Friday, June 14, 2013

4th of July FREE Banner + Bottle Wrap Printables

Patriotism comes in many forms and colors.
You know I love to roll with the wild and unexpected-especially on holidays.

To thank you for your support + love -I created this jazzy little 4th of July Firework Banner printable for you. It actually can be used for any party and I think you should use it every month out of the year:) I adore the fact that is an unexpected color palette mixed up with the traditional  red, white and blue.

I asked/begged one of my British Besties to design something cute to coordinate-and to show that Brits heart Americans and vice versa and aren't holding any grudges over Independence Day. LOL. Come on, funny.

My lova, Bird's Party created these spectac bottle labels to coordinate and I am beyond grateful.

Happy 4th of July. Thank you to all of those brave + awesome men and women that serve our beautiful country. We love you. Stay safe.

Fireworks Banner
Bottle Wraps

firecracker paper straws

I added a little glitter to the star-couldn't resist:)


Bird said...

AWE.SOME!!!! Thank you for including my junk! :)

♥ the funky colors!

Victoria said...

Love! Where did you get those adorable bottles?

Unknown said...

Adorbs! <3