Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Chick Week . Crushing on the Queen of Candy, 57/365 {Jackie, Custom Candy Buffet}

Happy Monday:) Kicking off Sweet Chick Crush week:)

Sugar Rush Crush 57/365: Jackie, Custom Candy Buffet

Crushing on the Queen of Candy, Jackie- owner of and the Chief Chick in Charge of The Hollywood Candy Girls. Jackie runs one of the most sought after and polished candy/dessert businesses in the party universe. She is the sweetest, (of course), hilarious, and I am sure the life of every. single. party. She has set the candy bar sky high for dessert and candy buffets. She styles sweets for huge corporate events, movie stars and regular cool peeps, like me:) She is famous, funny and sunny. Total Sugar Rush Crush on the Candy Queen:)


Fascinating Jackie trivia:)

• favorite color? Rainbow for sure!

• favorite team? Like sports with balls? Ummmm I like Ice Skating Go USA!

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Hot Pockets

• party trend you are crushing on? Mini Donut Ka-bobs- Hot Pink! I invented them!

• party trend you are so over? I'm totally potatoed OUT! Mashed potato martinis.

• favorite aisle in the craft store? The glitter, sparkles or diamonds aisle

• do you wear Uggs?- Oh Yeah Baby!Custom made ones from Australia with my name on them!

• do you really exercise? Yes- My facebook updates give me killer finger workouts- I'm making a DVD soon. I've never looked better!

• minivan or non minivan driving?- NO, NEVER IN MY LIFE, WON'T, CAN'T, WILL NOT EVEN GET IN ONE!

• favorite holiday? HALLOWEEN- Kids in costumes are my fave

• favorite smell? Love the smell of Laundry

• do you color your hair? Why would you ask me that? Does it look like I color my hair? Doesn't everyone have naturally black raven hair?

• do you think you’re cool? Beyond! Cool is the little brother to what I think I am which is, SuperMegaFabulousCandyliciousCooltastic!!


Jessy Vazquez said...

She's too much!

PartyMom said...

Hilarious! Are mashed potato bars still a current trend? I remember doing those ten years ago.....good reason to be over them!

Jackie Sorkin- Event Designer/ Wedding Planner said...

I'm honored to be your pug crush of the day! Gracias and PS- Here in La-La Lanc which is incredibly chic, YES! Once in a while I'll attend an event and see those infamous mashed potatoes with all the toppings and I run like hell to my car and bring out my portable deep fryer- I'm much more of a fry girl! ;-)

Thanks Kristy! This was F-U-NTASTIC!

Kelle said...

Jackie makes the world a brighter better place! Love her!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

This may be my most favorite Pug Crush yet! Rainbows, Hot Pockets, Ice Skating and SuperMegaFabulousCandyliciousCooltastic all in one post? Fan-frickin'-tastic!

Kristy - Posh Pixels Design Studio said...

So cute ~ love the candylicious, candy queen! She rocks my world fo sho! xoxox

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Hot pockets and rainbows? I'm in love.