Monday, May 17, 2010

purple and grey grey...

Lame, lousy morning...Afternoon is seriously perking up though....Got a package in the mail from my baby sis. She sent me some beyond fab and quite elusive purple ink pens...We have been on the hunt for weeks..I know, insane-but totally true- and writing in purple ink just makes life way better:)

Second sweet surprise came in the form of a super shout out on a fabulous event planning blog. Love to get surprises like that! Brittany, of Grey Grey Designs, posted an inspiration board for a Monster Truck themed birthday party and mentioned my upcoming Dirtfest:) Thanks a million Brittany! If you are not following Grey Grey Designs-you should be. Check out the amazing Retro Rocket par-tay she threw for her little Greyson's 2nd. My kind of party mama!

Back to the dirty little trucks and tires....Party is in 6 days!!!


Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said...

Thanks for the shout out for me! You didn't have to do that. I can't WAIT to see your Dirtfest pics!

My favorite color is purple too! :)
A la "Steel Magnolias" it's my "signature color!"

The Purple Pug said...

Thanks...having a dirtfest nervous breakdown over the weather. LOL!
I dream in purple:)