Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Coolness week continues. Crushing on the Cookeez 46/365 {Tammy, Milk and Cookeez}

Thursday edition of  Random Coolness week. Today, crushing on amazingly realistic looking soap making girl

Crushing on the Head Cookee 46/365: Tammy, Milk and Cookeez

Tammy is the designer and creator of Milk and Cookeez- an amazing yummy bath shop-you heard that right! She whips up some seriously sudsy and sweet soaps that are unique and spectacular.She makes soaps, cleansers and fizzies that look like ice cream, cupcakes, macarons, rock candy and they are all incredibly realistic looking. Beautiful and charming products that look good enough to eat and will keep you squeaky clean. Tammy is sweet, gracious, and extremely creative. She is gifted in the art of suds. Totally crushing on the Head Cookee.


Fascinating Tammy trivia:)

favorite color? Pink

favorite team? The Minnesota Vikings (thanks to my hubby)

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lobster Tail with melted butter

party trend you are crushing on? Candy Buffets

party trend you are so over? Clowns

favorite aisle in the craft store? Ribbon

do you wear Uggs? No, but I so would if I had a pair.

do you really exercise? define really :) No I don't.

minivan or non minivan driving? Minivan :(

favorite holiday? Mother's Day

favorite smell? Freshly bloomed Lilacs

do you color your hair? no, but I should

do you think you’re cool? In my world, everything is cool! In the real world, I'm not sure...


Party Box Design said...

I LOOOOOVE M&C!!!! Best soap.... smells crazy insane, and the nicest shop owner!!! Tammy is on my crush list too!!!!

Tammy said...

Thanks sooo much Kristy! You're my crush!

Candy and Cake said...

Love Milk and Cookieez! Her products are awesome!

Nicole Anderson said...

Tammy gives new meaning to the phrase " I am going to wash your mouth out with soap"

Melissa C said...

Love Tammy's products!! So cute & perfect gifts!

JC's Loft said...

Heck ya I've heard of her! This was fun to get to know her a little bit better : )


Piggy Bank Parties said...

Love this Super Kool Chic and her amazingly adorable products! go!