Friday, November 30, 2012

The Glittery Gift Guide~ Day 4 {Couture Parties}

Day 4 of the Glittery Gift Guide Conga Line and ready for Friday Fist Pumpin'!

Today, dishing out some seriously thoughtful + unique gift ideas~Couture Girl Style.

Stephanie is the event planning Rock Star of Rhode Island. She is the glam genius behind Couture Parties. A detail chick + polished party goddess with no fear of the glue gun. My kind of Lova;)


Here are Stephanie's top gift picks for kidlets:

Dinosaur Backpack

Product Photo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 3 of the Glittery Gift Guide {Party on Purpose}

It is no secret that I crush on the handmade Party Girls with ridic talent. I crush even harder on those Lovas that think of people other than themselves. 

The ladies of Party on Purpose dish out the presh partyware and provide a little happiness for kids in need.

Dazzling designers + Do Gooders= My kind of Lovas.


Here are some fab gift picks from the girls at Party on Purpose.

Handcrafted Knight's Sword

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Glittery Gift Guide Conga Line {Day 2~Spaceships and Laser Beams}

Day Two of the Glittery Gift Idea Conga Line....

Cha Cha-ing over to Stephanie~Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Spaceships and Laser Beams designs extraordinary DIY partyware for little dudes. Beautiful, butch and always with boy charm in mind.

Here are Stephanie's gifts picks for special little guys...

Who's Your Daddy? Doll

Who's Your Daddy Doll - Custom Dad/Boyfriend/Husband Doll PLEASE ALLOW 6 to 8 WEEKS

Monster Slippers
Wool Baby Monster Slippers

Personalized Tractor Cushion

Tractor Personalised Decorative Cushion

Shark Pencil Case

Playmobil Fire Station

Click on the image please, in order to see the content of this item.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Glittery Gift Idea Conga Line 2012 {Day 1~ Kinda}

Kicking off a Glittery Gift Guide Conga Line Week~featuring cool, clever and creative gift ideas from some of my fave lovas. These are the chicks that start the Conga lines and are always still there for the last dance. The glittery girls with the fab ideas to share~so we can all steal them.

First up on the dance floor....Dazzling ideas from Stacy {She's Kinda Crafty}

Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dinks Monster Lab


Crayola Large Multicultural Crayons - 8 Ct.

Friday, November 16, 2012

SQUEAK! A Juice + Cheese Tasting Play Date

I am always giddy when I get to work on something for Bird's Magazine.

Nothing I adore more than a unique + whimsical play date idea for the kids. I came up with this little cutie and assembled an awesome Team Glitta Mouse to help my squeaky vision come to life. I decided on a sweet + charming inspiration theme with a twist of hilarity~
A Juice + Cheese Tasting Play Date~Just like and adult wine + cheese tasting, but way cuterJ Introduce kids to different types of cheeses and unique juices while squeaking around the joint having cheesy FUN!.  

Some of the dirty deets + ideas:
  • Keep items on the tiny side to play up the little mouse accents.
  •  I featured pastels, unexpected grown-up glam crystal serving pieces, festooning, glitter, cheese + mice accents.
  • Handmade mouse + cheese invitation sets the tone for this whimsical and cheesy party. Matted and framed for extra dramaJ
  • Sprinkle dipped marshmallows with gray striped paper straws and coordinating ribbon ties.
  • Mini cupcakes in hand glittered candy cups,  pastel frosting, topped with out of control cute fondant Swiss cheese slice toppers.
  • CHEESEcake, of course, with hand dyed ribbon cake flag drama.
  • Fancy cheese cube wedges for taste testing.
  • Cheese wedge favor boxes for even more fun to go!
  • Juice tasting with three different carafes of juice, labeled/numbered with mini wreaths with tiny mice on them …juice to be sampled in tiny thimbles. Kids can choose and rank their fave juices by number, Kind of like a Three Blind Mice taste test..Come on, funny..LOL
  • Cheese wedge cookies presented/displayed on mouse traps…
  • Handcrafted coordinating ruffled streamers add to the shabby + sweet vibe.
  • Set up unexpected play areas for the kids..I styled little mouse hole areas on the floor/walls area to be discovered by the kids. They love the unexpectedness of kid eye level d├ęcor. Mouse party area decorated with sweet Swiss cheese + ribbon party banners.
  • Vinyl mouse holes add ultimate cuteness. Featured matchboxes are where the mice sleepJ

Team Glitta Mouse: 
Concept, Styling, Photos, Handmade Banner, Ribbon Cake Flag Drama: The Purple Pug:
Handmade Cheesy Invitation: Peas & Thank You’s:
Sprinkle Dipped Marshmallows: Sweet Temptations:
Fondant Swiss Cheese Slice Toppers: Love & Sugar Kisses:
Handmade Swiss Cheese Wedge Favor Boxes: Piggy Bank Parties:
Tiny Wreath Knockers: The Knock Knock Factory:
Mini Swiss Cheese Banner + Paper Straws: IDEA! Event + style:
Vinyl Mice Holes: Ten23 Designs:
Handmade Ruffled Streamers: Superchick Studios:
Cheese Wedge Cookies: Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design:

You can see this feature + some dazzling others in Bird's Magazine here.