Monday, May 23, 2011

The Mario Karty Party is OVA!

My sweet little boy had his Mario Kart party yesterday. He was so happy. Enough said.

Here are some sneak peeks. Hope to post the rest of the pics and deets soon:)

I am simply obsessed with the vibe of Confetti System
I made my own version and it was dazzling

The dramatic kid's dining table

the kids flipped over this

cutest lollipops in the universe
more deets on Lollipop Girl very soon:)

plumber's PVC pipes I painted and
designed into little dessert pedestals
PVC idea ripped from Grey Grey

a sweet cake for the sweetest boy


Great Gatherings said...


Pink Peppermint Paper said...

Awesome! Yowza! Those lollies ARE cute! Deets, plz!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said... usual!!
The lollipops are my fave (so far)!!

Susan Crabtree said...

so cute & fun! :)

Eye Candey said...

Too cute & colorful! Love those moustache cups! :)

Tini Posh said...

LOVE..can't wait to see more..those mustache cups are too cute!!

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

I just adore everything you do K. Your boys are so lucky to have such a cool and talented momma!!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Fabulous fun!!!!
Love every bit of it! I bet your boy and his friends were in heaven!

J. At Your Service said...

The Pug prevails! Get it? LOL! The gumballs around the cake are awesome!

The Party Muse said...

Supa cool!