Thursday, June 20, 2013

Everything is coming up Glittered Roses {Cute Tute}

Hey. Happy Thursday:) Here is a short + sweet tutorial to create glittered roses as seen in this adorable 4th of July freebie shoot. You can download the FREE banner + bottle wraps printables here.

Junk you need:

any size/color roses (the roses I used were el cheapo pink ones from my local grocery store)
chunky clear glitter (you can use fine glitter for a softer look)
craft glue ( I used Turbo Tacky Glue)
small paintbrush
paper plates for glue and glitter
diet dr. pepper

gather up adorable supplies

remove leaves from roses and cut them down to approximate final size
 (they will be way easier to work with when they are cut down)
pour a small amount of glue on plate
add quite a bit of glamorous glitter to second plate 

use small paintbrush to paint glue around edges of rose and wherever you want sparkle
there is no right or wrong way to paint the glue on-totally easy

take rose by stem and dab in glitter pile, then roll around a little to coat even more

glitter will be clumpy and you will see white glue, but it will dry clear

 set roses in a vase or container to dry

arrange in a sweet vase

admire your ridic skills while drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper:)

 If you make them-send me pics! YAHOO!


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Sneaky insert of the Dr. Pepper among the materials! But seriously, this is such a fun idea that can certainly glam up any celebration!

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Characters said...

Love this glittered roses tutorial.It can be used in party decoration. Very impressive.