Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh Canada! International Pug Crushing on Caren {Appleford Paper}, 30/365

International Pug Crush week in full effect. Today, crushing on one wicked cool Canadian.

Way Creative Canadian Crush 30/365: Caren, Appleford Paper

Caren is a paper chick. She designs and handcrafts beautiful partyware and accessories. She is wickedly funny. She loves the word "wicked." From her bio:
"Paper crafter extrordinaire, super wicked awesome mom to two wicked awesome kids, wife to spiderman, crocheter, cardmaker and enemy to the post office."  LOL. She is extremely talented in the paper arts and I simply adore her work. She shines. Totally Crushing on the Wicked Cool Crafting Canadian and you will too:)


Caren fascinating trivia:)

Favorite colour? omg.. do i have to pick ONE? Right now it is that soft turquoise-y blue that goes well with a hot pink, light pink - any pink really.. Also, we are painting my daughters room this colour with accents of black and white.. And it looks (singing) FABULOUS!!!!

Favorite team? Whatever team I have chosen to gamble on that particular week. Im only in it for the money.. Also, I support my home teams, Toronto Blue Jays and the Maple Leafs. My hubby is a HUGE Arizona Cardinals fan, so I obviously cheer for the Steelers. Kidding.. gross.

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? - ok.. will this food make me gain a bajillion pounds? or, is this in a magical world where when this question is asked, and you answer, this particular food no longer has calories that apply to only me? If this is the case, then my favorite food would be french fries. Homemade, New York Fries, McDonalds... i would seriously eat them all day. and chips.

party trend you are crushing on? - Parties that look UBER expensive but arent. i love going shopping in my own home for unique glassware, jars, ceramics etc to display your treats and food. You tend to forget that you have a lot of goodies you just havent looked at for a while that can really help you save when you are trying to put on a good show. And TRY to handmake things.. Its a lot more meaningful and fun, not to mention, usually cheaper.

party trend you are so over? - What is up with mustaches.. i dont get it. its kinda weird. also loot bags.. BE CREATIVE PEOPLE!! what usually ends up happening with the stuff you get in the loot bags? Forgotten and thrown out or you irritate other parents who now have to deal with more things in their home. You dont have to impress with lots of candy and uselss items. In fact, that can get suprisingly expensive. Why not stick to your theme and find one really cool thing (i.e. I just made a bunch of playdough and made tiny boxes to put them in along with a thank you gift tag) and send your kiddies home with that instead?

favorite aisle in the craft store? - paper.. i love paper. and yarn.. and ribbon.. why is this so difficult!!! i cant pick just one isle. i think i will have to open my own craft store where all MY fav things are in one isle.. Ask me then.. lol

do you wear Uggs?- ugggh.. no. but i DID find a crochet look-a -like pair for my wedding and wore them under my dress.. just like slippers..

do you really exercise? - i imagine myself really exercising, but then i find myself sitting down and working on etsy orders or birthday parties. But i DO try to get in at least 3 days a week.

minivan or non minivan driving? - whatever! minivans are cool!! We will be getting one next year out of necessity.. I have a 9 year old, a 1 year old and I want another baby soon.. So my honda fit cant accomadate all the kiddies..

favorite smell? - baby.. best.. smell... ever.. also, victory. i love the smell of victory.

do you color your hair? - i havent for a while, and now I am noticing a crapload of grey hair. so i MUST colour my hair to keep people thinking i am only 27 and a half.

do you think you’re cool? - obviously.



Twirlie Whirlies said...

Hooray for Caren! She is a local tweep (my former postie, actually) and full of spunk!

PartyMom said...

Great answers! I especially love her party trend crush. It's so true, parties can look fabulous without costing a fortune! Heading over to her site now to check it out!

Caren said...

thanks guys! and thanks Twirlie Whirlies for suckering me into all this fabulous-ness. if that is even a word?!?!?! whoo hoo!

JC's Loft said...

Oh that's my fav smell to...I have a 9month old so I get to smell it 24/7!


Piggy Bank Parties said...

Thanks for the intro to this Super Kool Chic! She is wicked awesome!

335! Can you believe it?!? Go glitter!