Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wild Whimsy Wednesday. Serious Paper Chick Crush 66/365 {Gina, A Touch of Whimsy Designs}

Serious Stationery {with an "e"} Chick Week in full effect. These are the amazing designing girls that actually work with paper. Real, live, tangible finished products. Paper Chicks are few and far between in this printable dominated market. I am always thrilled to find the ladies that still offer unique, hand crafted paper goods.

Wild Whimsy Wednesday Crush 66/365: Gina, A Touch of Whimsy Designs

Gina is the definition of a serious paper chick. She is a lova of paper. She designs unique stationery, notecards, mommy cards, luggage tags and also offers about a million way cool personalized gift ideas:) She has original style and she loves what she does. She is seriously successful . Her work is whimsical, happy and polished. She is creative, clever and she simply shines. I adore Gina. Totally crushing on this serious paper chick. Perfect Wednesday Crush.

Fascinating facts about Gina:)

favorite color? - it changes but I always love orange, lime green & pink!

favorite team? - I'm a baseball chick, hubby loves Mets, dad loves Yankees so I'm inbetween.

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? - If it didn't turn me into an oompa loompa, I'd go with pasta w/ricotta. (that's rah-gaughta, not ree-cahta) :D

party trend you are crushing on? Hanging paper flowers/balls, I don't think that can ever go out of style!

party trend you are so over? Generic, cheezy party favor bags

favorite aisle in the craft store? Just one? Oh I can't do that but I'll narrow it down...Paper tools, fabric, floral, baking. So much for narrowing.

do you wear Uggs? I love my Old Navy knock offs.

do you really exercise? I really do when I really have time which is really not a lot.

minivan or non minivan driving? Had a minivan once, so practical but sucked the youth right out of me. So now I'll forever be an SUV crossover gal.

favorite holiday? Any holiday that calls for decorating!

favorite smell? Beach! My 'day at the beach' candle is on my desk and my nose is always in it.

do you color your hair? Heck yes

do you think you’re cool? I must be if you're crushing on me right? Maybe just a little cool lol.