Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pug crushes on the Pig 11/365 {Do, Piggy Bank Parties}

Thursday is a fine day for the Pug to crush on a Pig, don't ya think? Day 11/365 in the Experiment in Nice:)

Crush: Do, Piggy Bank Parties

Do is talented, clever, witty and a whole lot of fun:) She designs unique printable partyware. She dreams of inspiring you to create beautiful and memorable parties on a Piggy Bank Budget! Totally love that! Do is also my biggest 365 project cheerleader. She gives me a rundown and countdown every day of how many crushes I have left to go to finish up the project..LOL. She is simply awesome.
I also want to give a special shout out to the Piggy's Mama, Audrey, who turns 80 today:) Happy Birthday Audrey.  You made one very amazing and inspiring party loving daughter:)


Do fascinating trivia:)

• favorite color? Red! {Ha! You thought I'd say pink!}

• favorite team? West Coast Crew on CPN!{I follow parties more than sports these days!}

• if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Cupcakes! They contain the four food groups--the cake...grain...the eggs...protein...the buttercream frosting...dairy and the bananas or carrots...fruits and veges!

• party trend you are crushing on? Baby bunting! "Create-Your-Own Mini Banners" will be in our shop, The Market, later this week!

• party trend you are so over? Giant lollipops! A few are great for decor but, in my opinion, a waste of money on sweets tables. Have you ever seen anybody finish one?

• favorite aisle in the craft store? Ribbon! I get "wrapped" up in all the colors, textures and patterns!

• do you wear Uggs? No! Has anyone ever looked attractive in them? {Except you, of course!}

• do you really exercise? No...but it's on our schedule this week...and last week...and the week before...

• minivan or non minivan driving? Non-minivan driving...forever and always!

• favorite holiday? Christmas--I love traditions! My family still reads, "'Twas a Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve {Of course, my sisters moan and roll their eyes when I pull out the 'ole book! But I don't's a tradition!}

• favorite smell? Fresh baked bread--I love when the aroma fills the house and it brings back so many memories from my childhood.

• do you color your hair? Yes...since I was in my 20s!

• do you think you’re cool? Sometimes...but most of the time I still feel like the same dork I was in the 7th grade!


Piggy Bank Parties said...

I feel like sprinklin' purple glitter all over the world today! I'm blushing!

You're awesome, Kristy, and I'm blessed to know you! Stop by "Oink!" today to see this lil' piggy crushing on you!

I just realized--I'm a Super Kool Chic now! Only 354 to go!

Charlene said...

Happy PiP warm fuzzy oinks to the amazin' Do Driver!

Tini Posh said...

Love Do! You are one SUPER Cool Piggy!!

Southern Belle's Charm said...

Love her! The answers were great - I agree about the lollipops - cute but not practical. I have a drawer full in my shop! I heart pigs!

Dort said...

Do really loves "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and reads it out of the childhood book every Christmas...with the same little girl voice she always uses when reading it! One of the years that she spent Christmas away from home we read it over the phone to her. She is very sentimental! I'm her big sis, Dort. I've never seen Hank blush purple before!

jen said...

So fun to read Do's answers!!! Yay for pig/pug crushing- too cute! :)

Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Oooo, I should have said my favorite team was "West Coast!"

The Party Muse said...

This was so much fun to read, I'm a new fan of Do and I already can't get enough :)

DGBofTTFT said...

Wow! I've fallen in love with Piggy Back Parties too! Loved just reading Do's bio on your blog! (I'm finally catching up on blog reading and I'm really enjoying reading about your crushes!