∙ wedding inspiration shoots (does that count?)

favorite aisle in the craft store?∙ the martha stewart craft collection

do you wear Uggs?∙ hell no

do you really exercise?∙ depends! I'm bad at being consistent, but currently loving pilates reformer classes. Expensive but worth it!

minivan or non minivan driving? No minivan here

favorite holiday?∙ christmas

favorite smell?∙ lavender

do you color your hair?∙ yes

do you think you’re cool? Sure!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Event Planning Super Star & Arkansas Razorback Lova. Fab 119 {Katie, Katie Grace Designs}

The Dazzling 119: Katie, Katie Grace Design

Katie is ridiculously talented. She is a lover of all things party. She runs an amazing event planning business-specializing in small events with extraordinary style. Katie's designs are unique, clever and beautiful. She is extremely creative and crafty. Total detail chick. Major Monday Katie Crush.


Fascinating Katie facts:)

favorite color? Brown. I know boring but I am definitely a lover of anything neutral.

favorite team? Arkansas Razorbacks.. Woo Pig Sooie! For those of you who haven’t heard of ARKANSAS it is a state and it is where I reside. Come visit you’d be surprised at how amazing it actually is. We are even pretty classy; we wear shirts and shoes in public I promise!

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Peanut butter and chocolate- Healthy I know.

party trend you are crushing on? I love anything styled with a rustic flair; Wood, branches, moss… definitely one of my favorite trends right now.

party trend you are so over? Diaper cakes, actually I’ve never liked them. Sorry!

favorite aisle in the craft store? Fabric and Ribbon

do you wear Uggs? Not anymore after reading everyone’s hatred of uggs on here… Kind of kidding,I have been known to pull out the uggs but I retired mine last year.

do you really exercise? Besides lifting my 27 pound 18 month old and walks a few times a week, no.

minivan or non minivan driving? No minivans for me. My mom had one when I was growing up and sadly I am scarred by the wood grained paneled mini van that my mom would pick me up in every day. Definitely not considered cool to the 12 year old girls.

favorite holiday? Christmas, duh!

favorite smell? Pumpkin Bread Baking

do you color your hair? Yep, just a couple times a year to richen the color.

do you think you’re cool? No, I actually KNOW that I am a huge dork!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ice Cream Shop...

I had a little "Chicken Soup for the Soul" moment this afternoon. My little chimps had today off from school. I took them out for an afternoon of adventure with Mama. Michael's, Burger King, Dollar Store and Carvel-I know-the exciting itinerary...
Anyhoo, we were in Carvel, my lads eating their treats and in walks a group of three tween-ish type kids.  Two boys and one girl.  I am secretly hoping they don't get loud and obnoxious with my little guys in there. The boys went up to the counter and were going over the prices and how much money they had. They were kind of dirty, dirty hands, fingernails, clothing and hair and they looked like skater type punks. As do most kids these days...They kept asking the cashier how much for a small, or for a medium, then how much for the small again..They asked if there was a price difference between cones and cups. They asked if they could split the scoops for different flavors in a two scoop. As I listened to them, I realized they were just sweet, dorky tweens...They finally took out the money from their pockets and all they had was loose change. No bills at all...All change. The young girl kept saying she did not want anything.  I do not think they had enough money for all three of them and she knew the boys set their coins out and finally were able to make their decisions. The first boy ordered his and slid over all the change across the counter to pay. He gave his change to his friend..Boy number two figured out what he could afford to buy with the change that was left..He placed his order..Then he asked quickly if sprinkles cost extra..They his friend gave him another two quarters to get ready to pay. I just found them charming and sweet at this point and I was sorry I pinned them as punks when they walked in.. Two obviously poor kids scraping up money to buy ice cream was just endearing to me. Such a fun kid thing to do.They were adorable. The lady behind the counter handed boy number two his cone and then rang him up. He slides his coins over to her and she hands him back his change which was 20 cents.

And you know what this beautiful child did? He put the 20 cents in the tip jar. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I know, total tool, but I was just taken so off guard by this boy's heart when clearly he has so very little.
I wish I knew him or his parents because I would tell them about their child's small act of kindness. I wish that kid the moon and stars.

