Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Amazing World of Gavball...

My beautiful, brave and brilliant boy just turned 10. He was struggling with whether or not to have a party-he's getting to the age when so many kids don't have official birthday parties. It is bittersweet for me, but even more so for him-as he loves to be with his friends and he loves to plan his parties with me. He is everything. He finally decided on a small party a home. He is a super fan of The Amazing World of Gumball. Like, Dude, a SUPER FAN! Theme decision was easy. Tracking down Gumball themed stuff was tricky, and he did not want a babyish type soiree, so I added the actual candy gumball elements and gumball dots wherever and whenever I could. It was also a very simple event. Simplicity is the new overstyled. I did not go crazy with every last detail, we kept it sweet, funny and sunny. There is so much to be said for the charm of a real party. It's not picture perfect or magazine worthy, but it was perfect.  My boy was glowing.

He's now double digits. He still loves pickles. He adores every shade of the color blue. No more baby, but he will always be my Sweet Baboo.

I now present~ The Amazing World of Gavball.

I found some printable Gumball invites on Etsy.
Printed them on ridic cardstock and glitter accented them of course;)


I made simple vinyl rainbow gumballs and had them all 
all over the house. Everyone does that, right?

chunky glitter is my new love

Rainbow Gumball drink stirrers and picks
poke a hole in them and slapped them on. The stickiness of the gum
kept them on, no glue needed. Easiest. Ever. 

minimally glittering stuff is my new game;)
fresh perspective
love the kraft stock mixed with the glam of the glitter
letters represented guests' names

I dip dyed simple white napkins all diff
colors of the rainbow. Simple, but impactful.

Sweet and simple colorful mini balloons in a jar full of gumballs.
This was also awesome because I was able to blow the balloons
up without helium, a few days before the party, 
and not stress over picking up "fresh balloons" LOL

I made felt gumball garlands and had them hanging everywhere.
Tiny + adorable Gumball pinata was the perfect feline
focal point entry into the party area.

felted "gumballs"
strung together the garlands with fishing line.
so easy I want to smack myself

Each place setting was a drama llama gold plate, 
rainbow dipped dyed napkin, and the guest's half glittered first initial.
He insisted we use G, G, G, M, D for Grandma, Grandma, Grandpa,
Mama and Daddy:)

This gumball garland kind of blended into
the rainbow mosaic background. Was cute though!

Kitchen area set up for food, adult dining table and side table.
I used the side table as dual purpose-for drinks during the party, 
then I switched it over to a favor table at the end. 

Chunky, minimally glittered letters add fun and funk
The kraft maintains the butch, the glitz gives a little beauty:)

place settings were so simple, but beautiful.
Encore sighting of my gorg blue sequin tablecloth.
Remember it from the Yeti BEHOLD the Bumble shoot?

better pic of the gumball garland on range hood

This custom, handmade Gumball pinata was the cutest thing. Ever.

Drink station set up. Bright, cheerful and convenient. 

Freakishly scored these little cuties in Party City. They are
officially backpack clips, but I covered the clips with tiny
party hats and use them in the decor. 

Mantel magnificence. Loved the clean, charming vibe this gave
 to the entire space.

We always buy custom guest towels for the guest bathroom
when we have parties. It's super cute and nothing is grosser than
having twenty people use the same towel. 
He wanted blue with hot pink mustaches. Enough said;)

toilet humor

for spare rolls and hilarity

tiny gumball garland in the loo

Rainbow gumball drink stirrers. I was initially
going to have blue juice in all the it looked blue and
Gumball-ish, but nixed it last minute due to laziness;)

Tiny Gumball in a bath of tiny gumballs

this banner was insanely beautiful

It was a gorgeous day for April, so I shifted the kid stuff outside.
Custom, handmade Gumball and Darwin pillows now reside in his
bedroom. Notice Tina on the little table? No one else did either..LOL

Kiddie dining table set up. Bright, gumball table cloth.
We had catered food and pizzas delivered.Was super casual, 
but there is nothing that makes a kid feel more special
than a real table set up. 
It's grown up. They feel important. They are. 

Each kid sat by their 
"letter." It was magical.

Looks like some people did not likey their pizza crusts;)

fuzzy pencil fabulousness

Gumball Mad Libs were a serious SCORE

I had found the Mad Libs online and thought it would be
adorable to include a pencil with them. The Amazing
Gavball chose an assorted rainbow set, of course.

Nothing cuter than gumball machine capsules. 
Filled them with gumballs and attached the
 requisite tags~ Thanks, Dude. lol

These perfect printable tags had faux glitter on the ends. 
Enough said.

Favors also included large Gumball Dodge Balls. They looked
so colorful and ready to wing at someone;)

My heart.

I hand foiled these with rainbow foil.
Foil is up an coming as a revived crafting trend. I used to do this in 
the 1990s and I see it coming all back now. And I love it. 

handmade, artisan baby blue marshmallows. 

the cake.

The cake and dessert set up in the kitchen.
No overblown dessert table. I call this Dessert Island.
Just doing my own thing.

Handcrafted gumball machine lolli masterpieces

tiny donut flags made from the tie dyed ribbon that was on 
our Panda themed Christmas tree this year. 

some sugary snacks for the ice cream sundae buffet

The Amazing World of Gavball's cake. 
I made his sweet number 10 topper.
Added some tall gold, glimmering candles. 

This was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. Ever.
Banana cake with drizzled slated caramel. 

Intentionally messy cakes are the new overstyled.
Trust this. Messy cakes are where it's at.

baby gumball machines in a pool of mama gumballs

keeping it real, yo.

If I had time, I would have covered these bottles or 
put them in a serving dish, but whatevs.
 Tastes the same either way.

I was blown away by how a real, homemade marshmallow tastes.
I can never eat a bagged one again. 
These have changed my life.

Nothing says party like pink donuts.

The Amazing Gavball. 
Amazing defined. 

Make a wish, Beautiful Boy. 

There's tiny Grandma helping some cuties she just met
make their sundaes. She tells kids she just meets that they
can call her "Grandma." LOL. She. Is. The. Best. 

I used little kraft boats for the desserts. Was a nice
change-up and perfect size to prevent sundae toppings
 from landing on my floor.

Daddy always draws in the driveway.

Back to school the next day with his
backpack clip added to the collection. 

My behind the scenes Glitterati of Fabulous:

Melanie Kolacy ~ The Cake 
Vintage Confections ~ Gumball machine handmade lollipops
Kimberley's Kitchen ~ Artisan baby blue marshmallows
Bird's Party~ Thanks, Dude printable tags
Fuzzy Pencil Factory ~ Fab fuzzy pencils 
Handcrafted Parties ~ Gumball pinata 
Shop Sweet Lulu~ Gold candles + tiny balloons
Pink Poppy Party Shoppe ~ Gold scalloped cups
Candy Crush ~ Navy sequin table cloth
P.S. It's in the details ~ Chunky glitter pennant
Weez Loves You ~ Handmade Gumball + Darwin pillows
Benzie Design ~ Rainbow felt gumballs