Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Sweet Swanky Crush 62/365 {Korinne, Swank Sweets}

Winding down Sweet Chick Week. Serious week long sugar rush.

Sweet, Swanky Saturday Crush 62/365:Korinne, Swank Sweets

Korinne is a spectacular dessert stylist. She is the genius behind Swank Sweets. She specializes in high end custom designed dessert tables. Showers, wedding, birthdays or any event you can imagine-she can add sweetness, charm and serious eye candy. Korinne is smart, sweet, of course, and funny. And any chick that refers to a minivan as a "swagger wagon" is def my kind of girl. Totally crushing on the swanky, sweet chick with swagger:)


Fascinating facts about Korinne:)

favorite color? Turquoise

favorite team? Dallas Cowboys. I secretly always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader...still do ;)

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Grandmas Spaghetti.

party trend you are crushing on? Dessert Tables of course! I also love party many talented women out there!!

party trend you are so over? Goody bags with useless junk in them.

favorite aisle in the craft store? Love the dollar aisle!

do you wear Uggs? Yes, since high school...and that was a LONG time ago!

do you really exercise? Yes, but only because I like to eat.

minivan or non minivan driving? Fought it all the way...but now LOVE my "swagger wagon!" (Did I just say that?!?)

favorite holiday? Thanksgiving..again, because I love to eat!

favorite smell? Orange Vanilla Candle by Trapp. I also like the smell of scotch tape...but that is just weird.

do you color your hair? No...I am a TRUE blond! LOL!

do you think you’re cool? Yes, way cool! However, my six year old daughter would beg to differ.


Tini Posh said...

The smell of scotch tape..LOL!! Great Saturday Crush : )

PartyMom said...

Yet another pug crush that I had yet to see! Just browsed through the "Eye Candy" and I think I can forgive the Cowboy love for such sweet inspiration!