Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday. Michelle. Maddycakes. Muse. Marine. Marvelous. 94 {Michelle, Maddycakes Muse}

Welcome to Michelle Monday. Kicking off another week of fabulous.

Event planning rock star & serious stylist, 94:Michelle, Maddycakes Muse

Michelle is a master of the party arts. She is an event planner and stylist for children's parties, showers and all celebrations. She is clever and creative. She offers a party package for the "Playdate Players Club." for the kids. LOL. How fabulous is that? Michelle is an amazing event planner. She is a detail girl. She recently opened up an incredible party location where she can create a party of a child's dreams. Michelle blogs about party tips, tricks, tutorials and inspiration for all events. She is also the queen of DIY and loves the challenge of creating beautiful events within a reasonable budget. Oh, and girlfriend was a Marine for 21 years. Totally true. Thank you for your service for our country and for your service for the greater good of the party world:) You shine. Seriously crushing on this party planning rock star:)


Fascinating facts about Michelle:)

1. My favorite color is actually a combo...I love black and white together. I always wear these colors as well plus you can add just about any color with it.

2. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, PA so I am a die hard Steelers fan! I'm actually a fanatic! Makes life interesting being married to a Cowboy's fan!

3. I love all types of food so can't really pick out just one. However, I cannot live without my COKE! It's the first thing I drink in the morning and throughout the day.I know, really bad for you but it's my only vice.

4. I'm totally in love with mini desserts!! I love using them on dessert buffets that way you can eat at least 10 different desserts which only counts for like one regular slice of pie, right??

5. Parties that are "Styled" for photographs. I love real life parties with real families and fun activities!

6. I love the scrapbook section. I seem to be more of a buyer than a doer! I buy all kinds of scrapbook supplies in hopes that one day I will actually use them!!

7. I don't wear Uggs. I live in Arizona people may think I am crazy if I walked around here in them. They look like they are hot and would make your feet sweat~that is the last thing I need here with these high temperatures!

8. I'm a retired Marine. I was forced to "exercise" for 21 years. Now that I have a choice...I choose NOT to!! Plus I have a 3 year old...isn't that exercise enough?

9. I don't have a minivan but think they totally make sense with the whole automatic door thing. My hubby would never go for it so I drive a SUV. It's all about the compromise!

10. I love, love, love Christmas! I love the decorating, cookies, parties, gift giving, food, celebrating the birth of Jesus, etc... Not a fan of gift wrapping though!

11. I love the smell of a newborn baby.

12. Oh do I ever color my hair. I think my natural hair color would be gray now if I didn't.

13. I think I'm cool that I haven't succumbed to wearing the "mom" jeans yet!


Susan Crabtree said...

I heart her too-she is amazing!

Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Agreed! So creative and in ways that don't break the bank. Not easy!


mom22 said...

Michelle is one of the nicest ladies in the biz! So glad you featured her!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love how she thinks about every last detail, making it gorgeous, while keeping the kids in mind!!

Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

Michelle is fantastic! She was a great choice to feature! She's so talented and beautiful, too.