Thursday, December 16, 2010

Queen of the Cookies Crush 60/365. {Stacy, Scrumptious Swirls}

Sweet chicks week in full force. Cookie Girl is crush of the day...

Me want Cookie Crush 60/365: Stacy, Scrumptious Swirls

Stacy is an extraordinary baker. Cookies, cakes, desserts-you name it, she makes it. She has seriously amazing cookie decorating skills. I am in awe of her designing skills. She is constantly coming up with new cuteness and I love it. Stacy was also a player for Team East in the Tablescape Challenge. She made the most adorable and unique cookies I have ever seen. After the photo shoot, the kids ate them and I fist fought my sister for the last one. O.M.G. not only were they the cutest, but ridic delicious. Totally Scrumptious. Stacy is creative, unique, sweet, supportive and one smart COOKIE. (Come on, you know that is funny). Totally crushing on the Queen of Cookies.


Fascinating facts about Stacy:)

Favorite Color ~ Tiffany Blue

Favorite Team~ The Upper Dublin Avalanche, my 11 yr olds Travel Soccer team!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of you life, what would it be? Pizza! I would eat it everyday if I could :)

Party trend are you crushing on? A few things actually~ hand glittered things, vintage, rustic & the handmade fabric buntings!

Party trend you are so over? Hmmm, honestly the snooty elite kind! I think everything about them needs to be a little more humble and have a little more love....just saying :)

Favorite aisle in the craft store? Tough one...I'll have to say either the scrapbook paper section or the ribbon. Always inspiring~

do you wear Uggs? no, I used too ~ I'm all about my Dansko's now

do you really exercise? at the moment no.....but I am starting my boot camp again next week!

minivan or non minivan driving? NON

favorite holiday~ My Birthday ofcourse! Yes it is a holiday in my a wife & mother I get 1 day and that is it! As an official holiday Christmas is my fav, love the magic, the giving & the reason for it!

favorite smell? my babies....especially my youngest her smell is so scrumptious, I just love it!

do you color your hair? Yes Maam!!!

do you think you're cool? LOL I used to think I was really cool, then my daughter turned 11, she & her friends informed me "People don't really say cool anymore....." I was told I'm hip! I'll take it!


A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Love me some Stacy! Although I'm totally surprised her favorite food isn't sweet.

Styme123 said...

Such beautiful work! What creativity.

Scrumptious Swirls said...

Thanks again Kristy!!! As for my favorite food not being sweet, that is one of the reasons I got into baking...I was cooking a lot when I 1st was home with the girls full time and enjoying it so much ;. But I can't sit still and I love being in the kitchen so bake & create.... I just sample my sweet creations and share them with everyone!!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

LOVE her answer about the party trend she is over! I know you did too, Kristy! LOL.