Friday, December 3, 2010

DOUGHn't miss this Random Coolness Crush-The Delightful Donut Girl 47/365 {Nicole, Dough a Deer}

Howdy:) Fabulous Friday crushing on the mini donut diva.

Darling & delightful donut-y crush 47/365: Nicole, Dough a Deer

I have always been a lova of donuts. I could seriously could live on Black Raspberry jelly filled, cinnamon sugar coated donuts. {with a gallon of Diet Dr. Pepper} I am a donut advocate. I have also been featuring darling donuts for years at my parties and events-way before they were trendy.  Oh, and the dos are now very trendy, hip, hot and happening:)

One fine day, I stumbled upon Dough a Deer and I fell even deeper into donut love. Nicole is the head baker- the Donut Diva. She is amazing, funny, charming and creates the cutest little donuts I have ever seen. Ever. They can be used for parties, favors, weddings, promotions, eating and gazing upon. They are tiny works of art that she can create in any flavor or color. Beautiful and totally delicious.

Nicole is talented. Nicole is clever. Nicole is kind-she has graciously DOUGHnated little donuts to both the East Coast and West Coast Tablescapes...And they are aDOUGHrable. I adore Nicole. I adore her donuts. Totally crushing on the Donut Girl..DOUGHn't you think she is fabulous? Come on, you know that's funny.


Fascinating facts about Nicole:)

.favorite color?-My favourite colour WAS orange until I started my business, now it's PINK....can you tell? :)

.favorite team?-I don't watch sports ever because I get bored easily haha. My husband is a hardcore Arsenal fan (english soccer [football] team)so I am an Arsenal fan by default I suppose even though I never watch it...I just listen to him yell at the tv and I ALWAYS look up the score before he watches it so I know if he's going to be in a good mood or not.

.if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?-Definitely mac and cheese. MMmmMMmmmm

.party trend you are crushing on?- I am digging the doughnut trend, obviously but i LOVEEEEEEEEE the dessert and candy table trends! They are so party perfect. :)

.party trend you are so over?-I am soooo sorry because I don't want to insult people but I am kinda over the cupcake thing. I was on board when it was around and now I just am bored of it.

.favorite aisle in the craft store?-The one with all the sprinkles of course =]

.do you wear Uggs?- I do not wear uggs...It is getting cold so I kinda wish I had a pair now haha.

.do you really exercise?- nooooo. I always say I am going to then forget or pretend to forget. The new place we are moving into in november has a great gym and a tennis court and a racquetball court so I am going to really this time. lol

.minivan or non minivan driving?- Very non minivan. When we have kids I'll have a crossover...i LOVEEEEE crossovers!!! But if my husband has it his way, I WILL be a soccer mom...

.favorite holiday?- Halloween...hands down. I also like the winter holidays but not for the holidays...I like it for the weather, the smells, the cheer in the air!

.favorite smell?-Cinnamon rolls and french toast. MmMm. Oh and when the hubby wears Usher does that mean my favourite smell is Usher?

.do you color your hair?-ugh yes...I have no idea what my natural hair colour is haha!

.do you think you're cool?- I KNOW I am cool. Joking. I don't know what kind of cool you're asking about but I like to think my friends ask me to hang out because I am cool. lol.


Jen @ Blush Printables said...

What a great way to end the week! DOUGHn't you just love this girl?!

JC's Loft said...

Um love her! Fun read : )


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Great crush!!

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Oh, love this b/c I have a soccer maniac husband to!

Nicole Anderson said... I answered these questions back in October and I am proud to report that I no longer can eat macaroni and cheese (gluten free) and no...I don't work out. WEEE!!

Celebrating Moments by Marcie said...

I LOVE all us "design/baker girls" are brilliantly alike AND brilliantly different! <3

Genevieve Le Bel said...

I have to say... I'm a huge donut fan myself! Like YUMMM right?! But Nicole's little yummies are just too damn cute to eat! I got some in the mail TODAY (no joke!) and OMG they're so little! =)

Bird said...'re fave food is mac and cheese (not doughnuts) and you are going off cupcakes!! Gasp!! hahaha

I think you'll have to send a few over my way to convince me ;D