Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kristy Crushes on Chris. Rockstar week. Having fun with 81 {Chris, Celebrations at Home}

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of Super Star Crush Week...These party chicks are inspiring, stand out from the crowd and have serious talent.

Having fun with 81: Chris, Celebrations at Home

Chris is an extraordinary party chick. She is an event planner and stellar blogger. She blogs about all things entertaining and parties. Her blog is so famous and adored because she offers up the eye candy, along with practical ideas and inspirations for your "Celebrations at Home." She provides daily inspiration for every kind of occasion you can imagine.

Chris also runs an exceptional event planning business. Her focus is on smaller celebrations with unbelievable detail and maximum impact. She recently launched a children's party planning division-Petite Celebrations-which provides full service fabulous for spectacular and meaningful parties for sweet kids.

Chris made a major announcement today on her blog! She will be adding two fabulous ladies as regular contributors to her blog. Kristi {luna and chloe weddings} and Lisa {With Style & Grace} with be adding fresh and creative content to complement the Celebrations at Home empire.

I adore Chris. Crushing hard on this Celebration Super Star. She is sunny, smart and funny..And I know her real name:)


Fascinating Chris trivia:)

1-favorite color? Red

2- favorite team? Hmmm, I guess the East Carolina Pirates (my alma mater) but I'm really only in it for the socializing/tailgating/party!

3- if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? chips & "real" salsa(not the jarred stuff-yuck) - technically that's 2, but you can't have one without the other!

4-party trend you are crushing on? vintage & lace

5-party trend you are so over? I love a beautiful dessert table as much as the next person, but there really is more to a party (sorry, don’t hate).

6-favorite aisle in the craft store? the $1 aisle! So many treasures to be found there, but scoop them up when you can becouse when they're gone, they're gone!

7-do you wear Uggs? No, but I'm a master at 4-inch heels/wedges/platforms!

8- do you really exercise? I've gone from a 5-day-per-week fitness buff to a big fat zero! I've got to get back on the wagon!

9-minivan or non minivan driving? NON - I'm too cool for that.

10-favorite holiday? Christmas, but I’m feeling sad for Thanksgiving. Seems it’s become the forgotten holiday…

11-favorite smell? peonies

12-do you color your hair? Duh!

13-do you think you’re cool? Absolutely (see #9) - in a Courtney-Cox-&-her-friend-“Ellie”-on-Cougartown kind of way.


Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Oh the dessert table... so pretty and yet, so done.

PartyMom said...

Love Chris! It's no surprise that the inspiration board for my latest party came mostly from her blog!

On the dessert table - totally get it. I always feel as though I have to throw in some healthy, non-dessert fare into every party!

RoseMarie said...

One of my favorites!! I especially love what she's been doing with her blog lately--very different and real, accessible ideas!

RM, Home Confetti

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...

I so totally agree! Chris is a wonderful person and talented planner. Yay Chris!!!

Jen @ Passion-for-Parties.com said...

Hooray! Happy to see Chris recognized! I'd have to agree...she's pretty cool... ;)

Kori Clark said...

CHRIS IS TOO COOL! It's a fact people. Loved learning more about her...now I know if we ever meet not to serve salsa out of a jar.

Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} said...

she keeps it real - gotta love that! =)

Kelly said...

Love her blog!

Cineca @ Dreamin' N Details said...

"in a Courtney-Cox-&-her-friend-“Ellie”-on-Cougartown kind of way" <3 Probably my favorite answer out of all 80 crushes before her :) awesome chris!!

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Chris is SO SWEET! I adore her! I love the smell of peonies, too! She's delicious!

Miss Glittery Princess....284 to go! {wink!}