Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Card 2009

I had grand dreams for this year's Christmas Card. Had such a great idea, the props and the whole dreamy set-up in my mind. The reality is-my boys are not easy ones to photograph. Nor do they like to sit for photo shoots. I have tried everything under the sun to get them to both sit still for a minute to take a decent picture.

This year, I had to give up the perfect picture pipe dream & photo props very quickly. I settled for trying to get a sweet, close up shot of them. Our boys chose Ugly Dolls to decorate our tree this year. My house has been invaded with these Ugly Dolls. We must have 50 of them around the house! The boys decided that they wanted to hold them while I was taking their pictures. After about 100 shots, I got one where they both look sweet & handsome. And the Ugly Dolls looked decent too. LOL!

The reality of that shot, what you cannot see, is one of them is wearing brown shorts & Scooby Doo Crocs and the other one has on camouflage pants with a big splat of yogurt on them. There are candy cane wrappers all over the floor. The illusion is what made the final proof to print.

Not what I initially had in mind, but I would not trade this one for the world. My sons are the entire universe to me. My heart and soul on a Christmas card.


Angie said...

LOL! I know the feeling! I spend so much time behind my camera, yet I struggle to get a shot of both kids. This is an adorable card, Kristy, and the photo is simply perfect!

The Purple Pug said...

Thanks Angie. They are a tough crowd. I am lucky I got a cute one. Feel like I won the lottery!