Wednesday, January 13, 2010

McDonald's Pancake Palooza 2007

I just gazed upon the most adorable, professionally event planned party at McDonalds. Rockin' Robyn, of Mix Mingle Glow, planned & styled this precious Monkey themed party-you can take a peek here.

I suddenly became inspired to share my own version of a McDonald's Birthday Party. CLEARLY not planned, styled and designed by a professional! LOL! It was a lot of fun though. This was a combined party for two little guys. It was held as a Sunday Pancake Palooza. McDonalds offered a Happy Hotcakes meal for the party:) Pancakes are awesome and it was a fun filled event for a Sunday morning...
Felt confetti spruced up the tables. I made a few felt pennant banners for the room...Favors were handmade felt favor bags with Ronald McDonald's crazy felt face on them. I also gave each family a glass syrup container for a sweet memory.


MixMingleGlow said...

First of all, you are too kind. Second of all, that looks like fun...breakfast parties are great! Super cute goody bags...did you make those? I am in love with the syrup pourers for favors! CLEVER! Making a mental note on that one.
Thanks for the shout out. You bless my heart, my blogging friend! :)

The Purple Pug said...

Thanks R. Yes, I made the bags myself. I used to design/sew embellished felt favor bags. Super fun and adorable, but very time consuming.
I usually give the adults a party favor too..I know, crazy, but true!

Thanks again..You know I am your biggest fan!

Candy and Cake said...

Love it!!!
Reminds me of when I was a child and we had McD's birthdays...except this one looks a LOT more fun! Awesome!

Tiffany@Fizzy Party said...

Your party may not be "professional" but it's super cute and adds so much. I love how you made the cupcakes look like Ronald McDonald. The favor bags are adorable, I'd want one :)