Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Black, White and Rainbow ZEBRA

Newest design
The Rainbow Zebra

Ribbon Chandelier

Black & White mixed
with Vibrant Colors is just...hip & happening

I adore cellophane. Dramatic and gorgeous
presentation for everything.

Handcrafted, round labels can be used for
favors, decoration, labeling-anything!

I am over the moon for Paper Flowers
I use them for every occasion

I have seriously been dreaming about this design for weeks. Finally finished it and I am so glad I did! Take your standard, adorable zebra-add rainbow stripes, a party hat, pom pom and this zebra is ready to rave. Totally inspired by a fave childhood candy-Fruit Stripe Gum. I am also madly in love with black & white, mixed with vibrant colors. It feels fresh, whimsical and sophisticated for a child's party.

I have also designed a coordinating, colorful Ribbon Chandelier. This makes for a simple and super cool decoration. I love to mix and match ribbon colors, patterns and widths. Perfect for any celebration! The Purple Pug loves to party. Period.

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