Friday, September 23, 2011

Kicking off Ridiculously Real Party Features: Otterly Amazing

Kicking off a new series on my blog~ Ridiculously Real Parties.

I believe in glitter.
I believe in purple.
I believe in overusing the words: seriously, ridiculously and stoked.
I believe in honesty.
I believe in originality.
I believe in real parties designed with love and with the happiness of the birthday child in mind.

Featuring the real ones. Not the ones designed to be featured with the child's happiness as an afterthought.

Kicking it off with an Otterly Amazing 7th:)

This unique picnic in the park party is otterly adorable and ridiculously charming. Natalie, of  Knock Knock Factory fame, has an amazing little artist daughter, named Dylan, who seriously digs otters. She also loves Otter Pops:) And picnics...

I recently started offering Sweetheart Art in my shop-your child creates the artwork, I create extraordinary, glittered partyware from their masterpieces. Dylan whipped up some otter adorableness and I transformed them into custom, one-of-a kind partyware which became the foundation design of this picnic in the park. The entire party was designed around Dylan's love of otters and her actual artwork. Doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Original Artwork by Dylan, age 7

Dylan's Original Works of Art

Dylan's work designed into
 a fondant masterpiece

otterly adorable

otterly charming kandy kones:)

otters dig fish;)

glittered Sweetheart Art
favor boxes

Dylan's art designed into
dazzling partyware

The Queen of the Cake

Cutest cake. Ever.

Snazzy pinwheel perfection

Brilliant banner

The otter pop parade

Sir Isaac Lemon. Clever.

Otter Pops are ridic

frozen fabulosity

tutu beautiful


topped with gingham gorgeousness

 other way, buddy...LOL

teeny. tiny. sweet.

debut of the brilliant party blowout

perfect picnic in the park

The vendor chicks:
Sweetheart Art Favor Boxes + Stickers- The Purple Pug
Birthday Banner-Pea's and Thank you's
Gingham Pinwheels- J at your Service
Birthday Girl Tutu-Tini Posh
Birthday Girl and Sweet Otters Headband-Karis Kisses
Cake toppers for Otters Picnic-Lynlee's Petite Cakes
Gourmet Candy Apples- Roni Sugar Creations
Cupcake gingham toppers-Edible Details
Otter Kandy Kones- Superchick Studios
Giant Blow-out- The Knock-Knock Factory

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fresh + Fab Fall Photo Shoot. With glitta;)

I adore fall. I beyond adore Bird. When she asked me to whip up some dazzle for her fall magazine issue, I played it cool, but really was jumping up in down in my computer chair, throwing glitter in the air and doing shots of Diet Dr Pepper. Kidding. Kinda.

These are the final pics from my styled shoot. You know how I roll-unexpected colors for fall and Halloween. Unique elements and a little dazzling sparkle. Oh, and I have decided to bring the candy cane into the rest of the year. Trend. Starts. Now.

Thanks to my brilliant + beautiful bestie~ Bird. Extraordinary talent and a stellar human being. You can check out the spectacular fall issue of her magazine here.

Also would like to thank my sweet sugar-the ridiculously talented Vintage Confections for creating my cuckoo candy cane dream.

Glittered candy corn favor boxes in cool colors

kids love gum
Trident gum wrapped in scrap paper, tied with cute jute:)

hand glittered mini pumpkins + gourds
kind of in love with the blue glittered pumpkins

candy canes for the rest of the year
join the candy cane revolution

test tubes filled with jelly beans, tied with satin ribbon
kind of Halloweenish-kind of impulse buy in Michael's:)

fabric wrapped candy + caramel apples tied with ribbon

ribbon chandy with some dazzle