Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pug crush 2/365 {that little shindigs girl}

Day two.

Meet the pug crush: Natalie, Presidente of The Children's Party Network, Event Planner-Little Shindigs

I have known Natalie for a year or so. She is a gifted and amazing children's party planner. Lover of all things kitschy & vintage.  She could not find any interesting party forums online specifically for childrens' parties, so she. created. her. own. network. Totally true story-the girl dreams BIG! I simply adore her. She is hilarious, offbeat and one of a kind. She is a peacoack in a room full of pigeons:)

{children's party network}

Some Natalie trivia:)

favorite color? Robins nest egg blue

favorite team? I always root for the under dog.

if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Sushi

party trend you are crushing on? Story book themes

party trend you are so over? Bounce houses

favorite aisle in the craft store? Seasonal

do you wear Uggs? NO! I am a flip flop kind of girl:)

do you really exercise? Nope...but I am starting on Monday!(maybe)
minivan or non minivan driving? Former minivan

favorite holiday? Halloween!

favorite smell? Rain

do you color your hair? No

do you think you’re cool? No...but I do think I am pretty RAD!

Go check her out! She is a shiny star:)


Party Box Design said...

I really love this idea... great post!

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Super Kool Chic!

2 down...363 to go! Way to go!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Love it! And I'm totally stealing the phrase "a peacock in a room of pigeons."

Amy said...

Sooo fun!!

Jane and Lou said...

this is fun!

Jane and Lou said...

this is fun!

Natalie {little shindigs} said...

right back at ya!

Lorena @sueniosencantados said...

Love this idea!
It´s fun!

Kori Clark said...

I love your "RAD" answer Natalie!