Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunny Sunday Style Pug Crush, 56/365 {Daphne, Moo Moo's & Tutus}

Rainy, windy Sunday in NY-need to pug crush on a little bit of sunshine:)

Suuny Sunday Crush 56/365, Daphne, Moo Moo's & Tutus

Daphne is simply amazing. She is a chick with many talents. She was a teacher. A dancer. She is now a custom printable partyware designer and event planner. She blogs about parties, DIY projects and planning tips and tricks. She also offers something very beautiful and unique on her blog-themed download kits for teachers. Adorable designs and ideas that provide a super fun way  for kids to learn and a novel way for teachers to teach. These units include themed ideas and activities to go along with the topic as well as special snack ideas! How cool is that? Teachers RULE! Daphne is sweet, stylish, selfless and charming. Perfect Sunday crush:)

{party planning}

Fascinating Daphne trivia:)

• favorite color? hot pink

• favorite team? UT Vols

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? chicken tenders

• party trend you are crushing on? cake bunting

• party trend you are so over? mustache parties; they were cute for a while, but I think they are losing their luster!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? I can't pick just one! I love it all (except the fake flower section ~ way too expensive! If I need flowers for a craft, I head to the Dollar Tree!

• do you wear Uggs? No, I'm more of a dressy flats kind of gal.

• do you really exercise? Does chasing a 2-year-old little boy around all day count?

• minivan or non minivan driving? Non mini-van ~ I REFUSE! I drive a Chevy Traverse, just as big as a van, but IT'S NOT ONE!!! :)

• favorite holiday? Halloween & Christmas

• favorite smell? crayons, playdough, and Pumpkin Spice

• do you color your hair? No, not yet...but very, very soon!

• do you think you’re cool? It depends on the day!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love Daphne!!

Tini Posh said...

Teachers Rule!! Great Sunday Crush : )

RoseMarie said...

Love her blog, she always has great ideas!