Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crushing on Carolyn. The Secret Super Star. 83 {Carolyn, CHS Creative Productions}

Shiny Super Star week in full effect...Pug crushing today on a very low key rock star.

Sparkling and Charming #83: Carolyn, CHS Creative Productions

Carolyn is brilliant. She is an extraordinary full service event planner. You may have no idea who she is, but you should. She has skills most of us will spend a lifetime trying to acquire. She plans and styles exceptional children's events, weddings and corporate events. She works for some of the most high profile and elite clients in the world. She is the real deal. She loves her work creating memorable, unique and beautiful events for her clients. I recently saw awe-inspiring photos from an event she designed and styled-a Purple Palooza for sweet girl's birthday. I spied with my little eye a White Tiger with a purple collar. Enough said.

She also has a division of her empire which provides inspiration and decoration installations for the holidays. She provides decor design for exquisite homes, businesses and even zoos..LOL! Carolyn is low key, discreet and beyond talented. She is smart, funny and charming. Totally crushing on the Low Key Secret Super Star.


Fascinating Carolyn facts:)

• favorite color? white it goes with everything.

• favorite team? The CHS Creative Productions Team

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Lobster

• party trend you are crushing on? Details, lots of sweet details and non-commercial themes. The amount of work that is put into some of these parties is amazing, and I can only imagine the expression on the birthday child's face, priceless.

• party trend you are so over? People who don't RSVP!

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Storage containers, I love the idea of neat little boxes to put everything in. I just look at them and think how wonderful would that be for _____________ and then I am reminded that nothing I have will fit into a neat little box. I need tubs, lots and lots of tubs, clear with stay tight handles.

• do you wear Uggs? Absolutely!

• do you really exercise? Does shopping and working count? I think about it, that should count.

Are you a mini-van or non minivan driving?No mini-van, I'm an SUV girl!

• favorite holiday? New Years. I love the start of something new.

• favorite smell?The smell of cut wood, if I could only figure out how to use a jigsaw without hurting myself I would be a prop making fool.

• do you color your hair? Absolutely blonde in the summer and dark in the winter, you gotta have seasons and keep em' guessing.

• do you think you’re cool? I know I'm cool, I just don't know if anyone else would agree.


Kori Clark said...

Great Crush!! Carolyn IS the real deal! White tiger...not plastic. My favorite answer to the party trend questions so far "People who don't RSVP!" - TRUE!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

She is amazing!!! And Amen on the 'People who don't RSVP'!

Tini Posh said...

Carolyn is the sweetest too! Always willing to give advice and love to everyone! Dido on people that don't RSVP!

Natalie {little shindigs} said...

GREAT crush! I am a big fan of Carolyn and CHS:)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Which of your chosen do I NOT have a crush on! I secretly stalk her, another awesome choice!

Enchanted Expectations said...

She is the best. She knows I have a crush on her and I'm not afraid to admit it.