Monday, December 27, 2010

Math Genius Monday. Crushing on my fave Crazy Crafter, 70/365 {Dawn, Not Just a Mommy}

Welcome to the day after, the day after Christmas Crush Edition.

Crushing on one Way Beyond Fab Party Chick, 70/365: Dawn, Not Just a Mommy

I adore Dawn. She is hilarious. She is sweet and supportive of everyone. She is a wicked party stylist. She is clever. She is a Math Major- I know, right? Smartie. She is also real, honest and cracks me up when she talks about her adventures in life and parties. When she gets out of control with her grandiose party/crafting/decorating/baking plans she takes a breath , keeps calm and tries to "reel in the crazy."L.O.L. Of course she blogs about all things party, inspiration, tips, and ideas. She is no stranger to the glue gun- girlfriend loves to craft. Major Crush on the Math Major. Creative, clever and beautiful party chick. One day I will meet her and give her a Pug Smooch and a piece of Pi....Come on, you know that is funny:)

Fascinating facts about Dawn:)

1. fave color? green

2. fave team? not into sports/ if I'm watching a game, whomever is winning

3. fave food-ever?  homemade mac and cheese

4. party trend you are digging? I'm currently crushing over using decorative paper as a table runner

5. party trend you are so over? I'm currently over full-on dessert tables, I like to have together on one table

6. favorite aisle in the craft store? The Dollar Spot is what I'm all up in first!

7. do you wear Uggs? Can't afford them, I have Skechers which at first glance look just like Uggs, until I walk by and it doesn't say UGGS

8. do you really exercise?  I do! Zumba Mon & Wed, kickboxing Friday!

9. minivan or non-minivan? No minivan, no longer need to lug strollers, playpens and diapers

10. fave holiday? Mother's Day, I love the gifts my kids make for me & every 4 years it falls on my birthday, so I get really rocking gifts!

11. fave smell? How I smell, or scent in general? I have this amazing perfume from L'Occitane, Verbena; it's a citrus blend because I love the scent of lemon, I have like every type of lemon candle/plugin/housespray there is.

12. do you color your hair? Yes and no, my hair is in braids and she adds different colors in to them.

13. do you think you are cool? In my mind I'm cool, but because I've met some amazing people who are doing awesome things in this world and I think they are cool and I'm nowhere near what they are accomplishing. You probably wanted a yes/no answer. Dude, how can I answer that without coming off conceited or self-degrading? :)


Melissa C said...

Another great crush! Dawn is so sweet & funny!!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Dawn rocks! And hell yeah, she's cool!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Love me some Dawn!!!

DGBofTTFT said...

I love Dawn!!! Great crush!! (The fact that she was a math major leaves me even more in awe of her tremendous talents!)