Saturday, January 16, 2010

For the Love of Felt

I have always loved Sock Monkeys. This felt favor bag design
is hand embellished with felt Sock Monkeys.
Perfect Baby Shower Theme.

One of my favorites..Little Skunks..
Unique Baby Shower or Birthday idea
"Mama's Little Stinker"

Hippo in a tutu..Enough said.

I have been using paper flowers for years. They are precious,
easy and impressive. These mousetraps add
so much whimsy to this little Ballerina Mouse Shower

I began my business years ago making felt favor bags, felt embellished invitations and decor. I just love felt. I am designing new items and creating new ways to bring felt back into my life. This workhorse of the preschool set is an under appreciated and fascinating medium. It is fresh, whimsical and just fun to work with. Stay tuned for my new designs and enjoy these photos of some of my earlier work & ideas...


MixMingleGlow said...

Do you sew them with a sewing machine, by hand or are they (please please please) no-sew?
They are super cute. And by the way, those embellished mouse traps almost made me spit out my water all over my laptop! :)

The Purple Pug said...

Some are machine sewn..very, very basic. I decided on a whim to teach myself to sew..Got a machine and was able to sew these VERY easily..Some parts are glued. I had other bag designs that were totally glued...Total trial and error..
The embellished designs were mostly handcut/glued and then I would glitz them..LOL! You know Mama likes her shiny stuff!
If you want to make something like, let me know and I will e you directions...
I will be posting more pictures/designs soon..I am going through my hard many pictures...UGH! The older ones were taken with my 3.1MP Kodak and it shows!
Mousetraps rock..Dollar store for sure:)

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Tiffany@Fizzy Party said...

I've never been much a sock monkey fan but I'm loving those felt bags!