Sunday, January 3, 2010

When you wish upon a star....

I love parties. I mean really love them. Most of my days are spent creating handmade partyware for clients, friends and family.
I sometimes find the best party inspiration in the most unexpected places. I also have a dream party theme list a mile long. I adore a party with an unexpected theme, unique touches and handmade elements. I also have a very special place in my heart when I hear the reasons why someone chooses a certain idea or theme over another for their event. Sometimes it is "just because," but sometimes there is a very personal and special reason behind the choice. I keep those reasons close to my heart.

One of my 2010 New Year Resolutions was to create at least one Inspiration Board for a party I have been dreaming about. This is one I have been saving & holding in my heart for a few years. I think it is the perfect time to share-for my very first inspiration board-just seems fitting. This one is Sweet beyond words.

I have two sons. I tell them both that "I wished upon a star..." to get them in my life. They love when I tell them that story. I can think of no more fitting tale than Pinocchio to wrap up the feelings of longing for & the love for a child. Geppetto's only dream and wish was for his little puppet to be a "real boy." He wanted a little boy more than anything in the world. I can so identify with this classic story and I seriously get teary eyed when I think about how much the message means to me...

Inspiration Board features a few very special ideas.
Spectacular Pinocchio Costume: Etsy- loverdoversclothing
Adorable Children's Book Journal: Etsy- paperphilia
Unique & Handmade, Upcyled Envelopes: Etsy- erinbit
Sweet Jiminy Cricket Onesie: Etsy- mavisworld

Other ideas...Paper flowers-always perfect and so easy to make!

The characters in the movie and book have that gorgeous and entrancing Techni-color vibe. Such beautiful colors to work with for any occasion. Easily can coordinate solids with simple patterns. My board features primarily red, blue, baby blue and yellow.Which is vibrant and very easy to work with.

Wooden accents used wherever possible! Pinocchio was a wooden boy after all:) This pine crate features red, Strawberry Crush tied with coordinating ribbons. Finished off with some star wire garland.

Puppet making would be a fantastic craft for the kids in attendance.

Tiny "Jiminy Cricket" umbrellas would be adorable in drinks and for accent decor.

Blue fairies that grant wishes and spread fairy dust.

I also love the idea of stars everywhere. Star wands, star garland, star cookies, star sandwiches, party favors. Stars on the paper goods as well...Such a beautiful, whimsical accent and such an important part of the Pinocchio story. I vote for stars everywhere:)

I really think this is such a beautiful and amazing theme for a birthday party or baby shower and I am so glad to have the opportunity to share these special ideas with you.

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Loverdoversclothing said...

What great fun!!!! You have collected some great items for a fabulous Pinocchio party!!!