Saturday, December 4, 2010

StixNpops Saturday. Sweet, Marshmallow-y Crush 48/365 {Elizabeth, StixNpops}

Stix N Pops

Welcome to the Saturday Day Edition of the Random Coolness Crush week. Today, crushing on the brilliant chick who creates marshmallow art on stix:)

Sweet Saturday Crush 48/365: Elizabeth, StixNpops

Elizabeth is the amazing marshmallows on the stix chick.She creates beautiful and adorable works of marshmallow art on a stick for any and every occasion you can imagine. She calls the sticks the marshmallows are on "stix," which I think is way clever and memorable. She can design anything you can dream up to coordinate with with your party. She also custom nakes a lot of the marshamallow you see in her designs. These sweet skewers can be used for one-of-a-kind party decor as well as favors. They are unique, handcrafted and extraordinary. I am in awe of Elizabeth's work. She is also a ridiculously talented party stylist. She is a detail chick. She is a marshmallow artist. She is sweet and funny. She plays for the East. Totally crushing on the marshmallow stix chick on this sweet Saturday,


Fascinating facts about Elizabeth:)
• favorite color? Red and Black...I can't decide which one is my favorite

• favorite team? Team Martha... I am not a Sports follower

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi

• party trend you are crushing on?desserts/candy bars

• party trend you are so over? pinatas...but my daughter loves them

• favorite aisle in the craft store? scrapbooking and cake decorating

• do you wear Uggs? no...flats

• do you really exercise? no, I wish I had time

• minivan or non minivan driving? Minivan...they are best when you have kids very comfortable for carpooling

• favorite holiday? Christmas

• favorite smell? lavender

• do you color your hair? yep! I have some gray sparkles I try to hide

• do you think you’re cool? very cool... who doesn't?


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love Elizabeth!!

Tini Posh said...

Elzabeth's Stix are so darn cute!!! Love them and her : )