Yarn Pom Pom Monster Tutorial

Finally finished up the quick and easy pom pom monster tutorial.

I am a crazy crafter. I scour the internet for tutes and ideas...Then I take bits and pieces from them and just do my own thing because I am always looking for the quick and lazy way to finish things. And usually, I try to make items with stuff I already have around the house.SO..if you want a precision pom pom you may want to find another tutorial..LOL. I also take way too many pictures-I just really like to show lots of deets about what I am doing. Nothing worse to me than a tute with two pictures. I need visuals...and a glue gun:)

Any questions, just ask away:)

 Gather up the junk you have around your house
Shown are two different types of yarn, pipe cleaners,
buttons, googly eyes, feathers, craft poms, scissors, glue gun,
pom pom maker.

 Chunky yarn, or thinner yarn will work perfectly.
Do NOT use cotton yarn or fuzzy yarn-it will shed everywhere!
I also use a pom pom maker. I have the small disks and the
wooden one. I use the wooden one 99% of the time.
You can buy a pom pom maker for a few dollars at any craft store.

 If using feathers-keep them in the bag until
ready to use... They really FLY!

 So..I will be using my wooden pom pom maker for this.
You set the dowels whatever width apart you would like
for different sized pom poms.

 I used the chunky yarn first. Hang it over the dowels..
And then start winding...

 Go back and forth when you wind so it stay pretty evenly
thick. Do not wrap too tightly or it will be difficult to
remove form the dowels. This shows about 15 rotations around.

This shows about 80 rotations around. This is thick yarn
so I do not need a ton of rotations around. Next, cut a long piece of your yarn-
you will use this to tie your pom. It will be too long-you can cut it later.

 Next...Take the piece of yarn you just cut and
wrap it around the "waist" of the yarn. Do not tie a knot-
just cross over and secure lightly so you can remove the yarn from
the dowels.

Slide the yarn off the dowels and then knot
the yarn piece tightly. You will still have the
hanging ends-LEAVE them-you can cut them later if you

 Scissor time...Stick the blade in the center and
start cutting down the middle. Try to stay
centered so your pieces will be pretty even.
Do not use your best scissors. They will take
a beating when doing this.

 Be AWARE of where your two yarn strings are
when you are cutting. You do not want to cut them off
by accident!

 Keep cutting around the circle of yarn.
It's FUN!

 When you have cut all the way through, it will
look like a sloppy meatball.

 Mama and baby sloppy meatball.

 I repeated the same process with the
blue, thinner yarn...

 Wrapped around about 15 times.

Loosely tied with a piece of yarn, then slide
off the dowels.

 Tie your knot tightly..Do not cut tails of yarn!

 Cut around the perimeter.

Try to stay centered.

Four pink and blue meatballs with their yarn strings still attached.
This would be cute for a baby shower. Someone
do a pink and blue yarn pom pom monster baby shower.
Now..haircut time.....
Take your poms and trim away. It will get MESSY.
For these monsters, I like the more messy pom, fur look.
You can keep trimming them down to get a more precise,
traditional, tighter pom look.

Make sure you cut over a garbage can. It gets very furry.
Keep cutting all around until you are happy with the
look and it is relatively even.

Next..I select their outfits and accessories...Makes
it easier to glue when I am already with glue gun in hand..

Take pipe cleaners and do the classic wrap around
the pencil trick. Then cut in half to make antennae.

Hot glue craft pom poms for little fluffy feet.

Faceless, but footed..LOL

Next, I hot glued googly eyes. You could add noses,
 mouths or belly buttons:)

Hot glued in the pipe cleaners antennae. Hairbows
or flowers would be super cute too.

Feather time. No likey. Very messy and
feather remnants fly everywhere...The price
you pay to craft...

Finished furry friends on my Homegoods cake stand that
I had to have, but never use, and feel guilty like I need to get my money's
worth- so I will use it as a photo prop. BAM! 

There you have it...Now you can use those strings to hang them
from anywhere...Attach to garland, packages, decorations, etc. If
you do not want the strings, now you can snip away:)