Monday, May 2, 2011

On my radar: The Unexpected Dazzle of Coffee Filters

Welcome to a shiny new series on my blog called "On my Radar." Basically, I will be featuring stuff and ideas that I think are devastatingly hip and happening:) Trends before anyone know they are trends;)

I am a lova of all things crafty and clever. Nothing more satisfying that taking an ordinary object and making it extraordinary. I have recently fell in serious love with the humble coffee filter. The staple of the preschool set is surprisingly chic and a unique edition to any party application. They are also inexpensive and extremely durable and easy to work with. You can view my version of the classed up coffee filter here.
There are some seriously crafty chicks out there. I cannot believe how gorgeous coffee filters can be and all the clever ideas. Hope you are inspired and create some coffee filter magic of your own:) It's fun, the kids can help and it really is not a Latte work...Come on, you know that's way funny...

coffee filter and cupcake liner flowers
add ridiculous charm
{via the dazzling one chaming party}

coffee filter wreath
{via the seriously talented birds of a feather}

gorgeous garlands~coffee filter style
{via the clearly fabulous pam garrison}

this gorgeousness made me weak in the knees
purple perfection
{via the extraordinary colour lovers}

brilliant coffee filter poms and crepe paper streamer
{via the ridiculously gifted rhonna designs}

coffee filter couture carvel cup covers
{via me}
come on, funny:)

blue + beachy
{via the brilliant skimbaco home}

breathtakingly beautiful
{via the clever + charming therobotsattack}

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The Charmed Life Online said...

Wow! These ideas are so cute, and I NEVER would have guessed to use coffee filters. Love it, I need to tweet about this!