Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sparkling Sequin Cake Band {for cute cakes}

magic rabbit cake topper by this broad

Welcome to tutorial Tuesday. On Wednesday. More interesting. Today I am sharing with you a super easy and dazzling sequin cake band.

I wanted to add some sparkling sequin drama to The Great Gavini's cake and whipped up this dazzler of a cake band. A simple, speedy + inexpensive way to add some magic to your desserts and display pieces.

Junk you need:

Sequin trim {I purchased 1 yard of 2 inch wide silver sequin trim at Hobby Lobby for $3 per yard. It was more than I needed or the cake, but I wanted to have some to spare in case I had a craft wreck}

Craft glue {I tried several for this, but found that tacky glue worked the best}

Sequins {any colors, sizes or shapes}

plain silver sequin trim which is actually gorg enough to use on its own
I purchased one yard-any craft store should have

I found Turbo Tacky Glue to work the best and provide the strongest bond
Be generous with the glue~it will dry clear
You will need to let this cure overnight

Affix sequins in any pattern or no pattern at all
If you are using tiny sequins, you may want to use tweezers or a tool for placement

sparkling adorableness for the cutest Chimp

I did not reuse this because cake frosting was all in the crevices of the backing.
It is inexpensive enough that you will not have to stress over keeping it clean

Just a simple idea with glimmering results.
Try different widths of trim and use them for decor, cake stands, boxes.
A beautiful + totally impressive addition to any party. And so freaking easy:)


Birds Party said...

Yeah, totally digging the sparkly adorableness! Would love it wrapped 'round jars and boxes!

Tricia said...

You are a sparkly genius!!! <3

Christine Johnson said...

Gorg! Im going to try this on my daughters sweet 16 cake

Bellenza Bistro said...

Couldn't be more perfect for this really cool magic party!