Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Team Player Tuesday Crush. Anthropologie Lova 51/365 {Adria, Anders Ruff}

Team Player Crush week continues... Nasty, sourpuss, selfish party bullies are out. Creative partnerships RULE! And Team Anders Ruff just may rule the party world.

Terrific Tuesday, crushing on 51/365, the other half of the dynamic duo known as Anders Ruff.

Tuesday Team Playa and Anthropologie Lova: Adria, Anders Ruff

From their bloggy bio: Maureen (the Anders part) Adria (the Ruff part) were complete strangers until a preschool open house. In the hallway before parting, they realized that they had a lot in common - the love of all things paper, parties, design and art. From there a wonderful friendship formed and they decided to embark upon a business together! Both devoted and passionate about graphic design, they hoped to change the face of celebration style for those who love it as well.

Adria is amazing.Creative, clever and as cool as they come. Adria has original, one of kind style-totally unique & fun partyware designs. She is sweet and funny.  A true and talented team player. Adria is half of the dynamic duo known as Anders Ruff who are taking over the party world and, perhaps, the universe. Seriously crushing on the extraordinary ridiculously fabulous Ruff chick.


Fascinating Adria trivia:)

favorite color?: BLACK... WHITE... CREAM.... (then all other colors fall equally in line)

• favorite team?: If Anthropologie had a football team, I would root for them - can you imagine what their uniforms would look like??? Ok, really Auburn Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Can I pick two? It would be Primerib & Lobster)

• party trend you are crushing on?: Loving BACKDROPS with fabulous fabric for buffet/dessert tables.

• party trend you are so over?: Character themed parties.... Kids love them, and I know I did as a kid too (don't get me started on Strawberry Shortcake from 1982).... but as an adult - ugggh!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Fabric & Ribbon/Trim Section/Craft paper

• do you wear Uggs? Actually I have the Argyle Knit Cream Uggs - they are super cool, unlike the plain tan ones.

• do you really exercise? If I have daily nightmares about it, does that count?

• minivan or non minivan driving? - NON-MINIVAN - in fact, I had my husband sign a contract before we were married stating I would never drive a mini-van and he could never ask me to drive one (it's signed,dated & witnessed from 1998, I think)

• favorite holiday? Christmas (I start listening to Christmas songs in October... this year, I started in September)

• favorite smell? A really great Man's cologne or a freshly painted room in your house... or the Ocean

• do you color your hair? Unfortunately, yes

• do you think you’re cool? Most days....

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